The Rebel Daughter Daughters of the Roaring Twenties #3

The Rebel Daughter Daughters of the Roaring Twenties #3 For every wild childNo watching from the sidelines for Twyla Nightingale her feet are firmly on the dance floor She won't let anyone sour the delicious taste of freedom—especially not Forrest Reynolds back in town after all this time there's a guy who thinks she's the bee's knees Forrest didn't expect a warm welcome from the Nightingale sisters not after their lives had been so dramatically upturned But seeing the challenge in Twyla's eyes Forrest takes this rebel for a wild dance she won't forget

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    Very good book and one I liked even better than the previous book Twyla is the second daughter and the one with the rebellious personality In the last several years she's gotten very tired of her father's and older sister's overprotective tendencies and has done everything she can to break out She's snuck out to boxing matches and run a kissing booth It's only recently that her older sister has started to allow Twyla and Josie to help with the resort events and she isn't going to let anything stop her now That includes Forrest Reynolds who come back to town after five years awayForrest had left before the Nightingale resort had become a big business He had been friends with Twyla and her sisters since they were children until a flu epidemic killed their mother and his little brother Forrest's father blamed her for the death of his son and began making threats against them especially as the girls got older and prettier Forrest thought it would be better if he left town rather than provide his father with fuel for his hate He didn't know the effect his departure had on Twyla and there ended up being to his leaving than she knew aboutForrest's father is also guilty of some really bad things and Twyla's fatherthough no angel himself has the contacts to get him arrested Once he's in prison Forrest returns to take over the property He doesn't really want to do it as his interests lie in flying but he feels responsible for it He doesn't expect to be welcomed by the sisters thanks to the way he left but seeing Twyla again has him wondering what might be possibleTwyla had had a crush on Forrest before he left but thought he was in love with her sister Now that he's back she's afraid he'll try to break up her sister's romance as she's convinced he's still in love with her Meanwhile she's even attracted to him now that she was before Forrest tries to convince her that he has no interest in Norma Rose but she's not buying it The sister that he's really interested in is Twyla herself but he doesn't want to put her in danger by pursuing her I loved seeing his fascination with her and how it becomes too hard for him to resist her I really loved the part where he took her flying It was also wonderful to see how well he understood her when the flight was followed by a confrontation with Norma Rose and he was able to make her see how best to deal with her sister Their feelings for each other continue to grow stronger but both of them have some baggage from their past that they will have to deal with first Twyla's attempt to help him nearly ruins everything and some of the things he says to her hurt her a lot I ached for her as she tried to accept the end of their relationship I loved seeing Forrest kicking himself for being an idiot and letting his fears get in the way His moment at the end was sweet and romantic and I loved seeing how it worked outThere's a mystery running throughout the book regarding Forrest's father and what he had really been into Word has come that he will begetting out of prison soon and Forrest is worried about what sort of revenge he might take on the Nightingales I liked seeing how Forrest enlisted Roger's and Ty's help and tried to keep Twyla out of it Twyla of course refuses to be left out and gets deeply involved as the book goes on When the truth about Galen Reynolds' activities comes out Forrest and Twyla end up in serious danger I loved the excitement and intensity of how they handled it and seeing how well Forrest and Twyla worked together The resolution was uite satisfying all around There was an interesting twist revealed by Forrest's mother and I was a bit disappointed that it wasn't resolved by the end of the book

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    You’ll experience plenty of the Roaring ‘20s atmosphere in the second in Robinson’s series This time she’s added some wild adventures a mystery and loads of sexual tension to the mix keeping readers on their toes They’ll eagerly await the next installment of the saga RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries Daughters of the Roaring Twenties

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    Miniseries Daughters of the Roaring Twenties

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