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Duchess By Mistake House of Haverstock #2 I won this book for free on Goodreads First Reads This book is part of the House of Haverstock series but I think it was a great stand alone book I am however curious about the other books in this series This book was THAT good I thoroughly enjoyed that setting England and the characters Lady Elizabeth and Philip The Duke of Aldridge I had to pace myself while reading this book because I think I could have easily read it in one sitting I have always loved historic romance novels so this book was right up my alley by Mistake is the first book by Cheryl Bolen that I have read and I am happy to be introduced to her books This book is the second book in the House of Haverstock series I haven't read the first book Lady by Chance but still I didn't feel as if I had missed anything when I picked this second book to readI loved the cover especially the red gown and the blurb too had me sitting up and taking notice These two initial things made me reuest this book to review and I am so happy that I didThe plot is well conceived and executed The settings are admirably brought alive in the book and I could visualize the magnificence of the Duke's houses and the elegance of the ladies' gowns The characters are likable people who are realistically sketched in all their not so perfect glory and made me imagine them successfully in my mindThe author's writing style is simple and engrossing She describes the dilemmas and emotions of the characters through engaging dialogues I connected with Elizabeth and her trials and tribulations I loved Anna Clair Lydia Haverstock Aldridge and almost all the characters in the book and would love to meet them again in the author's other books in this seriesI read this book in one sitting and enjoyed my travel to the regency era immensely The only place where I think some improvement could be done was the ending The end trial with the Contessa looked hurriedly wrapped The solution came out of nowhere and had me uestioning that if the hero already knew of this way to solve the problem then why did he go along for so long? You will understand what I am talking about when you read the bookAnyhow this is nothing major and doesn't daunt the overall enjoyment of the book After spending an enjoyable afternoon with Duchess by Mistake I give it 4 out of 5 and recommend it all lovers of historical romance I liked Cheryl's writing style and hope to read from her in the future and wish her luckI received the book from the author and the tour organizers and I am very thankful to them The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced Philip Ponsby better known as Aldridge since he was the duke of Aldridge was back in England after five years of gallivanting around Europe sowing his oats so to speak and most recently sowing them with Contessa Savatini who looked much like the woman he lost in marriage to his best friend many years backNow back in England at 32 he wants to take the reins of his dukedom seriously and just possibly make a difference against the monster Napoleon Napoleon was trolling Europe conuering lands creating ever greater armies Not would stop him but force backed by money and plenty of it Determined to use his talent at the Foreign Office and the House of Lords he energetically reintroduced himself into the society he left five years previous to make a difference for his country Would he be successful?Lady Elizabeth Upton had swallowed the pain of unreuited love with a young captain who went off to war one who never wrote a letter When her brother Captain James had reuested her to check on the widow of one of his friends who served with him and died she helped as she could and had the brilliant idea of helping than just this one widow if she could find them a place to stay This idea of compassion for others and the need to solve it my dear reader changed Lady Elizabeth’s life overnight It also changed the duke of Aldridge’sCaught in an uncompromising position all Aldridge’s fault he asked her brother for her hand She realized if she didn’t accept the proposal her good name would be ruined The marriage was very polite very correct and very dry Oh one point here they were very compatible in bed so much so Philip did not think of having a mistress as titled men were oft to do His heart wasn’t engaged That being said remember that appearances are not what they always seemThe problem with this marriage was deliciously ironic They had it all the perfect marriage the correct partner wealth but they weren’t willing to let the smoldering kindle ignite the heart Each started falling in love with the other yet neither dare utter the important words which change everything How could they since neither wanted to be the fool finding their love unreciprocated?We can take away from this story some very important thoughts◾Don’t be afraid to express how you feel you may lose everything you have ever wanted◾Giving is satisfying and gratifying than receiving◾Not everything is as it appears Assuming may create hurt◾Be sure if you don't get who your heart wants don’t connect with another just because of the similarity of build and appearances It is a recipe for disaster as our lovely hero and heroine find outCheryl Bolen paints this lovely regency read with turmoil of the heart hidden inner conflict and anguish of a significant degree which strengthen both Philip and Elizabeth Perhaps that is the cruelest of pains and then the most beneficial Having had her heart broken Lady Elizabeth Upton vows to remain a spinster After receiving a letter from her brother who is a solider asking her to check on the widow child of a fallen solider Lady Elizabeth sees a need for a home for war widows a project she throws herself into After finding a home that belongs to the Duke of Aldridge her brother's best friend her childhood crush she takes it upon herself to visit the Duke ask him to donate it to her cause Philip Ponsby the Duke of Aldridge has returned to England after a long absence His first night home he instructs his butler that there will be a woman arriving to send her directly to his room However he was not expecting the woman who showed up at the exact time he is rising from his bathLady Elizabeth Upton the younger sister of his best friend Charles Upton the Maruess of HaverstockLady Elizabeth walks in on the Duke of Aldridge as she turns to hurry from the room she is caught by her brother As Philip Charles discuss the honorably thing to do in this circumstance Philip comes to realize that he must eventually settle down sire an heir what better lady than the sister of his best friend However Elizabeth refuses his reuest of marriage After visiting the home that she wants for the war widows discussions with her sister sister in law she comes to realize the good that she can do for the widows if she married Philip plus part of her still adores himOnce married they each throw themselves into their individual responsibilitieshis getting the tax bill passed for better war supplies hers finding the war widows from her brothers unit getting them placed into their new home graciously donated by Philip Suddenly Philip's former lover the solider who broke Elizabeth's heart show up in town Can Philip Elizabeth overcome the distance created by the time spent apart while Philip has been working on the tax bill and the reappearance of people from their past?I won this copy of Cheryl Bolen's cannot say enough good things about it Ms Bolen has been a favorite author of mine for uite some time she proves what a wonderful author this is with another great book Can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend it I also recommend reading the first book in the series Lady by Chance you won't be disappointed The Duke of Aldridge offers for Lady Elizabeth Upton his best friend's sister after a mix up sends her to his bedchamber just when he emerges from his bath Her scandalous behavior would shame her dear brother the Maruess of Haverstock She agrees to marry her childhood heart throb but former loves threaten to destroy their fragile marriage COULD HAVE BEEN 5 STARS INSTEAD OF 3Duchess by Mistake is the story of Philip Ponsby 5th Duke of Aldridge and Lady Elizabeth Haverstock Philip has just returned to London from 5 year of living in Italy He orders a bath and as he is stepping out of the bath when Elizabeth enters and see him in his birthday suite She was lead to the Dukes private chambers by mistakesNow Elizabeth is compromised and must marry Philip Philips best friend is the Maruess of Haverstock and Elizabeth's brother Philip and Charles have been BF's since they were children Charles witness the mishap between Philip and his sister Elizabeth But his very glad to have Philip as his new brother The marriage takes place and they are off to building a good relationshipThe story is well written and Cheryl Bolen is right on with her description of Dukes Duchess and the other Lord and Lady's of Ton She is spot on I was glad to see an author who knew how to write Titled people of this era in time My problem is I don't think the story on a whole fits in the Historical Romance genre The entire book is absent of Romance between the couple Romance includes loving making between a husband and wife but there isn't any in this story Its implied that they had a passionate night but that's not romance The author doesn't have to do over the top sex scene but a few are necessary for romance The other reason I am giving Duchess By Mistake 3 stars instead of 4 is becasue very close to the ending we get the very unnecessary and worn out misunderstanding between Philip and Elizabeth I guess Ms Bolen was short on word count so she through in Philip's ex Mistress the Countess Savatini and the old bow of Elizabeth's Capt Smythe The HH now believes each is in love with there former acuaintance's This has nothing to do with the story at all so why mess it up and put it in the story?? Can we Say Word Count Something Romantic and sensual between Philip and Elizabeth would have been suited toward the end I want to beg all authors to please stop with the Misunderstanding Scenario Try Communication relationship building and honesty between the HH couples This is a delightful little story I truly enjoyed it The hero is a duke who's been in Italy for several years and has finally returned to England to take up his duties He intends to take up his seat in Parliament volunteer his talents at the Foreign Office and in his spare time he supposes he ought to see about acuiring an heir Which means he needs a wife The heroine is the hero's best friend's sister She had a crush on the hero backalong but when he left for Italy she finished growing up and transferred her crush to a handsome captain who left her high and dry when he went off to fight the war At 21 she's decided she won't ever get a proposal so she'll do good works A brother has asked her to look in on the widow of one of his fellow officers and the heroine has decided to take on the cause of these near destitute families So she goes traipsing off to ask the hero for the use of one of his big rent houses Through a series of misstatements coincidence and a deaf butler the heroine walks in on the hero in his bath and her brother catches her coming out again And we're offThe story has one of my favorite historical romance plots the marriage of convenience The couple walks into it eyes open and admitting they don't love each other and then we get to watch things change This isn't a long story nor is it full of steamy love scenes Sex takes place behind closed doors but it is obvious the hero and heroine aren't just holding hands on their honeymoon Bolen obviously did her research homework but she doesn't bash you over the head with it It's just a lovely entertaining story Disclosure Cheryl is a friend of mine like many other authors on GoodReads and she sent me a copy of her book when I offered to review it I knew I would like it before I read it because I always like Cheryl's stuff A love story for all timeCheryl Bolen is an extraordinary author of Recency romance This is the 2nd in this series I have read this week I am off to to purchase the 3rdThis book is a brilliant take on Regency s the war with Napoleon and British politics Although our cultures have loosened overall we still address many of the same issues today How do we address payment for defense? What about the families over those lost in war? What is honor? How do we make these difficult decisions and how do we pay for themThis is all intertwined with a lovely romance and humor The characters are fully developed and plot excellently writtenAs I said I liked it so much I am off to purchase another in this series This was okay but it really did not keep the essence of a regency romance novel I found too much modern aspects to really enjoy the storyline Where is Jane Austen when you need her? Ugh I could strangle the authorOverall this was an enjoyable book However the end of the book was rushed and primary and secondary characters were left with unfinished business SPOILERAlso I was so angry about the ending He leads his wife hisher family and the ton to believe he is having an affair with his mistress To which he publicly humiliated his wife Just after humiliating her he tells her the reasoning behind his actions Miraculously she forgives him immediately and states she understands and tells him not to worry What a joke I enjoyed this book until the end As a result I am not uite sure it is worth the money It is a shame for I enjoyed the characters and the setting but the rushed ending ruined the entire book

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