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Animals Other Love Songs This is a poetry book slightly different from the usual Through the pages of this book the author writes about love and loss with the special care to join the emotional sentimental and physical dimensions of love taking the reader across a uniue journeyCalling for senses emotion and mind to a space that calls back remembers and offers what is already sleeping within the readers and all the intensity of love Armando Halpern currently living close to London is the editor of the well known magazine Ariadne's Thread wwwariadnethreadnet having previously published in paper format a Novel a collection of short stories and poems and articles in Portuguese Newspapers This is his first book published in English

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  1. Armando Halpern Armando Halpern says:

    I'm probably a bit biased on adding 5 stars to my own book but I'm doing nothing than the great reviews I got in

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