Lonely Shore Chaos Station #2 Epub À Lonely Shore

  • Kindle Edition
  • 187 pages
  • Lonely Shore Chaos Station #2
  • Jenn Burke
  • English
  • 15 October 2016

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Lonely Shore Chaos Station #24 StarsReviewThis review might contain mild spoilers for Book 1 I wouldn't consider them spoilers as they don't reveal anything about the plot but they do reveal certain bits of info that aren't given right away in Book 1This book was definitely emotional than the first and in a kind of ironic contradictory masochistic way that made me happy Whereas the first book was about the figurative distance between Zander and Felix and the two of them trying to figure out what their new relationship was this one was all about the effects of the stin poison on Zander's brain and how it was killing himSo first there was poor Zander Zoning without meaning to or even realizing it finding gaps in his memories having constant headaches and generally just being really confused and exhausted and scared about what was happening to him The scenes from his POV were probably the most heart tugging ones Then there was Felix despondent and unable to handle the fact that he was losing the man he loved but trying to be the strong one for Zander Then there was the rest of the crew who may not have been as close to Zander but still cared about him and Felix and were affected by all of this too There was also Zander's family who didn't even know what was going on but clearly loved Zander so much I mean Zander hadn't even talked to his family in years I don't think because of the war Then he didn't contact them even after the war ended Then he completely avoided Brennan his brother when Brennan found out he was on one of their stations and flew all the way there just to see him When he finally called well I'll let you read the touching moment for yourself but I will say that Brennan's response nearly brought tears to my eyes because it showed how much Zander had pushed his family away and avoided them but how much they didn't care about any of that and just wanted to help him and have him backAlso to backtrack a little bit when I was about 20% into the book I kinda stopped and suddenly realized that the characters in this book the crew of the Chaos already felt so familiar and comfortable to me And well that's always a good sign because it means they felt real and I liked themThe only thing I didn't like was that there was one thing in the book that was very deus ex machina Oh and I still had trouble remembering whose POV I was in sometimes But I enjoyed the book enough to let those things slideAnd that's about it for my review This book was a uick read but a good one The plot was focused on relationships and helping Zander rather than a ton of action but it was never slow or boring the characters were lovable and overall I enjoyed the bookRecommended ForFans of Book 1 in Jenn Burke Kelly Jensen's Chaos Station Series Anyone who likes MM romance angstystruggle filled relationships books set in space realistically flawed characters and imperfect but sweet relationships among lovers friends and family Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight Initial ThoughtsI am really liking this series so far Lovable characters and lots of emotional situations Full review soon Book two of Chaos StationAll they can do is live day to dayFelix Ingesson has returned to his duties as the Chaos's engineer with Zander Anatolius his ex boyfriend turned broken super soldier at his side Hope means something again But there's nothing Felix can do to battle the alien poison flowing through Zander's veins or his imminent mental decline With each passing day the side effects of Zander’s experimental training are becoming difficult to ignoreWhen the ruthless Agrius Cartel seeks their revenge—including an ambush and an attempt to kidnap the Chaos’s crew—Zander is pushed over the edge He can no longer hide his symptoms nor does he want to But hurting Felix when he’s not in control of himself is Zander’s worst nightmare—when it nearly happens he agrees to seek help Even if that means trusting the unknown As Zander places his life in alien hands Felix appoints himself his lover’s keeper And though he tries to be strong he can’t ignore the fact that he might lose Zanderforever this time The continuation of Felix and Zander's story as they travel with the crew of the ChaosZander's health is the prime focus of this book How his previous military service and physiological alterations to ensure humans survival in the war against the Stin has let him with a slow death sentence This is emotional and not gonna lie I cried The reader gets put through the ringer with Felix and Zander My heart is yours always has been always will be The secondary issue of the the crew's conflict with the Agrius cartel comes to a head and the fallout is catastrophic Cat and mouse across the galaxy is going to end up with them face to face How that plays out is a bit of a surprise The development of the secondary characters as we watch Felix and Zander's love story is good We get a greater understanding of the various species and the Chaos crew members It will interesting to see where they go from here I'm up for the third in the series First Love last loveWhat if your days were numbered and time is running like sand through your fingers? What if you were steadily losing parts of your memory? Memories of things you have done recently Memories of what you just said a few moments ago Memories of time spent with someone you love It would kill you in the truest sense of the word And the love of your life is right beside you unable to do anything about it Feeling helpless hopeless powerless This is exactly what happened in the second book of the Chaos Station Series to Zander Zed and Felix Flick and it almost broke my heart Zed now newest crew member of the Chaos is helping Flick and the other crew members as a security guard The Crew has to deal with the Agrius a drug cartel they pissed off in the first book by snatching a delivery from under their nose Zed killing a few members in the process did not help the situation either The cartel is hot on their heels and shows up unexpectedly at every turn trying to get hold of the crew by setting a trap for them Since the instances occure and often Zane is eually freuent forced to get into the Zone the state of mind where he is able to evolve his superpowers where he feels no pain But every time it happens the alien poison used in the secret government project to make him a super soldier destroys slowly but surely Zed’s brain because his body is trying to fight it off Zed tries with all his might to protect his lover to shield him from the knowledge what is happening to him Telling him what his condition really means would feel real final Flick is not ready to hear it either not ready to say goodbye Felix folded himself in against Zed’s chest and hugged him tight A part of him railed against his apparent uselessness at the fact he could do nothing but just hold the blank body beneath him Another part thanked all the stars Zed hadn’t flipped into combat mode A third part which seeped into the other two like some pervasive germ flopped and flailed Or maybe that was his heart “Don’t go yet please? Come back I’m not ready” He hadn’t been ready a week ago and he wasn’t now He’d never be ready Ever But denial won’t get them anywhere and when Zed nearly hurt Flick while being in the Zone he can’t ignore his fate any longer and is forced to seek somebody's help To say I had to cry when I read Lonely Shore would be a monumental understatement so – sorry for the rude expression but the most fitting term would be I cried my ass off Multiple times God I suffered with them I almost felt the physical and emotional pain the exhaustion and I had to lay my Kindle aside a few times because it almost overwhelmed me I won't spoil the ending of this book but you can be rest assured that I loved itSome people might be put off by the Sci fi element but this series is first and foremost a heartbreaking love story and I cannot recommend it high enough This second book in the series goes deeper into the emotional mess of our two guys and their relationship barely resumed after the separation of 9 years stolen from them by the war Felix and Zander have to deal with the advance of Zander's condition as the alien toxin he was given takes a greater and greater toll not just physically but in the slow degredation of his mind Zander at first wants to hide how bad it's getting even as he zones out and but the threat of the Agrius Cartel demands that he use his abilities and push himself past the brink When he's terrified he might hurt Felix without being aware of it he agrees to a desperate gamble in search of help Meanwhile Felix is put in the difficult position of being and a caretaker to the man who is his lover and should be his eualTensions run high not just between the two men but among the whole crew who have to judge risks and loyalties Felix is their longtime friend while Zander is a newer and unknown uantity But his need is palpable and his pain is clearly also Felix's An emotional wrenching and rewarding second installment The ending is solid but with lots of room for to come Jesus flipping Christ rip my freakin' heart out and watch me bleed This seuel to Chaos Station really delves into Zed's problems and his and Flick's relationship There was a lot less adventuring for the crew of the Chaos and much focus on the relationships between all of them I spent a large majority of the time trying to choke back tears and the rest of the time filled with happiness For a sci fi book this story was an emotional roller coaster and I loved every minute 45 stars and possibly some spoilerish type things for the first book so proceed with cautionThis is an absurdly good sci fi series It's been a very long time since I read the first book and yet the characters and world were so memorable that I was able to slip right back into that world as if I'd never left itThis book was has so much angst and emotion than the first because here Fixer and Zed are a couple there's no uestioning what they are or how much they mean to each other and Zed is now fully crew and just as important to the others as he is to Fix Only the work done on Zed during the last war to make him a super soldier is now starting to cause his system to deteriorate and if they don't find some way to stop it they'll lose ZedGreat story great writing the pacing never flags and the emotion in this one is uite wrenching at times I love the clear bond between all the crew Captain Elias Nessa ek Fixer and Zed and how they will go to the wall for each other I'm really looking forward to the next one and I'll make sure it's not as long this timeThis was a wonderful gift from the 2015 Gift Exchange I didn't do so well then with keeping up with who gave what but whoever this was from you are much appreciated xx Slow depressing start It felt dark heavy hopelessand it was hard to read Things picked up but it was still so sad My heart hurt A lot Tears fell Even with all the sadness I loved spending time with these characters and the interesting world they lived in The story itself felt like a vehicle for the characters to interact and some of it was a bit anticlimactic but I didn't care as long as I got of Felix and Zander 45 starsAround the 20% mark it occurred to me that this series could easily become my new book obsession After finishing 'Lonely Shore' I know for a fact that Zed and Felix are going to be my new book obsession I'm stokedPossible spoilers for book 1 Chaos Station belowBook 2 in the Chaos Station series picks up four weeks after where book 1 ended Zed's health is deteriorating due to the aftereffects of the military's experimentation and Felix can do nothing but watch To top it off the Agrius Cartel is hunting the Chaos in order to exact revenge for the events of the previous book Tensions are running high and there's an almost claustrophobic feel to the storyI think what I loved most was that though 'Lonely Shore' is sci fi it is first and foremost a romance No matters the spaceships alien races or exotic planets this was Zed and Felix's love story And it was a surprisingly gut wrenching love story too Because the two spent most of their time very cautiously and very slowly reconnecting in book 1 I didn't get a full understanding of what they felt for each otherI can say that by the first uarter of 'Lonely Shore' I had no confusions or uestions Zed and Felix are broken They were broken by the war and by their forced seperations What they feel for one another is a raw need and a desire to fix each other It was heartbreaking to read but oh so worth itI really enjoyed the sci fi aspect of the book as well We're introduced to new planets and get a better understanding of how this futuristic multi species universe functions Hanging out with the crew of the Chaos was also a lot of fun They're a bunch of jokers but I think that's needed for their line of work It probably isn't easy to spend most of your time drifting in a black voidOverall I really enjoyed the second instalment and I'm looking forward to book 3 Skip Trace I'd highly recommend this series for fans of MM sci fi ARC provided through NetGalley ALL THE STARSHeart rending Agonizing Painful And so so brilliant I really liked book 1 but THIS? It blew me away It ripped my heart out It made me feel so muchFelix and Zed are put through the worst With Zed’s mental and physical health deteriorating with the speed of light both men are near breaking point And break they do in one way or anotherTbh I was glad I ‘cheated’ and read the blurb for the next book so it made the impact of what happens a little bit easier to bear but it still made me cry These authors know what grief feels like Because the way they describe it hits you right in the guts and the heart and then they do it all over again and again It felt utterly realIf this sounds grim and sad well yes it is When the love of your life can’t view spoiler remember your name from one minute to the next and is in constant excruciating pain hide spoiler

About the Author: Jenn Burke

Jenn Burke has loved out of this world romance since she first read about heroes and heroines kicking butt and falling in love as a preteen Now that she’s an author she couldn’t be happier to bring adventure romance and sexy times to her readersJenn is the author of The Gryphon King’s Consort from Dreamspinner Press and the co author of the critically acclaimed Chaos Station science fiction r