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Every Choice Every Series #2 RedRed is everywhereNot just red bloodBlood is everywhereIt is all over meCassie Whitlock has relived that day countless times in her dreams for the past four years It left than just physical scars it has caused her to close herself off to everyone She no longer believes in love Love only ends in pain That’s why when she meets Luca she is surprised by the immediate and undeniable attraction between them She doesn’t want complicated and she knows he’s about to make everything complicated As their lives become intertwined it becomes harder to hide her secrets and harder to resist him but when she discovers he has secrets of his own she begins to uestion everything Cassie has to make a choice hold on to the ghosts of her past or be brave enough to imagine a futureCan be read as a standaloneIntended for mature audiences 18

About the Author: Samantha Rey


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  1. Carolina Godinho Carolina Godinho says:

    was given an ARC in exchange of a honest reviewI´m so happy I chose this book at netgalley to reuest because I chose for the wrong reason hahaha but it turned out being a right choiceI chose because of the couple on the cover I love Obsidian and I think all the new adults fans knows that the cover couple are the same and every time I see a book with that couple on the cover I want to read it hahaha Oh yeah color me crazy But as I said before I loved this book so it was all goodCassie Whitlock has lived in a nightmare for four years she´s closed off to everything and everyone even her best friend LondonLuca Santoro is the blip on her radar after all those years of numbness He is the tall handsome and dark man the mother warns their daughters about And Cassie it is warned to steer clear from him even from Luca himselfBut she can´t seem to stay away au contraire she´s drawn to him like a moth to the flamebut Luca has his own reasons to keep Cassie at arm´s length he´s just as fucked up as Cassie but while he´s pushing Cassie to open up for him he´s as closed off as ever And that tear them apart and almost send Cassie into darkness and numbness againI loved this book Cassie is a broken woman but she keeps going with her life most for the sake of the people around her who loves her than for herselfAnd is this love for the others who makes her strong though fragileLuca is an asshole at beginning but he redeemed himself through the book Though I was really mad at him when he kept hiding stuff from Cassie when he was so adamant about her opening up for him so they could have a chanceEu fiuei muito feliz de ter escolhido esse livro no netgalley pois eu o escolhi pelos motivos errados mas acabou sendo a escolha certa Eu o escolhi por causa do casal na capa eu amo Obsidian e acredito ue todos os fãs de NA sabem ue o casal na capa é o mesmo na capa da série Lux E toda vez ue eu vejo um livro com o mesmo casal na capa eu uero ler rsrsrs É pode me chamar de doida Mas como eu disse anteriormente eu amei o livro então tudo acabou bemCassie Whitlock tem vivido um pesadelo pelos último uatro anos e se fechou para tudo e para todos inclusive pra sua melhor amiga LondonLuca Santoro é o blip no radar dela depois desses anos de dormência Ele é o no alto bonito e sensual ue as mães costumavam advertir suas filhas para ue elas possam ficar longe dele E Cassie é avisada pra ficar longe dele por várias pessoas inclusive o próprio LucaMas ela parece não conseguir ficar longe dele pelo é atraída por ele como uma mariposa é atraída pelo fogoLuca tem seus próprios motivos pra manter Cassie à distância Ele é tão cheio de cicatrizes uanto ela mas ele continua fazendo com ue Cassie se abra pra ele enuanto ue continua tão fechado como sempre E isso é o ue acaba por separá los e uase manda Cassie de volta para o mundo de escuridão e dormência em ue ela vivia antesEu amei esse livro Cassie é uma mulher traumatizada mas ela continua seguindo em frente mais por causa pelo bem das pessoas ao redor dela e ue a amam do ue por si mesma E é esse amor pelo próximo ue a faz forte embora fracaLuca é um babaca no começo do livro mas acaba se redimindo Porém eu tive muita raiva dele uando ele continou escondendo seu passado de Cassie mesmo tendo sido tão firme uanto à necesseidade de Cassie se abrir pra ele para ue a relação deles pudesse seguir em frente

  2. Tbird London Tbird London says:

    Wow this was an intense read; I already feel a book hangover starting The author is going to take you on a path of twist and turns and discoveries that will rip your heart out and leave you breathless It starts out as an average college story one night stands girl meets bad boy friends try to talk her out of going after bad boy but shortly after the first few chapters something changes and you are thrown into the depths of the hell that Cassie and Luca have lived during the last few years The story goes from entertaining to meaningful right before your eyes and you are so invested by the time you realize it there is no turning back for the reader In one night the loving home and charmed life that Cassie had grown up in becomes dark and destroyed Her world will never be the same again and the only way she knew how to deal was to deny ignore and have sex with any man she could to feel something for a few minutes before the numbness took over again She is in college and living with her two best friends London and Milo You will love those two Milo brings light and laughter to the story London deserves sainthood with her patience and compassion London knows the secret Cassie holds she has felt the pain of the last four years and focused her attention on keeping Cassie safe and going forward Cassie sees Luca at a party and decides that night should be spent having hot sex with him but he turns her down He instantly sees what Cassie is hiding behind the cold exterior of her heart and he wants no part of her plan Luca might appear to be the bad boy with a terrible reputation but in reality he is just as torn up with events in his life as Cassie Maybe that is why he could identify the mask she was wearing because he had one of his own Or could it be he was afraid that she might become than a one night stand? When he moves in next door to her they begin a cat and mouse game trying to make the other jealous enough to give in and beg for sex It was a safe game they thought because both were too stubborn to wave the white flag and admit defeat It was endearing to watch him with her and as the events continued to unfold I found I was falling in love with his character than I even thought was possible There are times in this story that will have you on your knees overcome with raw emotions as Cassie faces the reality of what was left behind after that dreadful night Moments that will melt your heart as both Luca and Cassie take a risk at trust again and events that will make you value the love you have in your own life even There are so many ups and downs with this story that will keep the reader turning pages in order to see if they will find their happy The writing style is smooth the action is balanced and the author truly invited the readers to care about these characters I would recommend this book and say I will be looking for work from this author in the future

  3. Red Cheeks Reads Red Cheeks Reads says:

    I’m always really dubious about going into stories where both protagonists are harbouring secrets of some kind as my head likes to dive ahead of the game and conjure up ridiculous scenarios as to what it is they’re actually hiding I was dubious but eager with Every Choice as I was whisked along on a plot of heavy emotions past tragedies and incredible courageI found the first part of the book to be uite funny as Cassie our stunning confident vixen and Luca our sexy arrogant alpha became embroiled in a war of sorts as their initial meeting at a college party didn’t go as planned It felt fun and light and entertaining and than once I had a wry grin on my face whilst reading it but there was some undercurrent running through the dialogue or the scene that always left you with the impression that both Cassie and Luca were hiding slightly darker depths than their carefree and frivolous smiles demonstrated ‘“I’m not going to have sex with you tonight” I must have looked as shocked as I felt because his lip twitched If he wasn’t going to fuck me then what was I doing there? That’s what we did“I am going to take care of you I am going to be with you I am not going to talk to you try to make you feel better or feed you”“That’s not our agreement”“Fuck the agreement” Cassie is such a complex yet simple character; her secrets and survivor’s guilt are shrouded in a mask of indifference and promiscuity yet under it all she just wants peace safety and love Luca is like a mirror image of Cassie’s struggles they have the same deep seated fears masked by one night stands but their stories of tragedy are very different and usually I would need a dual point of view giving me some insight to the hero’s conflicted thoughts or feelings but Samantha Rey has managed to do the unimaginable and written such a solid and well developed book that I never felt bereft of Luca’s inner workings his interactions with Cassie and the steady character development of both the hero and heroine are than enough to enthrall me and have me praying fervently for their happy ever after because if two people ever deserved to get it it’s these two With sexual tension that is off the charts a chemistry and connection that goes beyond sex and a penchant for pushing each other to reveal their respective dark secrets Cassie and Luca are an ultimate book coupleSamantha has offered up a gem of a read; it’s a tornado of angst comedy adversity survival love and a lot of sex Lots of sex Like tons of sex And it never got boring If you’re searching for a sterling NA read with plenty of hot and sweaty moments and a mature and well written storyline then please pick up this book It is book two of a series but can be read as a standalone so now I’m going to go get myself book one and hope it’s as amazing as this one Nicole

  4. books are love books are love says:

    Luca and Milo my two favorites Luca is at first arrogant but once you see him is just wonderful What he has been through so sad You see why he has done what he has to try to forget Milo is so fun The character to help lighten the mood but also very insightful Him and Jax wow but glad for that one as well Wonderful to watch them go from sex as a outlet for forgetting to finding it to be a intimate moment between two people to come together and show love and be as one This is a book about loss and overcoming grief to allow yourself not only to move on but to feel and live again To allow yourself to love again For Cassie guilt is what keeps her in her grief That and her dad It is only Luca who helps her move on But when he isn’t ready she turns the tables and pushes him away In the beginning their back and forth was fun to watch In the end when she was hurting him and wouldn’t even look at things from his side only what she thought it was hard to watch Luca was a great guy and called her on herself Cassie was a fun character and strong but lost in grief until Luca The side characters were fun and created the scenes with how much they cared They helped the two main characters needed their friends to make it through the day The action at the end was okay but needed to help Cassie see that love is important and shows you what you are willing to do for love Luca at the end ladies kleenex for he is perfect And her dad ahh at the endA fast paced fun romance with snark and sweetness about two people who are consumed by grief and survivor’s guilt that come together to find love and help each other be free of themselves and live again

  5. Philomena Callan Cheekypee Philomena Callan Cheekypee says:

    Oh wow I'm sitting here in bed with tears rolling down my face after reading this If you read my reviews you will know that crying from reading is a rarity for me Yep this author certainly got me with this book This is the first book I've read by this author and its blown me away It's got all kinds of everything in it Laugh out loud moments great off the chart sex scenes angsty moments and for me tear jerking moments when I least expected it We also have two broken characters Luca and Cassie They both have been broken from different tragedies in their past However their coping mechanisms are the same have sex with whoever but don't get involved When these two get together for a one night stand the rule of no going back for is difficult than they thought Yes there is lots of sex in this book however it's not the main focus Both have secrets that they can't talk about They are both afraid to feel or let anyone close to themTruly brilliant story I thought the author got me started under false pretences in that I thought this was gonna be a normal run of the mill story I was so so wrong The author pulled on my emotions and teased me with angst dotted throughout the story leaving me in tears towards the end Brilliant read Can't recommend this story highly enough

  6. Kristin Reads Kristin Reads says:

    45 Beautiful StarsThere is nothing I like than a bad boyman whore aka Luca but w girl whore women whore Yes I love it Cassie was the perfect man eaterI love watching Cassie and Luca dance around each other The blatant attraction they had for one other was so evident It was so fun to watch them fight this unbelievable chemistry attraction was probably the best part of the book I particularly loved watching these tow make a pact that it was just a one time deal just sex no uestions no feelings and no strings I loved watching them fight the attraction it was really hotThis book definitely had layers that just this man whoreman eater romance It was full of fight healing and a lot of painful moments This story was heartbreaking and there was a lot of push and pull but watching many of these characters find happiness during tragedy was AMAZING So good My heart and mind was super happyThis book was is so good #MustRead I love Luca he is so SEXYPS The Dancing part in the room was my favorite sceneNot completely going to spoil it BUt is was one of my favorites I still can't stop thinking about it

  7. Amy Amy says:

    4 StarsARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI liked this book I didn't read the first one in the series I don't think I missed anything as I don't think the stories connect but just wanted to included it in my reviewI usually like the dual POV and I did miss that with this one I love getting in the head of the male lead and found myself craving it several times throughout the book Cassie has a very tragic past and allows men to use her for sex so she doesn't have to feel She meets Luca and immediately knows she has to have him but he sees through her facade and sees the pain and emotion beneath and he doesn't do emotions He also has some pain from his past he is hiding from This was a great second chance story with both characters broken and learning to rebuild their lives It is pretty long but worth it Good read Thanks again

  8. Kristi Kristi says:

    So this is the 3rd and final story in this duology or trilogy the 2nd one was technically a novella These stories all just blew me away It did take me awhile to read them only because they were on a kindle app But they were all just so so good This one in particular was just so good I loved the characters I loved the emotions I had and the characters had I didn't think these books could get better Because I loved them so much already but they really were so great I love the names of some of the characters Cassiopeia and Andromeda Their back story was awful Tearjerkers Even Lucas story just brought you to tears It was just a rollercoaster of feelings all the way through this If you do read these I suggest you start with book 1 where you can know those characters all the way up to this story These new adult stories are just incredible I cannot wait to see what this author writes next Because obviously I will read it

  9. M. L. Sexton M. L. Sexton says:

    I legit cried through this entire novel It made me feel things and face things I didn’t want to It brought emotions out of me that I would rather have stayed bottled up I can relate to Cassie in a way that it’s hard to let someone love you let someone in and allow yourself to love someone when you’ve been truly hurt Cassie and Luca are a match made in heaven Having friends like London and Milo that’s a blessing because in today’s time there aren’t friends like that Great read I read it in one day if that says anything Oh and that nasty dirty sex scenes weren’t too bad either

  10. Jordan Jordan says:

    Every Choice is a compelling brutal love story of two tragic pasts and two closed hearts found in two lonely people looking to escape by numbing the painhttpsyoungadultbookmadnesswordpre

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