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My Dream Boys MDB series Book 1 Kyra’s Cross debut novel about three very different teenage boys and their journey to discover what they feel for each other Taylor and Matt are childhood best friends but when Taylor decides to risk their friendship and take a leap of faith at accepting a daring bet planned by an ingenious new friend he never imagined things would change forever But change is not always for the worst Sometimes you have to take a risk if you want to win the boy of your dreams And sometimes you can win than you have bargained for Synopsis An adorable boy who fakes being dumb and is completely in love with his best friend; a feisty girlfriend who’s always there to give him sass; an abusive ex boyfriend who promised to get him back no matter what a stalker red haired new student; and an ingenious billionaire who offers a perfect plan to get the boy of his dreams You mix all that together and get one hell of a good mess But all the trouble is worth it if Taylor Holmes gets to have his Dream Boy in the end Warning This is a erotic fiction and is not suitable for readers under the age of 18 It includes sexual themes explicit language and explicit descriptions of sex between men MATURE READERS ONLY Originally posted at Wattpad at the username Poptartisdelicious MDB had over 3 million reads online at Wattpad with over 6000 followers in the platform 2015 Kyra would love your feedback If you like what you've read please consider giving this book a review on Kyra Cross My Dream Boys erotic novel boyXboyXboy romance teen romance friends to lovers first time Editorial Reviews Review Too much love to handle” By Wattpad user shamya01s This book was amazing You are a very talented and hilarious writer I was laughing smiling crying and may have gotten a bit excited The characters were very well developed and I love them all Please continue to write and share your gift with the world ” By Wattpad user Versacexcocaine “OMG THIS BOOKS SLAYS SO MUCH CANT WAIT FOR THE SEUEL” By Wattpad user “Omg Seriously this had to be one of the best stories I ever read I love how it went from boyxboy to boyxboyxboy They all seem soooo happy in the end Perfect story It was dramatic It wasn't just naughtiness It was funny and sweet and they do say best friends make the best boyfriends♥️♥️♥️♥️” By Wattpad user dontdenyDRARRY About the Author Kyra Cross aka PopTart had over 3 million reads in her My Dream Boys novel at Wattpad a free online community for writers and readers Her other fiction novel Inked scars will be soon available for sale

5 thoughts on “My Dream Boys MDB series Book 1

  1. Billy KP Billy KP says:

    The story has been captivating it's been keeping me on edge from chapter to chapter

  2. K Cherry K Cherry says:

    Very disappointed I do not like threesomesI wish this book would have stated in the synopsis that this was a relationship between three men After reading These Oceans Between You and Me and LOVING IT SO MUCH I thought I would love All this author's work But no not now As I stated above I get no enjoyment out of reading ménage stories I find it very sad and pathetic If two men cannot find love just between the two of them then it is not a love story to me I may be not with the times but I do NOT AND NEVER WILL like this genre so please give some sort of indication in the synopsis A MMM anywhere in there would have clued me in to not read this book Sorry for this review when I totally loved Oceansbut now I just feel differently about reading further books from this author FYI I really did LOVE These Oceans Between You and Me and I am glad I read it because it was a beautiful love storybut between two men NOT three So glad I read that book first or I never would have given this author another try If you want to read a beautiful love story These Oceans is it Sorry Kyra Cross you win some you lose some and I'm sorry but this was a loss for me

  3. Derreck Derreck says:

    Five Stars You will laugh sometimes swoon that is if swooning while sitting in a chair or laying on your back reading on a bed makes it possible to do so laugh some and maybe make your eyes sweat Kyra Cross has a way with words This isn't your typical romance novel In fact it's better At least in my opinion

  4. Brandy Brandy says:

    Beautiful funny cry worthy just AwesomeLoved this book would love a seuel of these 3 guys and I would love to read about Kyle and Sean

  5. Autumn Adams Autumn Adams says:

    Omg I love this

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