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The Tycoon Meets His Match She ran away with the GroomToo bad she wasn't the BrideNo one was shocked than Trae Andrelini when her best friend left wealthy Rhys Paxton standing at the altar on his wedding day Trae was determined to find out what really went wrong so she joined forces with stick in the mud Rhys to find the runaway bride As she and Rhys raced across the country Trae was surprised to learn that the man she once found boring was anything but And jilted Rhys was eually stunned that Trae's infuriating tempestuous spontaneous zest for life was tempting his own heart

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  1. Gail Gail says:

    This book got a good review on the wwwsmartbitchestrashybookscom site sounded like something I’d enjoy and I certainly did The hero is a rich “always does what he should” stand up guy whose bride abandons him at the altar The heroine is one of the bride’s best friends also a bridesmaid who has never believed her friend really wanted to marry this guy but just sorta got “expected” into it Heroine wants to protect her friend from being bullied into giving in Hero really just wants to be sure his almost bride is okay—and they wind up traveling together trying to find her And of course Romance happens This is a fun great read

  2. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Rich spoilt Lucie is expected to marry Rhys As in her family expect it and so does the groom On the day of the wedding she gets to the altar and decides She can no longer do it Best friend Trae and groom Rhys Argue over what's best for Lucie They reluctantly start on a cross country adventure to find Lucie Her to make sure her best friends alright And him to talk some sense into her Of course things don't go according to plan And passion flare between Trae and Rhys

  3. Ann Ann says:

    An excellent category romance This has been in my to be read pile for three years For some reason I was prepared to dislike this book it's probably the awful Harleuin title but once I got past the prologue I discovered how enjoyable this little gem of a book is

  4. Charlie Charlie says:

    This book was great light and funny Good read

  5. Erotic Horizon Erotic Horizon says:

    The Tycoon Meets His Match Silhouette Special Edition by Barbara Benedict 2007

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