To Claim a Wilde Wilde in Wyoming #6 eBook ¼ Claim a

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To Claim a Wilde Wilde in Wyoming #6 This was a hot erotic read What I liked about this story was Kimberly Kaye Terry writing style and talent of making the characters flow rather than the actual story itself So it's about Canton Wilde and Naomi McBride who have a one night stand and then hook up seven years later Her family had issues with money and Canton holds to key to the solution He uses that to 'blackmail' Naomi into a deal It's a fairly standard romance storyline at the start I wasn't impressed with the way Canton thought and also how easily Naomi fell for his 'deal' She did make it clear she wasn't prostituting herself for her family but it was uncomfortableI had an 'ewww' moment but the sex was good so I can see why she fell for it The sex scenes were awesome Kimberly K Terry is on point with those However apart for 'loving' these two didn't seem to have anything else in common since all they did was have sex Awesome sex but it seemed in lust than loveThe author also paved they way for series so she had two brothers Tiber the lawyer CEO then the other in college to write a book for plus a shady character called Cyrus White and Canton's best friend Ray So we are talking about four potential novels in the series Yeah Cyrus was down right shady and nasty but some chick might cure him of his evil waysOverall a good and entertaining read Miniseries Wilde in Wyoming No SpiceThis book wasn't the Kimberly Kaye Terry I'm use to These characters just lacked something they had no chemistry and the book seemed rushed I hope she goes back and makes her stories hot like the first book in this series was Get your spice back I'm sorry I only read a few pages of this book because the story line characters or the chemistry didn't do it for me I read a few of Kimberly Kaye Terry books I enjoyed others than this one Meh Seven years ago Naomi McBride met Canton Wilde in a bar Now she needs his help to save her family's ranch The desire they felt on that night has never gone away A Wilde man will lasso your heart Naomi McBride left her Wyoming town to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor But saving her family ranch from foreclosure trumps everything now That's why the pediatrician has arrived in Cheyenne to confront Canton Wilde The fabulously wealthy oil tycoon may be part of a far reaching scheme to take the McBride lands So why is this man with the haunting midnight blue eyes tempting her to trust in the desire he's awakening–feelings she vowed never to give in to againThe curvaceous beauty that shows up unannounced at his homestead is a challenge Canton can't ignore The Wilde heir has one ironclad rule never mix business and pleasure Only now he's in too deep to care Will the truth about a secret he's keeping sabotage his future with Naomi Or will their sizzling affair become a lifetime of love

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • To Claim a Wilde Wilde in Wyoming #6
  • Kimberly Kaye Terry
  • 13 October 2016
  • 9780373864171

About the Author: Kimberly Kaye Terry

Kimberly began her writing career with Ellora’s Cave in March of 2006 She was uickly picked up by Kensington Publishing in 2006 and has since written four full length novels and two novellas for Kensington She writes interracial and multicultural erotic romance and has recently added erotic fiction to her list of worksKimberly was one of four authors who debuted Harleuin Spice’s Spice Brief