2027 A Near Future Fantasy 2027 Near future feminization

2027 A Near Future Fantasy 2027 Near future feminization Book 1 35 fantasy femdom starsWhat a uniue and intriguing concept Krudo's to the author for going where no one has gone before least not that I have encountered The way the stage has been set is wonderful and I am looking forward to continuing with the series I rounded down rather than up as the way the story was told lacked feeling for me The main character is an observer for most of the story So the reader witnesses what the sissy's experience via the story teller which left me feeling indifferent as I didn't know if they 'felt' humiliated aroused pained or otherwise For a debut novel it is still very good and I would definitely recommend itIn my humble opinion the author would benefit greatly by having a beta reader or two andor at the very least a proof reader 2027 A Near Future Fantasy is as the cover will tell you a strap on femdom and feminization fantasy from the future In fact Samantha Sheridan has crafted a lengthy prologue that explains just how and why we arrived a such a future where sexual values and gender politics have been turned on their headThis is a future where men willingly become crossdressing sissies hoping to attract a woman who can take care of them and where women roam the clubs and bars with a strap on secured around their waist A nightmare for most but a fetish fueled fantasy for the rest of us this is a world where the sissyhunters and sissychasers have all the powerThanks to Sheridan we get to experience this new world through the eyes of one Mr Williams a lonely personal assistant out of town on a training seminar and eager to get his first taste of the strap on scene It is a scene that proves to far wilder and far wanton than he could have anticipated but I will leave the details for you to discoverNeedless to say if you are hungry to see eager sissies getting used at both ends pulling strap on trains and being molested in public then you should do your research now and make sure you are ready for 2027 when it arrives As reviewed by Sally at Bending the Bookshelf For adults only Part one of a planned series of feminization fantasies Gender role reversal gender flip erotica sissification and strap on The year is 2027 Socio economic cultural and technological changes have conspired to change gender relationships fundamentally The effects are far reaching and unexpected One change is the rise of the strap on dating scene and the birth of underground strap on singles nights So put on your best sissy outfit and head on down to The Powerdrive Club But make sure you know what you are getting in to

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