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The Demure Miss Manning I’ve been reading Amanda McCabe for years Her stories tend to be comfort reads for me and I appreciate that she’s one of the few authors out there who employs a fairly wide variety of historical settings in her books For this month’s read I chose a 2015 release The Demure Miss Manning Set during the Napoleonic War this novel follows a diplomat’s daughter from England to Portugal and then into exile with the Portuguese court in Brazil I had no idea what to expect going in but I came away charmedAs the novel opens we learn that Mary Manning often assists her father and attends events with him as her Portuguese mother is deceased From the beginning Mary comes off as uiet but confident and fairly wise in the ways of diplomatic socializing She knows how to take the temperature of a room and to think before actingspeaking And yet she isn’t a flat dull paragon of a diplomat’s daughter Something about her made her appear interesting from the very beginning The author does not tell us anything all that interesting about her character and yet as the book unfolds I just liked watching her wind her way through her worldIn the opening chapters Mary meets handsome war hero Sebastian Barrett Though her father appears to be angling for a match with Sebastian’s rather stodgy older brother who is also a rising diplomat Mary finds Sebastian almost uncomfortably attractive Conversation between them comes easily and later on at a ball Sebastian steals a kiss To her great humiliation Mary learns that the situation with Sebastian had not uite been what it seemedThis is a partial review You can find the complete text at All About Romance 35 stars however I decided to rate this 4stars in order to increase the average rating since I think the book deserves better I really enjoyed this book up until the H and h meet again in Brazil The Napoleonic Wars being my favorite historical fiction era I thoroughly enjoyed the historical aspects which I rarely do in Harleuin historicals the books' atmosphere mostly not much different from Contemporary romance Unfortunately it seemed as if the editor found the unHarleuin characteristic unsatisfactory and ordered a pointless love scene and from then on ordered the author to focus on the romance and leave off the history This change felt very abrupt and could have been written smoothly This book is well written I enjoyed reading this book I don't normally read historical romance but I think I need to read of it This book sucks you into it I felt like I was in the book with the characters Give this book a try ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzWhen I finished reading The Demure Miss Manning it only took an hour before I forgot almost everything in the book especially the romanceThe book is set against an interesting but little known event in history the invasion of Portugal by Napoleon and the panicked exit of most of Portugal's nobility That nobility also includes the Portuguese royal family the House of Braganza This story covers the mad scramble out of Portugal by Dom John VI and his entry into Brazil where he sets up court These were real actual events If you happen to read an account of them you will find that the real story is exciting and filled with intrigue danger suspense The actual account of the Braganza court leaving Portugal for Brazil iswas a whole lot interesting than The Demure Miss Manning The factual story of a shipload of aristocrats crossing the Atlantic was horrendous and should have been explored in this story but it wasn't There were storms fighting political factions a dysfunctional royal family and semi starvation on the ships containing all these aristocrats Nothing of this was brought up Nope our hero gets our heroine on board the ship and then the next thing you know they are in sunny Brazil The author missed all the exciting things that happened on the crossing and changed them into a mundane choppy story Along for the ride was a romance couple who are separated a lot in this book and have no chemistryI was underwhelmed by this story There were 173 pages in this book but it seemed shorter The characters are never fully developed and the heroine Mary seems to be overly concerned about her father's health In fact she asks him how he feels about a gazillion times throughout the story It was really irritating Turns out he was just tired nothing was wrong with him So what was the point of asking him over and over and over how he felt? I thought for sure he'd die somewhere between Portugal and Brazil but he never did His non illness was just page fill it served no purposeBy the way our cardboard couple were Mary and Sebastian No chemistry no romance no bickering bantering nothing There was just a lot of jumping from one scene to another from one year to another This was a forgettable romance and I'm sorry to say I just cannot recommend itKaysBlog Interesting redemption story set between England Portugal and Brazil Took me awhile to read this epic tale starting in a ballroom in london n finishing in a house in brazil With betrayal family dynamics friendships a months long journey by sea A hugely enjoyable readAs I am accustomed to reading the MODERN series from Harleuin Mills Boon this is the first Historical title I have read in a long while A hugely well researched and accomplished book with a storyline that held my attention through I shall be reading many M B Historical titles in future including some from this very talented author in the historical genre The ability to capture the atmosphere of time and place is crucial in historical fiction and the author handles the period with a deftness of touch and having put supreme effort into her research has delivered a first rate story with a likeable and engaging hero and heroineHighly to be recommended Lovely love storyCaptivating love story amid power struggles between nations I will recommend this read and thanks to those who recommended it to me Adventures of an English debutante The perfect diplomat's daughter Mary Manning spent her young life following her father around the world behaving in the most agreeable way So stealing a kiss from military hero Sebastian Barrett was most out of character and a mistake she'll never make again A mission to Brazil seems the perfect way to escape his tempting emerald eyes But when he too arrives upon the sultry sands of Rio Mary realizes there's no running from the perfectly wicked way Sebastian makes her feel 385

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