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卒業生 春 Sólo uedan unos días para el examen de Sajô De vuelta del instituto Kusakabe le sugiere formalizar aún más su relación pero Sajô rechaza la idea y acaban peleados Sin ue les dé tiempo a reconciliarse Sajô se encamina a Kioto donde para su sorpresa le espera Kusakabe Allí pasan su primera noche a solas Pero tras ella llega la hora de enfrentarse a lo inevitable El día de la ceremonia de graduación en auella misma clase donde se conocieron Sajô y Kusakabe habrán de tomar una decisión sobre su futuro

  • 200 pages
  • 卒業生 春
  • Asumiko Nakamura
  • Spanish
  • 28 August 2014

About the Author: Asumiko Nakamura

中村明日美子 is a Japanese manga artistBorn in 1979 she is one of Japan's hidden gems The artist has penned a lot of titles since 2002 and has reached critical acclaim for her sensitive protrayals of romantic narratives featuring a wide range of characters men and women young and old Nakamura has worked in a range of genres for an eually broad range of audinces winning recognition in almost every category

10 thoughts on “卒業生 春

  1. Cristina Cristina says:

    Wonderful utterly wonderfulAsumiko Nakamura's final volume in the Classmates series Sotsu gyo sei gives us a glimpse into the future of her characters with Sajo and Kusakabe now facing their lives and relationship after finishing high schoolThere's something really special and uniue about this series the drawings so unusual and evocative the characters who are well rounded and human in their flaws and fears and its general atmosphere of gentle beauty I'm now looking forward to reading the OB volumes and Sora to Hara Very highly recommended

  2. Wiz Wiz says:

    Bitter sweet beautiful series from start to finish I was hooked Watched the anime and then read the first volume at the time I had no idea it was a whole series but man am I glad I found out about it I love how youthful and refreshing these two are and how they come from completely different worlds but managed to fall in love with each other Could reread this a million times 💗

  3. Sherry Sherry says:

    I really really love how this story ended Hara sensei finally got pushed to the background Sajo and Kusakabe are figuring out their professional and personal future together There was of course a bit of struggling they had to do but they talked about it view spoilerand got their happy end There even was a positive coming out experience when Sajo told his mother about Kusakabe hide spoiler

  4. Flor Flor says:

    # crying rainbows

  5. Jo Jo says:

    cutest sh#t ever

  6. Sherry Sherry says:

    I'm not crying T^T this was so beautiful

  7. Jillian -always aspiring- Jillian -always aspiring- says:

    This series was just really refreshing and vibrant in many ways I liked following the journey of these two young men as they decide what they want out of life and what they need from each other It’s a very poignant series

  8. Julie Julie says:

    The teacher's still a creep but ahhh I loved it what a good ending

  9. Carla Carla says:

    It's you you are my first love

  10. H.K. H.K. says:

    Ahh so cuteI love this series These two young men are so adorable and their love is touching and effortless I can’t recommend this story enough

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