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The Productive Academic Writer While it gets deeper into some interesting ideas mostly taken from other popular titles in the same segment I am afraid to say that I couldn't find any new ideas as to how you as an academic reader can promote and enhance your academic writing beyond what others are already doing time optimisation freuent writing training stress management and so on I would only recommend it for a reader starting to get familiar with the topic but definitely not for a experienced reader with a clear opinion formed on the subject and looking for fresh ideas to complement what heshe has already heard or red in this regard So I find it difficult to write everyday as I always find something else that needs to be done right now Completing my dissertation has become a chore I've researched read books made notes on academic articles and even finished a pilot study Now to compile it all in a document and prepare it for publication This guide helped breakdown the process and give ideas on how to work daily towards completion Please note that I read this book for free using my kindle unlimited The author makes some good points but the book is too terse and lacking details in many places Wordiness and a few grammatical mistakes in a book on writing are bothersome Despite this the material is relevant and usefulI would suggest How to Write a Lot as a comprehensive and also brief resource on productive academic writing Nothing new here but useful when needing a boost to keep writing There are plenty books on the market telling the would be author academic or otherwise how to write with clarity and grammatical precision There are fewer books dealing with the issue of how to get motivated to write in the first place That's why The Productive Academic Writer is so useful for it provides sound advice which if followed is sure to make the would be writer disciplined and productiveAlthough this book is primarily written for people in academia where one's job often depends on written productivity anyone who writes a lot whether as an avocation or a career will benefit from its adviceDr Doug Erlandson Top 50 Reviewer Are you an academic feeling stressed out because of the increasing demands placed upon you to work harder and produce If so you are not alone The intense pressure of graduate post doctoral study and early career academia leading to mental health problems is now well known Publish or perish Have you had the excruciating experience of sitting in front of the computer and staring at the monitor hoping that words would start appearing magically forming sentences and paragraphs Have you ever given up after starting a manuscript resigning to the idea that you just don’t have enough time to complete it now but that you will come back to it later which never happened Having played the role of a student post doc researcher research faculty member author reviewer and editor Kasthurirangan Rangan Gopalakrishnan PhD fully understands and empathizes with the struggles and pleasures of academic work In this book his goal is to assist you to to do what you are already doing effectively and efficiently with minimal stress and possibly to identify and eliminate those activities and habits that interfere with your academic writing productivity You are invited to learn and explore how to Overcome your limiting beliefs and dismantle common myths about writing that can interfere with your productivity Set SMART goals Develop a weekly plan and daily To Do lists that puts writing as one of the topmost priorities Use freewriting techniue to write a lot and produce the messy first draft Use writing to stimulate your critical thinking Set a timer while you write and monitor your daily output to improve your productivity Use an accountability mechanism suited for you to overcome feelings of isolation exchange and learn new ideas socialize and connect with other writers

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