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Heaven's Scent Book 1 Librarian's note This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B00PKV90B4They should walk away they know their love is forbidden they know their deep connection could destroy both their worlds No Good and evil should never collide But fate has other ideasA lustful encounter will lead to the greatest love to ever exist in their immortal worlds An Angel and a Demon two halves of the same coin drawn together by an unstoppable force their fate intertwined by design but held worlds apartWith pleasure will come pain with happiness will come grief Two missing pieces finally together creates an ecstasy that will rock the ground they walk on But as their love becomes stronger their worlds will start to fall apartCan their sinful love truly conuer all Will they catch the scent that lingers and find the ties that bind even the deadliest of enemiesLines will blur and hearts will shatter In a battle of good versus evil not everything is always black and white for even in heaven shades of grey hide in the shadows Wow this book sent my emotions in a tailspin It started out slow laying the ground work for what turned out to be a story of Albion and Arianwen’s forever love borne from opposite sides of the tracks No matter the obstacles placed in their way they were always drawn back to each other There is a loss of innocence and lives lust and caring building trust and protecting each other They are wrought with pain and betrayal mixed with overwhelming joy If you’ve ever met your soulmate you would understand the heart wrenching decisions that they made This book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review My review of Heavens Scent Book one First I am a fan of zombie apocalypse genre and science fiction also My third favorite is fiction involving angels and demons So I was thrilled when offered an a chance to read this book before its release Well this book stars two well developed characters that I found myself genuinely caring for almost from the outset A love story that really involves two characters from different sides of the tracts Such chemistry i've rarely felt between two individuals and i've read many love stories in many genres This is then a love story A true battle between good and evil demons and angels and the souls of those that wait in purgatory A true descriptive story descriptive in emotions ambience clothing scenery and close uarter combat This story is a story of love lust desperation and the battle that we fight within our own souls each day This story was written by two authors who collaborated successfully from two different continents plus each of the two writers were a different sex I say that because I didn't detect that difference as I read each paragraph each chapter and eventually the entire novel The flow of the story could have had noticed speed bumps given the collaboration and writing of the two writers and instead the story flowed naturally There was plenty of lust plenty of sex and the emotions were portrayed than satisfactorily I cant wait for the next addition to the story 55 StarsAn emotional rollercoaster as an Angel and a Demon fall in love This book tells a gripping story of deciding between right and wrong good and evil Their is love and pain combined to enhance the emotional upheaval as Arianwen and Albion are drawn together despite the obstacles cast between them Despite being wrote by two separate authors this book flows almost perfectly I hope the two continue to write books together in the future An outstanding job This novel is addictive magical and powerful From the first page you are spellbound An enchanting world of supernatural phenomenon Tania and Ricky Cooper team up to give us one of the most outstanding pieces of fiction ever Original exceptional and a true page turner Don't plan on getting anything done until you have finished this The two authors are merciless in creating an unuenchable thirst for answers As the story progresses the addiction only intensifies Mysteries unravel characters grow and the fictional world as we know it will hook us in These two writers are extraordinary when writing alone But making the courageous decision to collaborate only multiples their talent as they bounce from one another Choosing to work with another author especially of the opposite sex can be a risk Creative differences tension and worst of all an uneven flow and pace not to mention the writing style bizarrely changing But this wasn't the case at all They make the perfect power couple They give birth to an almost indescribably magnificent book This is one you will want to revisit every few years a story too incredible to be forgottenFast paced as we delve into a world where evil is insidious in its agendas A uniue writing style that gives excellent somewhat poetic descriptions whilst keeping the story moving The words leap from the pages We are taken into an absorbing world where angels collect souls from purgatory while demons hunt for these angels Which is incredible enough But imagine what would happen if ultimate enemies fell in love? This leads into a tale of romance power good and evil struggles and chaos A love tale for the ages as iconic in love as Romeo and Juliette The two beings that are caught up in the woes of love whether they like it or not But they could not be different if they tried Which is one of the many reasons this is a truly epic tale Dark brooding evil lusting for the innocent and pure goodnessWe get a real feel for the characters both good and bad They become real people caught in a crazy world where certain things are forbidden Each have a purpose a reason for being Which could possibly become compromised when matters of the heart get involved The battle between head and heart is almost as old as the world itself This story acts as a testament to the belief that the heart wants what it wants But even so if the head is screaming at the heart detesting these feelings and forbidding them turmoil is sure to ensue But soul searching isn't the only problem As with all great stories they would not be complete without conflict And conflict doesn't even come close to depicting the mayhem that reeks havoc throughout this novelAll elements of this book have a vast appeal from the magic romance battles supernatural and many many I would recommend this book to about anyone for this reason I myself love horror and thriller so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I adored this book And this novel could not be further from what I usually read and I was completely captivated by every page Spellbound is the only way I can describe it So buy this book Buying a novel can sometimes be risky if you don't like it But I guarantee you this is the least risky purchase you will ever make in your life A for sure reader pleaser You will not regret itFive stars isn't enough for this magnificent read But as that is the highest one can rate five it shall be Unforgettable and gripping

  • Kindle Edition
  • 404 pages
  • Heaven's Scent Book 1
  • Tania Cooper
  • English
  • 09 November 2016

About the Author: Tania Cooper

Tania Cooper who lives in Melbourne Australia was searching for an outlet for her wild and crazy imagination for a lifetime Her book reading addiction lead her to finally put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard to create her own stories she can now share with other avid readers From the moment she first sat down and started writing she hasn’t been able to stop Her writing passion is steamy

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