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The Impossible David Lynch Film and Culture Todd McGowan launches a provocative exploration of weirdness and fantasy in David Lynch's groundbreaking oeuvre He studies Lynch's talent for blending the bizarre and the normal to emphasize the odd nature of normality itself Hollywood is often criticized for distorting reality and providing escapist fantasies but in Lynch's movies fantasy becomes a means through which the viewer is encouraged to build a revolutionary relationship with the worldConsidering the filmmaker's entire career McGowan examines Lynch's play with fantasy and traces the political cultural and existential impact of his uniue style Each chapter discusses the idea of impossibility in one of Lynch's films including the critically acclaimed Blue Velvet and The Elephant Man; the densely plotted Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive; the cult favorite Eraserhead; and the commercially unsuccessful Dune McGowan engages with theorists from the golden age of film studies Christian Metz Laura Mulvey and Jean Louis Baudry and with the thought of Sigmund Freud Jacues Lacan and Hegel By using Lynch's weirdness as a point of departure McGowan adds a new dimension to the field of auteur studies and reveals Lynch to be the source of a new and radical conception of fantasy Nowadays I just find it amusing to listen toread someone's analysis of Lynch's films In my opinion reading David Foster Wallace's thoughts on what is truly Lynchian is probably good enough for me Mcgowan's book chronologically runs through an interpretation of almost every Lynch project at least his full length studio pictures anyway For the most part it's a psychological reading of his films largely from the academic perspective of a strict Lacanian which makes it sound almost like a sub par version of Zizek's essay on Lost Highway To be honest I'm all for intellectual acrobats sometimes but this book just sounds irrelevant Not to mention the fact that the whole unfulfilled desirefantasy demarcation is very much apparent in most of Lynch's films In example with reference to Mulholland Drive even though all of Lynch's films are open to myriad interpretations it's pretty fucking obvious that the first half of the film is Diane's dream wish fulfillment of her relationship with Rita of course there are even some holes in that and the second part of the film is the cold reality in which she has been completely fucked over thus her desire is unfulfilled For an author to touch this ostensible dynamic up with a bunch of fodder from Lacan's seminars is just cheap film theory in my opinion Aside from that there are so many tiny ambiguous details contained within Lynch's films that they almost seem to evade any sort of theoretical interpretation I guess it's my own fault for reading this book in the first place Such a shame too because the cover of this book is breathtaking I mean the title in itself is complete bullshit the Impossible David Lynch? If you thought that he was such an impossible filmmaker then why did you attempt an in depth study of his works? در هر فصل این کتاب که به فارسی با نام سینمای دیوید لینچ ترجمه شده است، فیلمهای این کارگردان هر کدام در فصلی جداگانه از دید روانشناختی بررسی شده استچیزی که در همه فیلمها جلوه دارد فانتزی در برابر میل است جهان فانتزی و ترومای موجود در فانتزی که لینچ توصیه به مواجهه با آن دارد ، مایه اصلی این فیلمهاست If you're a fan of David Lynch then you must read this book in a word it is a stunning piece of erudition and theoretical thinking The best academic book on Lynch yet to published

  • Paperback
  • 265 pages
  • The Impossible David Lynch Film and Culture
  • Todd McGowan
  • English
  • 08 April 2015
  • 9780231139557

About the Author: Todd McGowan

Todd McGowan is Associate Professor of Film at the University of Vermont US He is the author of The Fictional Christopher Nolan 2012 Out of Time Desire in Atemporal Cinema 2011 The Impossible David Lynch 2007 The Real Gaze Film Theory After Lacan 2007 and other books

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