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Rodeo Rescuer Wranglers Corner #2 Starts out very exciting sucked me in and definitely had me wanting to find out what was going on our main character Tonya is on the run hiding from her ex boyfriend turned stalker After he attempted to kill her he was locked up but for some reason got out of jail and started stalking her again forcing her into hiding The book picks up a few years later when Tonya has established a new life and successful career Somehow her stalker has tracked her down and wants to finish the job once and for all I enjoyed the overall idea for this one and loved the rodeo setting I went to my very first rodeo just a couple months ago and absolutely loved it I loved seeing behind the scenes and having the story based around a rodeo While I loved the setting and plot idea the execution didn't uite do it for me Tonya was a likable enough character but she had so many near misses it seemed a little over the top Seth was just okay for me I never really felt that much romantic chemistry between the two I think the suspense angle could have been developed a little better view spoilerThere were SO many attempts on her life it felt forced and over the top When she actually comes face to face with him it was just so anti climatic He did not come across as an obsessed stalker it was kind of a let down And then we find out he has an accomplice and I just felt that was a little underdeveloped as well I guess with both bad guys I didn't feel their motivations we're told why they're coming after Tonya but I just wasn't feeling it hide spoiler Every Lynette Eason book I read further solidifies why she is one of my favorite authors Though there was some uncharacteristic head hopping in this particular book it was a fantastic story that submerged me into the world of rodeos and bullfighting I always try to figure out who the bad guys are and Lynette's really good about keeping me guessing Even if I sometimes suspect the right characters she always threads in just enough reason for me to doubt that it could really be them Rodeo Rescuer is another winner if you ask me Bleh That was really disappointing Both main characters felt really empty to me and the romance was eually so I found myself and frustrated with how meaningless their relationship felt to me Also the editing job was shocking The worst I have read in a traditionally published book A ton of typos and lots of head hopping Lots of telling rather than showing and a scene repeated twice right within the first dozen pages Very disappointing Eason is my favorite suspense author but this one just didn't cut it for me I really did not enjoy it but that is completely my personal opinion This is a great read with lots of colour character and danger A girl who works as a professional rodeo clown helping to preserve the lives of the bull riders after they hit the dirt gets threatened by a stalker She has to try to keep her career going and hide from the creep while not getting others harmed A bull rider who tries to help her is injured by a bull and needs to take time out to recover so he suggests that she could spend time hiding out with him until the police catch the shifty stalker We get to see plenty of animals the crowd entertainment aspects of the clown job and the bull fighting side too such as a metal lined barrel to jump into and protective vests We also get to understand how such a brave lady could be numbed by a creepy guy and put at risk in her mobile lifestyle This is a top class suspense read and the romance is suitable for adults and young adults 4 STARSIt draws you into the drama right off the start Good suspense characters that I cared about lots of drama action faith that things will work out and romance Fast clean entertaining read set with rodeo backgroundTonya Waters is a rodeo clown and good at her job She also had a stalker who tried to kill her Now he has found her again She is afraid she will have to run againSeth Starke is a rodeo bull rider who chased off Tonya's stalker He has always liked Tonya so after he is hurt after a ride he asks Tonya to come home to his ranch and let his brother the Sheriff help protect herTonya after a bomb scare agrees to go with Seth but doesn't want his family in dangerI did not want to put the book down I loved the ending I will look for books by Lynette Eason in the future I was given Rodeo Rescuer to read by Harleuin and Net Galley and in return agreed to give honest review of Rodeo Rescuer Rodeo Rescuer by Lynnete Eason is part of the Wrangler’s Corner series I have not read the other books and felt this one stood alone Tonya is a rodeo clown bull fighter and in hiding from a stalker who is out to kill her The opening scene shares how intense the book is going to be when he finds her Seth is a bull rider who has been friends with Tonya and her other boyfriend who was killed in a bullfighting accident that she partially blames herself for Seth wants to help protector her from the stalker He takes her home to his parents and his brother who is a sheriff at Wrangler’s Corner Seth is still dealing with issues of his ex girlfriend walking out on him after his accident because she thought he would no longer be able to compete Their occupations were something I was not familiar with and I found it very interesting The book is full of action and suspense The faith portion is sprinkled in to be realistic and not preachy You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex violence language and drugalcohol use in books 35 StarsThis book was highly entertaining Right at the beginning I was sucked into the story and the action unfortunately I felt that it did taper off towards the end; with the ending being almost anti climatic It starts off with our main character Tonya in hiding from a man who is stalking her It turns out that this man has a history as her stalker and she has been on the run from him for year Many years earlier he attempted to kill her and then was jailed Somehow he got out of jail and is after her againMy biggest issue with the book was the fact that Tonya was working a job that puts her in the eyes of the public all the time although she is a rodeo clown so in full makeup I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that she was putting herself in harms way I couldn’t justify what she was doing and the way she was acting I mean if a stalker were after me I would truly go into hiding or find someway to get police protection Not put myself out in front of rodeo crowds every weekendThat being said the story was entertaining and kept me reading There were a few moments I found myself glancing around my apartment wondering if a stalker was hiding in dark corner I didn’t feel that much chemistry between Tonya and Seth I know they have a history and had feelings for each other but it just felt like he loved the idea of protecting her Like I said the ending was a big anti climatic the final showdown between Tonya and her stalker fell a little flat All in all an entertaining read if you can suspend your disbelief in some of the situations Challenges♥ Fly Around the World with AMMP Cleveland OH CLE 35 stars rounded up to 4I did not realize when I borrowed this ebook from the library that it was a Christian romance That's my fault and it was my decision to keep reading when I figured it out Because of that I'm ignoring the catagory and any religious content plays no bearing on my rating I will say that I did not feel at any time like I was being preached at The story itself was decent and I liked the main characters There are two antagonists one we know throughout the book and one we don't That unknown was pretty easy to figure out Some sections of the book seemed to drag with too much mundane and unimportant detail There were also a few times when it seemed like the author forgot about things that had been written previously and confused the story a bit The cast of characters felt fairly one dimensional However it is possible that some details of the characters and their histories were included in book 1 which I have not readOverall I liked the romance and understood their motivations for the slow development of the HEA The suspense while not a nail biter was layered enough to keep my attention I liked the details of the rodeo and how the author showed both of the jobs of the H bullrider and the h bullfighter I would recommend this for a uick easy read provided you keep in mind it is a Christian romantic suspense SHE CAN'T ESCAPE No matter where she runs rodeo clown Tonya Waters's stalker always finds her Now he's managed to track her down on the rodeo circuit If bull rider Seth Starke hadn't saved her she'd be dead But when the handsome cowboy is injured in the ring and Tonya rescues him Seth seems determined than ever to keep her safe But can she risk staying at his Tennesee ranch and bringing danger to his family As her stalker gets violent Tonya and Seth vow to outsmart him before he makes good on his ultimate threat if he can't have her no one will Wrangler's Corner Family comes first That twist at the end

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