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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Italian's Token Wife Harleuin Presents
  • Julia James
  • English
  • 12 August 2016
  • 9780373124404

10 thoughts on “The Italian's Token Wife Harleuin Presents

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    This hero marries virgin single mom Cinderella in order to take over the company from his father He has the added bonus of marrying someone so inappropriate it will make his father angry The hero really doesn't understand just what a vile pit of voles he is throwing the heroine into until he overhears his father berating the heroine in the worst possible way Because of the incident the hero goes out of his way to be kind to the heroine taking her for a makeover touring her around Tuscany and bonding with her little boy Soon the Hh are sleeping together after the heroine explains that the boy is her friend's from the orphanage who died of cancer When the OW swoops in on her broom with a made up story about the hero's father on his deathbed the hero having a change of heart about the heroine and a hefty check signed by the hero to back it all up the heroine flees to England to a dreary caravan park on the sea There the hero finds her a few weeks later and declares his love HEAAs you can see this has everything you need in a one stop HP Orphans dingy bed sits Cinderellas makeovers jovial house servants unfair accusations an evil OW and a father who finally comes around when he sees the hero's distress at losing his true love This is perfect for a rainy afternoon

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    Heroine is an orphan a poor bathroom cleaner who is raising her baby alone Hero needs a wife so as to take control of his father's company He proposes a marriage for a huge sum of money that would provide a good life for her and her son After her makeover hero realizes Magda is not so plain and he can't resist his wife in name only Very emotional very touching love story Heroine is the epitome of kindness and goodness so sweet and warm I wanted to put her in my pocket Hero was a very arrogant but sexy Italian He sure had a way with words Other woman and hero's father were evil and hateful they brought delicious angst

  3. Naksed Naksed says:

    Saccharine sweet Harleuin marriage of convenience story complete with suave Italian tycoon ugly duckling to swan transformation and a nasty Disney villain of an OW All set among the opulent magnificence of the Tuscan countryside Who could ask for ?

  4. Brenda Brenda says:

    45 starsA very beautiful and touching story Was in tears many times in the first part of the book My heart really went out to Magda for the sacrifices she had to make for that little child who turns out wasn't her own the kind of poverty she was living in because of him Yet in spite of all the hardships Magda was a very strong heroine as well as sweet and compassionate Which is why Rafaello deliberately presenting her in her poor shabby state to his father felt very cruel He was only thinking about angering his father for giving him no choice but to marry by his thirtieth birthday if he wanted to head the business he'd slogged his arse off He hadn't anticipated his father taking out his anger out on her I liked that she let Rafaello know that she didn't deserve the hostility she was getting from his folksHe caught her arm 'You must take no notice of Lucia She is bitter and angry She lashed out at you That is all'Thank you—but I prefer not to be lashed out at in the first place You and your cousin know nothing of me or my circumstances—or my son'sHis face darkened at her retort 'I know that a young girl with a baby and no man to support it means that you were at the very least careless about who you chose to sleep withHer expression stiffened 'I think I was careless Mr di Viscenti about whom I chose to marry yesterday morning I definitely should have checked out your charming relationsHowever the venom that his father directly unleashed on her was heartbreaking Loved that scene at the breakfast table You could feel her pain there as she sat numbed barely registering what was going on and also Rafaello's guilt remorse and despair wanting to do something to ease her pain but completely clueless what to do I liked his transformation thereafter How he didn't like what he saw of himself through her eyes how good and kind he was to her and was also amused at how he kept reminding himself that the child's name is Benjy to avoid Magda pulling him up for not calling the child by his name I also liked how he bonded with Benjy who was such an adorable totI also liked the gradual development of feelings and love between H h They didn't start panting for each other from the very first moment they met The book had everything I liked an extremely likeable hero heroine a MOC with an adorable toddler in the mix steamy sex scenes deep emotions angst brought on by hero's father and OW also family dynamics especially how Rafaello's aunt uncle staff started by being wary about heroine to completely fond of her and Benjy I would've liked Rafael's father apologizing and making peace with Madga instead of Rafael telling Madga that he'd changed towards her and the book ending with an epilogueOverall a beautiful story

  5. SandraIsAMoodyCowWhenSheCan& SandraIsAMoodyCowWhenSheCan& says:

    This was venturing towards a 5 star read Then came the Maybelline moment and it kind of slipped a little for meH and h were my favourite type of stereotypes A gorgeous arrogant driven Italian who could see no further than his own tunnel vision of taking the family business international His father is an asshole who just wants to show him up and prove who is the real head of the family H is told to get married before his thirtieth birthday or the family business will be sold The only person who could agree to this sham marriage is his OW cousin a shrew he despises and his father adoresH meets the h a cleaner at his apartment and realises she is the solution to his problem with the welcome bonus that she is the total opposite of what his father would want as a daughter in law someone who cleans the toilets of the rich a poor plain unmarried mother who has probably slept around and may not even know who the father of her baby isHe is brutal in his mental assessment of her though he keeps his thoughts private She cringes as she guesses some of his thoughts and attempts to run away at first sight instead of doing the usual heroine melting syndrome But he shrewdly offers a logical solution to her situation a much better life for her baby if she becomes his wife for a few months She has the presence of mind and the moral backbone to reject his proposal but he persists and finally she accepts I love that the author kept up the non romantic nature of their relationship for a while so we get vivid insights into their character and what makes them tick for her her baby and nothing else for him to not let his overbearing father undermine what he has worked so hard for She is pragmatic about the marriage her circumstances and her attractiveness I realise I love me a pragmatic heroine need to find of those and though conscious of her status as lowest of the low takes pride in her work and life choices has no self indulgent martyr like self pity and though is mostly reticent speaks up for herself when she feels she’s been wronged Those were the best moments I adored herThere is a good supporting cast of a housekeeper aunt uncle amidst the explosive showdowns with the father and confrontations with the OW The story is fleshed out beautifully with both H and h realising they may have bitten off than they can chew and need to find a way to live with each other Then came the cringe worthy Maybelline moment The author does a great POV for the H but there was one point where I would have preferred not to be privy to his thoughts view spoiler The author makes it uite clear that the heroine is a plain Jane mostly because of her circumstances The H sends her for a makeover after which he gushes to himself about how beautiful she is and seems to fall hard for her So essentially she wasn’t born with it it was definitely “Maybelline” He did realise before that she was intelligent and slender beneath her shapeless clothes but I don’t think he even noticed the colour of her eyes I needed acknowledgement of her inner beauty and it did happen but post makeover I could only think hmmm she had better keep up her appointments for those highlights and facials hide spoiler

  6. Vintage Vintage says:

    Well that was just sweet as all get out Magda is a poor downtrodden cleaner with a small toddler to raise Rafaello confronted by his father's ultimatum does what any sane man does marries the first woman he seesPoor Magda is so mousy she's beyond plain There is a little cruelty that was uite well written then a nice makeover Who doesn't like makeover I know I want one especially if it leaves people gaspingRaphaello is somewhat of an asshat but sees his own shortcomings and is horrified at his own behavior a rarity in Harley landGuess what? The live HEANice seduction scene

  7. Mou Mou says:

    35 starsIt was good One of the things I liked about this book was that the couple never pretended that it was not a marriage of convenience in front of others which was not so common in HPLandia Except that we got a single mother virgin bride a billionaire alpha hero a cute toddler angry father in law Evil OW a supportive aunt with eually supportive servants a little bit of secret and a Tuscany countryside romantic set up In short this book is full of typical HP flavor

  8. Puna Puna says:

    This was a truly sad book The hero was a cold hearted manipulator who cared about nothing but making a point to his eually cold hearted and manipulative father I kept reading hoping he would redeem himself but it just never happened He spent 23 of the book looking down waaayyyy down on the perfect selfless virgin martyr doormat of a 'heroine' He thought nothing of his treatment of her until his father repeated all the nastiness the 'hero' said about the heroine to her face He then decided to give her a full skin hair wardrobe makeover suddenly he saw her as something other then street trash She was transformed from that poor scrawny unlovely creature whom no man would look at once let alone twice into somethingsomeone who would turn heads wherever she went Gag me After treating her with no care suddenly he wants her and the stupid girl doesn't think for a second 'so I wasn't good enough for him to even be NICE to before but now' Bad bad book

  9. Becky Becky says:

    I often like Julia James but this was just a caricature of extremes The depictions of heroine's unattractiveness were overdone and depressing Heroine's sainthood and makeover were both extreme and highly unrealistic True love lies in a box of hair color? 2 stars only for Rafaello's guilt and the angst of Magda's suffering begging food for her baby from the housekeeper The love was not at all real or believable and his response to her big secret was so creepy it actually made me feel unclean to read it

  10. Aou Aou says:

    One of my favorite plots but before makeover no chemistry and after incredibly strong chemistry? Not liked it

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The Italian's Token Wife Harleuin Presents Italian millionaire Rafaello di Viscenti vows to marry the first woman he sees who just happens to be MagdaShe's been desperately trying to make ends meet by cleaning Rafaello's house His proposal of marriage comes with a large financial reward all she has to do is spend six months as Rafaello's wife in name onlyBut though Rafaello hadn't planned on sleeping with his new wifehe can't resist her

About the Author: Julia James

Julia lives in England with her family Mills and Boon novels were Julia's first grown up books she read as a teenager Alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier and she's been reading them ever sinceJulia adores the English countryside And the Celtic countryside in all its seasons and is fascinated by all things historical from castles to cottages She also has a special lov