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There’s A Devil Watching Over You Free Original Story NoveletteWith When the Heavens Fall set for release in May author Marc Turner sets the stage for his epic fantasy debut in “There’s a Devil Watching Over You” a short story set in the turbulent world of the novelSafiya and her fellow bandits thought they had found an easy mark but they uickly learned that they picked the worst possible victim Now Luker Essendar one of the warrior Guardians of Erin Elal is after them and his relentless pursuit is driving the bandits toward an abandoned fort—one that appears strewn with evidence of a terrible battle But nothing is exactly as it seemsThe story has also been narrated by Emma Newman You can listen to it free here Read this ahead of the two main novels which I picked up a while agoIt's a short story with a nice sense of place and person; the action is a bit vague but the magic seems interesting as far as that goesNot a lot to it but it is a free short story so I suppose there doesn't need to be Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews Free novelette from Marc Turner author of When the Heavens FallA group of bandits find themselves turned from predators into prey when their intended victim turns out to be a Guardian of Erin Elal Fleeing through the dark forest the survivors desperately take refuge in an abandoned fort that seems to promise safety but uickly the bandit Safiya wonders if they might have made a terrible mistake in coming hereMoody setting Suspenseful Great characterization Humor And my favorite Guardian of Erin Ela Luker Essendar in action All combined into a nice short self contained story that I was able to digest over lunch Needless to say I really enjoyed this one from start to finish Sure it helped that I just finished the novel but there is nothing included here that reuires you to be familiar with the ongoing series Just go find it and sit back and enjoy a rousing fantasy tale involving bandits a Guardian and a surprise visitor to their little party A ten minute short story about luckless bandit Safiya dealing with than she can handle when her crew tries to rob an ex Guardian who himself is on a hunting mission Story itself serves as a glance to one of Lurker's side missions it doesn't necessarily add anything to main story nor characterization but I think that wasn't author's intention in the first place It simply is there Exists Free for anyone interested to read of Turner's world After reading Marc Turner's The Greater of Two Evils from Evil is a Matter of Perspective I knew I should bump his books up It was one of best short stories that I've ever read He Brought every aspect of writing a short story to perfection and it was lots of fun with water mages in the high seas There’s A Devil Watching Over You has a smaller scale and has less action but it's well written has a very good structure and it's witty A very good short story and it has great narration by Emma Newman4255A free link to the audiobook

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  • 20 pages
  • There’s A Devil Watching Over You
  • Marc Turner
  • English
  • 04 August 2016

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