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Madman Across the Water Woods are wonderful to roam So many animals to see The flora can be beautiful They can also hide supernatural monsters waiting to nab you Fog accumulates around your ankles rising up to your thighs Strange music plays around you An object appears to form in the fog and appears to come at you It doesn't appear to make sense as it is a very tall thin sticklike figure Say your prayers; it's already too late; you are dead Also there is a madman across the water and he knows about it He hears the screams of the lost and forlorn soulsMadman Across the Water is one of those excellent novels you wish you would have written The writing appears seamless making you wonder if the whole thing just came together as is There is a sense of time travel as clues about the present reality come to light with visits to the past Swinging back to the present Bring everyone together for the final fight because this creature ain't going down easy A little matter of a curse refusing to give up until the lastshh won't say any So keep your wits abut you when you walk through the woods Watch out for odd acting fog Strange music from anywhere everywhere hanging around you surrounding you An image forms in the fog Run for all your worth Madman Across the Water is your primer I absolutely adored this story It definitely had me turning the pages Never having heard of the Slenderman before reading this had me dying to find out This was a great introduction in the urban legend Great plot everything was pieced together uite well It was detailed but not overly so I felt the fear the children the parents and the townsfolk had This book let you feel the emotions and the terror from within This is a story you might not want to read late at night with the lights off For a debut novel by this author it was a good choice I am awaiting for whatever she throws out next A suspenseful and chilling tale I tend not to read horror or thriller stories about children I generally find it difficult but this was handled uite well The dialogue felt a little stilted at times but overall it is an enjoyable well written story A highly thrilling and suspenseful horror that sure left me shocked to my bones It was written so cleverly to maximise the feeling of suspense and the author has also made very good use of the element of surprise which is the most important element in a horror whether in a book or in a movie Trust me this is one book you don't wanna read when you're alone Highly entertaining highly breathtaking and highly recommendedMerged reviewA highly thrilling and suspenseful horror that sure left me shocked to my bones It was written so cleverly to maximise the feeling of suspense and the author has also made very good use of the element of surprise which is the most important element in a horror whether in a book or in a movie Trust me this is one book you don't wanna read when you're alone Highly entertaining highly breathtaking and highly recommended Since before Campbelltown was even established something tall dark and gruesome has stalked the surrounding woods None of the townsfolk are safe but the Wallis family has been hunted for generations Their last hope is to revisit the legends of their ancestors and listen to the advice of a madman By the time they feel the sting of unseasonal cold air see the tide of fog approaching and hear a haunting melody through the trees it may already be too lateMadman Across the Water is a fantastic and uniue tale reimagining the Slender Man myth The author does a fantastic job not only with her handling of this immensely popular creepypasta subject but also with building a broken family that the reader wants to see standing together Caroline Angel takes the time to make the characters and setting feel hyper real with superb insights and descriptions And yes the interactions with the faceless supernatural creature are terrifying Whether you already love all things Slender Man or are new to this subject this is a great readMy only issue with the book was the length of chapters at the beginning Within the first twelve pages the reader is shifted through decades several times introducing a lot of characters in a short span making it difficult to keep track of everyone and find a good reading rhythm As the novel progresses the links between the characters are clarified but it would have been a smoother reading experience without losing any of the drama if the relationships had been clearly set from the start What an awesome read Had me from the prologue This is a suspenseful creepy tale of the Internet legend of the slenderman her told in a new light and with new facets I was shocked frightened intrigued and completely taken in I could not stop reading this book until I was at the last pageLike another reviewer on here I too would like a seuel anyone know if the author is writing one?I used to say Stephen King was my favorite horror writer I can't say that any Caroline Angel has taken that spotWorth every single one of my five stars Now I just have to figure out how to sleep tonight without nightmares Great spooky tale Genuinely scary in parts Highly recommended For generations one family has been haunted by something somethingthat stalks It sees and listens it watches and follows In theshadows and mist it waits to take you to hurt you perhaps to killyou And if it doesn't kill you you'll wish it did A creepy suspenseful saga of family horror and mystery this is onestory sure to leave you frightened of the woods at night fog and allthings tall and slender In Madman Across the Water we are treated to a creepy creation that gives you a good reason to avoid your local woodsOne family has seemingly been haunted by the curse of a faceless entity that lurks within the woods For years people go about their lives thinking the tales nothing but myth and local legend And then children are abducted sparking people to wonder if the legend was a realityThe story is told predominantly across three time lines We have the 1800s the 1960s and present day Its a race against time for those in the present day to learn from those of the past as to how to stop the creature that stalks themFor the most part the writing is really good its just the last ten percent or so that seems riddled with typos and editing misses Not a drastic downside I perhaps make it sound worse than it is but its very noticeable due to how well the previous 90% came offThe characters were believable and interesting The entity itself was intriguing and the thought of having that thing after me isn't a happy one Regarding the creature I like how it wasn't a one trick pony It had a lot of grizzly creepy things that it could do to hurt you and seemed eually fond of both physical and psychological torment which was a nice touch Really gave it some depthI thought the continuity with the time lines was handled well it would have been easy to mess that up I especially liked how despite each timeline was essentially telling the same story the author managed to keep it interestingMy main downside would be how certain things were revealed One character would be thinking about a certain character and leave things very vague A few chapters later we find out those characters are related Considering how certain characters go into so much detail about pretty much everything it just felt a bit strange that things like that would be left unsaid until a later date The reveals of such things didn't seem to have any jaw dropping impact on the story well other than for me to sit there thinking 'why am I being told this now'?Also I know its the title but the word 'madman' gets over used a lot I also felt some of the speech not that speech is easy to nail down in writing felt a bit off Almost robotic More often than not abbreviations were ignored in favour of using two words and it just ruined the flow of the speech 'it is' instead of 'it's' 'do not' instead of 'don't' etc Due to that some of the sentences read in a way that no english speaking human would speakOn the whole Madman Across the Water is a great read and I'm happy I came across it Holy Shit I could not put this book down This story starts with a goth emo boy wandering too far into the woods and bamo The action starts but not in a shoot em up way a slow creepy slithery way The fog in the book is really creepy and the music I swear this writer paints such a clear picture that it's like you are 'reading' a movie I hope this really does get picked up as a movie because I can totally see it coming to the big screen and I know who I would want to play the characters I would love everyone to comment here on who you would like to be in a movie about this bookThe end was frightening and strange and very original and I do think that the author left a hook for a seuel so those other comments begging for one should be happy So now read the book and tell me who you think should play each partGO

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