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Crazy Love You Ian Paine is a successful author of graphic comic novels Life is good he is wealthy lives in a cool apartment in New York and has met Megan the girl of his dreams But life wasn't always so good for Ian As a child he was the weird fat boy who everyone shunned and bullied With a troubled family life and no friends he spent a lot of time on his own out in the woods around his home One day he met a young girl Priss who played with him and became his friend She was always there when he looked for her in the woods eventually following him to art school and New York where she has become a beautiful seductive woman However there is a dark side to Priss who leads Ian into wild behaviour drinking and taking drugs Whenever someone hurts Ian something bad happens to them and Ian is beginning to believe Priss is involved But is Priss real or a figment of Ian's imagination from his popular Fatboy and Priss graphic novels?This is a rollercoaster of a thriller addictive and forever leading you on to discover the truth about Priss The story is fast paced slipping effortlessly between the real events in Ian's life to the fiction he is creating in his graphic novel But what is real and what is imagined? The suspense and tension build relentlessly as Ian slides down the slippery slope towards madness and despair and risks losing Megan and everything he has worked for An excellent psychological thriller Highly recommendedWith thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book to review Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger is a 2015 Touchstone publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Wow Lisa Unger really knows how to weave a twisted tale doesn't she? I'm still coming out of my book coma after finishing this one Ian Paine is doing pretty well for himself He is a graphic novelist making an above average salary rents a loft in New York and could have his work optioned for the big screen To put the cherry on the cake he has met the love of his life Megan But Ian has a few unresolved issues from his childhood that threaten his current state of contentment For starters there is Priss his childhood friend his avenger and a prominent character in his graphic novels The problem is Ian is growing up emotionally finally and Priss is none too happy to find that Ian has outgrown her especially after all she has done for him For Ian was that kid in school who was easily bullied An only child overweight sheltered and whose mother was mentally ill “Ah gym class Remember it? Institutionally sanctioned torture for society's misfits God help you in America if you are not thin and fit attractive athletic and coordinated driven to win at any cost God help you if you are broken or sad or even just cerebral or artistic or just want to be left alone You will be told in a million ways directly subliminally just how deficient you are But nowhere will that message be delivered with naked brutality than in a middle school gymnasium” Such was Ian's tortured life in “The Hallows” while growing up He is still man child in many ways until he meets Meagan Meagan makes him want to be a better man to grow up to be the kind of guy she deserves “ Love is like an anesthetic isn't it? It dulls all the pain pushes back your worries uiets your inner demons Your ten feet tall and bulletproof” But it seems that Ian still can't pull everything together for Meagan He still indulges in drugs and drink and there is that every pressing problem with Priss who is getting and aggressive as Ian becomes deeply involved with Meagan So you think you have if figured out then you don't then you do then you don't Trust me you won't figure it out Flashbacks provide insight into Ian's dark and morose background his freuent violent outburst his relationship with his parents details about “The Hallows” and how through the years anytime he found himself in a bind Priss was always there to rescue him Is Priss real? A figment of his imagination? An hallucination? The product of an unstable mind? Does the insanity run in the family? A dual personality? Just a character in his novels? I really like this book because of it's imaginative storyline and how it kept me guessing and thinking about the characters It was pitch perfect pacing with taut heart stopping suspense leading the reader to a pat conclusion only to rank the rug out from under you time and time again This novel is relentless Suspenseful atmospheric dark psychological but through all the fog and haze of what is real and what isn't there is one thing that stands out to me Love Yes love If not for that powerful emotion the conclusion of this book would have much different You will think about this book long after you finish it Even as I write this review certain details are still running through my mind making me appreciate the story even 45 rounded to 5 The explosive novel by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger which the Providence Journal called A simmering tale of romantic obsession and angst in the tradition of Body Heat or Fatal Attraction laced with the noirish spirit of James M Cain Wonderfully crafted and beautifully executed Falling in love can feel like a dream or a living nightmareDarkness has a way of creeping up when Ian is with Priss Even when they were kids playing in the woods of their small upstate New York town he could feel it Still Priss was his best friend his salvation from the bullies who called him loser and fatboy and from his family's deadly secretsNow that they have both escaped to New York City Ian no longer inhabits the tortured shell of his childhood He is a talented and successful graphic novelist and Priss Priss is still trouble The booze the drugs the sex Ian is growing tired of late nights together trying to keep the past at bay Especially now that he has met sweet beautiful Megan whose love makes him want to change for the better But Priss doesn't like change Change makes her angry And when Priss is angry terrible things begin to happen In The Hollows it was not enough to atone for your own sins The land demanded That rating is for how good I thought this book was rather than how much I liked it It's an odd thing to be so gripped by something that I wasn't entirely enjoying; but this book is a measure of contradictions so it's at least fittingDark and almost suffocating Crazy Love You is another entry in this series told in the first person and we spend almost all of our time in the head of our protagonist And believe me when I say that even in a series dealing with murder revenge and plenty of dark and twisty plotlines this book stands out And if In The Blood Book 3 in the Hollows series was a sudden lack of supernatural to a series that was previously tinged with it Crazy Love You certainly makes up for that view spoilerOf course you only have the reliability of the narrator to rely on for how much of that supernatural is real but taken at face value it's a big jump from the rest of the series hide spoiler Ian Paine has had a lot to deal with in his life As an overweight child he would be constantly bullied by kids at school and was to scared to stand up for himself Ian's family would also fall apart after his younger sisters death After that his mums mental health would deteriorate and his only escape would be to go into the nearby woods to spend time with his only friend Priss To start of there relationship was like all other children with lots of playing and fun times That soon changed when Priss discovers the bullying that Ian has endured and goes out of her way to protect him and make the perpetrators payYears later and Ian is doing his best to move on after losing a fair bit of weight becoming a successful graphic artist with his own popular line of comics and living in New York Priss though refuses to leave and will continue to be his Achilles heel as he tries to drown his past in booze drugs and sex Things will seemingly go full circle when Ian meets the beautiful and sweet Megan and fall in love Ian wants to be a better man for Megan and after proposing is the happiest he has ever been Priss though is not happy and will do everything in her power to make Ian suffer for ever wanting to leave herI can honestly say this books was not uite the way i thought it would be I pictured Priss as the possessive ex who was very dangerous and although she was creepy i was not prepared for link that connected her and Ian Nothing in the story is uite as it seems with the story going from one twist to the other at breakneck speed The uestion of is Priss real or just a figment of Ian's imagination lingers over the story and one that becomes clearer as the story progresses At it's heart though the story is about love in all it's bizarre and twisted ways For anyone looking for a heart pumping thriller with the odd supernatural elements this book will be right up your ally and comes highly recommended Well I certainly won’t be enjoying any adventure walks in the woods anytime soon Good grief This one was super mind bending and terrifyingly good At a time in Ian’s life when he was drowning in anger and sorrow he met Priss a young girl his own age who always seemed to be running freely around the woodsPriss was always there when he needed someone to talk to someone to look after himHe was weak she was strong She wouldn’t let anyone hurt him Ian's life had been full of drugs and run ins with the law but now that he had grown up changed he had come to the realisation that Priss was what was messing him up He had fallen in love with Megan and “wanted” Priss out of his life but he “needed” her in it Would Priss let him go so easily? Would she be happy to release her hold on him or will his relationship put Megan in grave danger?Crazy Love You is my first Lisa Unger novel and I could not put this book down It is an addictive psychological thriller It will have you on the edge of your seat I felt the full gambit of emotions sorrow empathy heart racing and anxiety Just when I thought I had it all figured out I read on to find I had it all wrongA love story that is dark enough to be addictive but not give you nightmares It will have you double guessing the whole way throughCrazy Love You is highly recommended I will definitely be reading Lisa Unger novels Thank you to netgalley for my copy to read and review The first half of this book was everything that I love about Lisa Unger's novels I don't ever remember being disappointed in anything that she has ever written but the ending of this book was really disappointing Although I wasn't happy with it it's not going to stop me from reading her next novel I uite enjoyed this book and certainly had no difficulty in finishing it but it somehow missed the mark for me I am usually a fan of the supernatural but in this particular book I felt I wanted something solid and real As a result I felt cheated by the ending and felt the author could have made Priss much dangerous and scary if she had taken the character into a different direction I did enjoy the way the author leads the reader in circles all through the book It is hard to be sure who is insane and what is real for much of the time So still a good book if not as good as Lisa Ungers others The first two thirds of CRAZY LOVE YOU is a five star book the best kind the kind that is unputdownable Ian writes and illustrates graphic novels a fancy term for comic books As an adult he's in better shape but he grew up as an overweight sissy His mother is confined to a mental hospital because of a horrible crime she committed when Ian was a child a crime that almost involved him For these reasons he grows up with anger management problems and still has them even nowPriss isn't that name a synonym for sissy? is the child he meets in the woods behind his home But so what I thought I was bored enough that I decided to uit if the story didn't redeem itself by page 50 On page 49 I caught on and realized I shouldn't have been bored Here's what you need to know right up front so the book is as unputdownable for you as it was for me I reread the first 49 pagesPriss is not what she appears to be; she is a mystery throughout this book And then so is Ian Is he crazy? Is he good or dangerous? Is Priss dangerous? Or is she not even real?So why then does this book get just an average rating? Because the last third degenerates to the supernatural and becomes just plain silly If the entire book had been written like this last third the rating would have been zero It's too easy to solve mysteries by blaming them on supernatural silliness