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Goddess of Fate Fated To Fall In LoveLuke Mars doesn’t believe in fate Especially when ‘Fate’ is supposedly a gorgeous goddess named Aurora who claims to be his guardian assigned from birth to watch over himAurora is meant to protect her mortal charges not fall in love with them But when Luke is shot dead her protective instincts are matched by a deeper need To save his life Aurora must convince Luke to believe who she is and trust her to help himBut with just one day to do so time is running out for Aurora to prove that love really can alter fateLibrarian's Note the ISBN for this book was previously used on a completely different book ISBN 13 9780373009480

7 thoughts on “Goddess of Fate

  1. Jacklynn Sizemore Jacklynn Sizemore says:

    What an awesome book I so love Luke he is a cop and just so awesome Then there is Aurora she is one of the three goddess in charge of Luke To know abot this book grab your copy today a so so so must read

  2. Leila Anani Leila Anani says:

    I really liked the universe and set up of this one Loved using the Norn and linking them with the fates I also liked the idea of a Norn falling in love with her human charge it makes a refreshing take of the guardian angelhuman charge romance whilst on a similar theme In fact I liked the whole Norse mythology basis we have Odin Loki wooo and Valkyries here with a very strong storyWhat I wasn't as keen on was the romance or specifically the hero I just didn't feel Luke deserved the unconditional love of AuroraI'd love to see stories in this universe however Perhaps the other two sisters?

  3. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Sokoloff skillfully introduces readers to an interesting mythology and storyline Having three guardian angels offering different facets of protection makes for a good story and the fast paced action will keep readers interested from start to finish RT Book Reviews 4 stars

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    I'm always a fan of Lokiyeah Loki and it's perfect I am however a sucker for all this mythology stuff though ❤️ I'd give it a 35 because I think there were some holes that I didn't uite follow but overall a solid book that's I'd like to follow of But yeah Loki

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    this was a cute fun read a different spin on the world of gods and goddesses

  6. Crystal Crystal says:

    i really enjoyed this story i loved Aurora

  7. Deirdre Deirdre says:

    Fate has a plan for Luke Mars

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