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Loyal Bonded to the Alpha #2 It isn't easy being an alpha wolf's bond mate but Callum is determined to make it work with Nero despite the alpha's dark moods and Callum's insecurities about being the only human in a wolf pack But when an old lover shows up in Raglan the strain of jealousy pushes their relationship to breaking point The alpha's duty is always to do whatever is best for the pack When old rivalries with a neighbouring pack resurface Nero is faced with the choice of loyalty to his bond mate or the good of his wolves and Callum has to decide whether Nero means everything to him or nothing Is Callum willing to fight for his alpha And is the pack ready to fight for him Adult Content Sex language violence Length 58000 words

10 thoughts on “Loyal Bonded to the Alpha #2

  1. Steph ☀️ Steph ☀️ says:

    Much better35 starsWell I am glad that I actually gave this series another shot thanks to my fellow GR friend DarienMoya This one was so much better than the last 🙏🏼 I have to say that some of the uestions I had from the last book were answered here So I feel somewhat better My only complaint is Callum to be honest He is ridiculously immature to the point he was getting very unlikeable IMO Then he had an epiphany and all was right with the world lol Still I wish something would have happened to one of the MCs can’t say since it might be a spoiler to some I guess I will have to wait and see if it possibly happens in Tommy’s story

  2. Katrina Passick Lumsden Katrina Passick Lumsden says:

    I wish I could fully understand the vague dissatisfaction I felt after reading these books It's not that I think they're bad but they're I guess frustrating would be the right word There's potential for something great here the beginning chemistry between Nero and Callum drawing the reader in and presenting the idea that this is going to turn into an epic romance Sadly it never did For two people who can sense each other's emotions after completing their bond they do a remarkable job fucking up and misinterpreting every damn thing the other says They never fully connected even when they supposedly did so I was left feeling empty and slightly miffed

  3. Mimi Mimi says:

    325 starsLoyal Bonded to the Alpha was a little bit better than book ones of the series Communication and misunderstandings are authors bread and butter because us as the readers are looking for the HEA that we know the characters deserve But sometimes those misunderstandings can turn the reader off Each book is getting a little better let's see what book three is about

  4. Jenn (not Lily) Jenn (not Lily) says:

    Excellent tension some hot as hell outdoor semi exhibition sex adorable 4 year old werewolf girl and finally some resolution by the end of the book at least for Callum and Nero Now for the next set of conflicted men in this packcan't wait

  5. ⚣Michaelle⚣ ⚣Michaelle⚣ says:

    Much solid HEA than the last installment

  6. Simon Simon says:

    Elements about the first two in this series made me a little uncomfortable much as with her Boy Next Door books nothing to make me stop reading but enough to not 100% recommend unlike Collar For His Brat or Something Wicked Maybe something about the inevitability of the bond? The emphasis on submission outside the bedroom? Not sure But I keep reading

  7. Niumi Niumi says:

    Was ok Still don't understand why Callum wanted to stay human when there wasn't any negatives to being a wolf? It was just kind of bland and OH MY GOD CAN'T THEY JUST TALK TO EACHOTHER? their bond ia the most useless thing ever which makes me wonder why its even written for them to have it

  8. Grace Grace says:

    35 rounded upEnjoyable seuel to the first book I liked getting to see Nero and Callum settle into their relationship and come to a better understanding and I'm definitely curios about the next book's relationship

  9. Dena Dena says:

    Nero was not very impressive as an alpha and Callum was very immature

  10. G.M Cantave G.M Cantave says:

    29 stars

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