Yuva India MOBI ✓ Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 192 pages
  • Yuva India
  • Ray Titus
  • 09 August 2016

4 thoughts on “Yuva India

  1. Dimple Dimple says:

    An interesting book It is essentially his research work in which he argues using ualitative methods of research that there is a convergence in the attitudes of young India as a result of socioeconomic influences His target audience is mainly businesses hoping his results will help them make informed choices in relation to advertising and marketingIn ten chapters he systematically explains how for Yuva India image management is really important For them personal and private space is eually necessary for sanity According to him young people seek to find balance between pleasure and meaningFreud vs Frankl and also between their real and virtual livesOn matters of sexuality the young today are both traditional and progressive Majority do not wish to marry outside religion or caste even if they dont believe in either They are less inclined to follow religion and rituals and are into spiritualityOn a negative note he adds that suicide rates are high among young people given competition and stress regarding education and job It was like reading what I already know but with substantial evidence

  2. Privy Trifles Privy Trifles says:

    Young India as we call it and Yuva India as the author calls it is surely something that we all want to know about for they not less than any mystery novel They have a certain air of attitude around them making us feel like lesser mortals but as the author has rightly pointed out the reason behind it is this generation doesn’t have the fear the previous generations carried with them about what to do how to do and the people pleasing mentality is absolutely missing All that they want to do is be happy themselves and that is what they strive for life long They are less accommodating less giving it letting go or pretending and that according to me is a good sign It means they have realized that life is meant to be lived without any regrets I feel they have taken the revolution of YOLO You Only Live Once a tad too seriously Read here

  3. Sarabjeet Singh Sarabjeet Singh says:

    A must read for everyone who thinks India needs a makeover especially our youth bureaucrats and technocrats This book gives an insight into the dormant super power which can be used to shape India and also kept us well informed about the brighter side our Yuva Good job Mr Titus

  4. Abhishek Agarwal Abhishek Agarwal says:

    Initially I was reluctant on picking up this book to read but I'm very grateful that I read it The author's opinion very much resonates with my own opinion and it gave me a big affirmation It talks about The hybrid culture Indian and WesternThe feeling of youth of giving back to the societyThe Entrepreneurship cultureSocial life of India Youth Online and OfflineThough it doesn't give a very in depth analysis of how it all begins But it's a Nice Mirror to what's happening in realityA small and uick read and will help you reflect on yourself

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Yuva India Yuva India takes a deep dive into the lives of India’s young men and women In unravelling what makes them tick the book uncovers the phenomenon of ‘attitudinal convergence’ that is rapidly growing across youth cohorts in India Tracing its origin to the arrival of and exposure to a ‘composite culture’ the research behind ‘convergence’ zeroes in on how a young India is defining itself using new age sensibilitiesDrawing on insights collected over a decade Ray documents and analyses how young men and women in India approach issues of identity image sexuality spirituality personal relevance social connections and community and professional pursuits In a one of a kind analysis using comprehensive data from across the nation Ray scrutinizes young India’s psyche to make sense of their aspirationsFilled with numerous first person accounts and brand stories Yuva India provides an insightful understanding of India’s most valuable asset its youth population The present and the future of India’s young it reveals will be invaluable not just for business and brand managers but also for all those who wish to engage with them