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  1. Paul Paul says:

    The Traitor – The Final ActThe Traitor is the final part of the Carnivia Trilogy by Jonathan Holt set around the beautiful and scenic city of Venice Just as Venice is the magnificent backdrop to a thriller that at times is jaw dropping that illuminates part of the CIA’s mucky hands in Italian politics of the Cold War era The Traitor has all the ingredients you expect from a successful thriller trilogy a breathtaking storyline brilliant writing with plenty of suspense and a stunning finaleCaptain Kat Tapo is a Captain in the Carabinieri and she has been given her first murder investigation to lead but like all things she soon discovers things may not be as straightforward as they should be A body discovered on an exclusive beach outside Venice has been found in Freemason garb minus his tongue and his neck is severed and she is being told by the Medical Examiner that things will be tough as many in the Carabinieri were Freemasons She has a new deputy who is being sick at the sight of a dead body who is there to spy on her Not much could go wrong from there with every door closing in front of herHolly Bolland a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Corps based in Italy is still on rest after being rescued in the previous book The Abduction She is at home in the USA when she discovers a memo written by her father before his stroke and locked in syndrome robbed him of his life The memo is written about CIA activity in Italy and what it may or may not have done in the years of trouble there She decides she needs to return to Italy and finally find the answers to her father’s uestions and she must meet former CIA station head Ian GilroyDaniele Barbo is still locking himself away from the people of Venice in his decaying Palace while he decides what to do with Carnivia He still has many unresolved issues that cause him to be distant from most people he is considering just giving Carnivia away to its users and this alone could cause chaos that he has not foreseenIn Libya a younger hacker is showing an Imam and a Commander how through the use of technology and the internet you can cause enough chaos from one place without much effort and get maximum effect He shows them both that they can cause disaster in Italy from another country as he switches off the fans in the Frejus road tunnel and the cars start to pile up and the fire kills deaths follow they are impressed and send him to Italy to plan and action an attackAs Kat Holly and Daniele progress with their various inuiries they start to uncover the answers that have haunted them across the trilogy As the end becomes closer their investigations come together with surprising outcomes and the reader finally gets the answers they have asked throughout the trilogyThis is a stylish and intelligent thriller that delivers on all levels for the reader to enjoy and at the same time saddening as we may not see these characters again This is well written and using Italy’s dark past and Venice as a backdrop is inspired as you this is a story of secrets and lies A wonderful thriller a fantastic end to the trilogy

  2. James James says:

    The weakest entry in a great trilogy A man is murdered during a Freemason ritual his body is subseuently found on the Venetian lido The wiry it is mentioned than a few times American soldier Italian policewoman not wiry also mentioned a lot and the reclusive mathcomputer genius uncover a plot at the core of Italian power Great elements but either I or the author stopped caring so much at a certain point

  3. Ricky Ricky says:

    And so endeth the Carnivia Trilogybut you know what?Seriously how can we be done with this Gothic hacker's world already? And after such a stylish and high intensity thriller too While not as harrowing as its predecessor it deals with the threat of a terrorist attack in Venice with a combination of hacking and bombing being planned as part of a greater anti American campaign And as for the ultimate reveal of the plot it's not only very cleverly foreshadowed early on in this book but it's so very much out of Clive Cussler's playbook that you have to gape in shock at the audacity of this book's terroristsI don't think this should be the end of the series I still think there's much to learn about Daniele Barbo in particular although the urgent and extensive repairs being done to his manor serve as a great metaphor for him having to step back from his life and maybe justmove onThat being said though ave atue vale Carnivia

  4. Tina Tina says:

    It's the most underrated book I've ever seen on this website so far It was a real page turner I loved everything in this book the plot the place Venice the characters In my opinion it deserved much interest than it got Just IMHO the idea of having two titles The Traitor I've read and The Absolution is very confusing and unnecessary Besides to be honest the cover of the book at least the one I've read was a bit dull and it said nothing about such an intriguing story whereas the cover of The Absolution reflects it much better

  5. Ape Ape says:

    A slightly sad but neat conclusion to the Carnivia trilogy and such a gripping book Holt's books aren't heavy going but they are page turners and I love the way he mixes the modern history and of course some older history of Italy along with current events into his plots It makes it a wee bit frightening as you could imagine these things really going on In this one we've got just what a scary monster the internet can be along with that fear that the secret services are watching everything you do and have of a hand in world events that you might like to thinkA Venetian banker is found on the beach seemingly killed in a ritualistic masonic way Kat Tapo is back investigating and naturally her investigation turns out to be tied in with skulduggery going on in Daniele's Carnivia and the back story of Holly the good girl American solider who is about to have the very foundations of the good old USA rocked from beneath her feetCan't really fault this trilogy

  6. Dolf Patijn Dolf Patijn says:

    The Traitor is the third book in the Carnivia trilogy by Jonathan Holt The first two books The Abomination and The Abduction were real page turners and so is The TraitorNow I first want to gripe about something that has nothing to do with the content of the books I want to gripe about renaming books It seems to be a trend to have different titles for the European and the American market Ridiculous It only causes confusion The Abomination is now renamed as The Boatman and The Abduction is renamed as The Dancer It happens a lot with thrillers and fantasy books the Harry Potter series as well The Abomination was a great title that really linked to the story Please stop this nonsense of renaming booksAnyway back to the book The characters are believable the story is exciting the descriptions of food and drink in the book are mouth watering and the backdrop of Venice adds to the atmosphere With thrillers like this you have to take some of the events and actions as they come and accept them without uestion It would take the writer too long to explain everything and that would make the book too long and would take the pace out of the story At least that’s what I hear a lot from others who like thrillers I myself don’t mind if a writer elaborates and gives background information That’s what I liked about the Stieg Larsson books Holt does give some background information on the way political games were played and uses events that actually took place sometimes twisting them a bit to fit the story The only thing that I missed in this trilogy is that I couldn’t really identify with any of the characters because the emphasis is on the story and not so much on the lives of the characters that’s where the Stieg Larsson books and the Henning Mankell books differ It is a choice I suppose and despite that fact I still thoroughly enjoyed Holt’s The Traitor as a fast paced conspiracy thrillerAll in all it is a great read with a conclusion that could be taken as an opening for books about these main characters wishful thinking on my part I really recommend this trilogy to people who like well researched page turners with likeable but basic characters

  7. Kuv Kuv says:

    In the third book of the Carnivia trology Captain Kat Tapo investigates the viscous murder of a man found on a beach in Venice It is the body of a senior partner in a catholic Bank and the the mask he is found wearing is linked to free masonry Holly Boland the American Intelligence officer also returns to investigate the revelation she discovers in a document from her fathers possessions It leads her to believe there was a cover up during the Cold War that could have led to the death of her father Daniel Barbo the creator of Venice as a virtual world known as Carnivia learns that someone has hacked his software with the intention of using Carnivia to cause a major catastrophe The three story lines converge from intriguing smaller plots to a larger conspiracy involving terrorists the CIA and Freemasons The book is cross between Dan Brown Thomas Harris and Charles Cumming It is intelligent detailed in terms of plot location and character and highly engaging uestions about Daniel Barbo's kidnappers from the earlier books are answered Holly Boland discovers the truth about her past which leads to a dark unexpected resolution and Kat Tapo matures as a Carabinieri Officer She has to get to grips with a personal tragedy and learns what innocent people are capable of when they are confronted with the truth It's an emotional end to an original and riveting trilogy which leaves the reader fully satisfied with the ending We learn new aspects to older characters that adds a richness and depth which makes this an above average thriller

  8. Greg Greg says:

    This is the third and last book in the trilogy Each book just got better and better The characters and their interrelationships continued to develop from the first two books becoming deeper and complex and complicatedThree storylines all of them excellent Holly the CIA and her relationship with Gilroy Kat with her personal and professional life and the related police procedural Holt's police procedurals in all three books were excellent And Daniele trying to get some closure on his kidnapping and deal with the complex morality of CarniviaThe pace was crazy good It started off slow in the first book but kept getting faster This book started out pretty fast and then got crazy fast and then rollercoaster whoosh still accelerating to the end So much funBut the ending of this book? Absolutely amazing I can't believe there's not gonna be a fourth book Aaaaaaah Where does Holt live? We need to talk

  9. Kathy Heare Watts Kathy Heare Watts says:

    Mystery suspense danger and I won an uncorrected proof advanced reading copy of this book during a Goodreads giveaway I am under no obligation to leave a review or rating and do so voluntarily So that others may also enjoy this book I am paying it forward by donating it to a senior assisted living facility

  10. Liz C Liz C says:

    ExcellentThis was brilliant A very convoluted story showing how the CIA manipulated Italian politics during the seventies to the present day I can only compare this series of books to the Millennium series and recommend it to anyone

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The Absolution In this mesmerizing finale to the revolutionary Carnivia Trilogy—following The Abomination and The Abduction—Venetian police captain Kat Tapo and US Army intelligence analyst Holly Boland embark on their most dangerous and disturbing journey yetOn Venice’s popular Lido beach a man is found lying on the shore his throat slit and his tongue viciously torn out and his face covered by an unusual antiue maskSuperiors inside the Venice Carabinieri have finally given Captain Kat Tapo permission to run her first murder case But when she learns that the mask is a Masonic “hoodwink”—and that the circumstances of the man’s death are eerily similar to the Masonic punishment for betrayal—she suspects that her appointment has darker implications As a woman she cannot penetrate the closed world of Italian freemasonryThe dead man is identified as a senior partner in a small Catholic bank currently engaged in negotiations with one of Italy’s richest men Yet Kat knows that when it comes to Venice’s most powerful and influential money isn’t the only motive for murderWhile she focuses on her investigation American intelligence analyst Holly Boland finds a document among her father’s possessions that offers evidence of a shocking Cold War cover up The deeper the second lieutenant digs into what her father knew the she begins to wonder Was her father silenced before he could expose the truthReclusive genius Daniele Barbo creator of the anonymous virtual world Carniviacom makes a chilling discovery of his own his website has been contaminated by a malevolent virus that will cripple Italy unless he can break his own encryption and prevent catastrophe As the three cases merge the trio of allies uncover a conspiracy involving the security services the Church and the CIA—a devastating plot stretching back decades that could destroy all three of them but not without a fight