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The Secret Daughter Sabina is 38 years old and pregnant with her first baby when her parents hit her with the bombshell that she is adopted in this extremely emotional and melodramatic story which weaves its way between 1973 and 2012 The story is told from three perspectives Sabina herself her birth mother Lilly and her adopted mother Megan so we get all three angles of this very sad story We follow Lilly throughout her pregnancy and birth Sabina in the present and throughout the story and particularly during the second half of the book we find out just what the connection between Lilly and Megan was and how she came to adopt SabinaIt isn’t hard to imagine Sabina’s reaction to the news; one of anger and confusion especially as her parents waited so long to break the news to her Why wasn’t she told sooner? And why are her parents still not telling her the truth and behaving so cagey about matters It soon becomes clear that if she is going to find out anything at all about her birth parents she is going to have to do it without their helpThe first half of the book is extremely emotional as we watch Sabina trying to come to terms with the news and her feelings towards her parents However the second half of the book is upbeat and much positive all round and I was uite relieved about this as I felt I was almost wallowing in angst If you like a good melodramatic read where you can crack open a bottle of wine a box of chocolates and the tissues then you will really like this one Many thanks to the publishers for the review copy 35 starsSometimes with the benefit of hindsight it's clear that decisions made with the best of intentions were simply wrong So was the case for Australia's forced adoption policy In 2013 the Prime Minister of Australia issued an official apology to all impacted parties In part the apology stated We deplore the shameful practices that denied you the mothers your fundamental rights and responsibilities to love and care for your children You were not legally or socially acknowledged as their mothers And you were yourselves deprived of care and support Perhaps author Kelly Rimmer drew inspiration for her novel The Secret Daughter from this apology She focussed on the archaic but far too recent practice of forced adoption and made it personal in her story which alternated between 1973 and 2012 She not only vividly captured the emotional impacts to the mothers but she offered three different perspectives of the same story As readers we walked a mile in Sabina Lilly and Megan's shoes and came to understand the difficulties of forced adoption from all sides of the story Through Lilly Sabina's biological mother we learnt of the heartbreak of being forced to give up her daughter of the myriad ways this changed her life and of the lifelong legacy of pain and suffering stemming from the separation Sabina showed how traumatic and disruptive it could be to learn late in life that you were adopted as a baby The tension this new knowledge placed upon previously close and loving relationships was palpable and it was clear that trust dissolved only to be replaced by anger And finally through Megan the woman who had raised Sabina as her own we came to understand the fears the insecurities and the incredible guilt offsetting the joy and love of having been blessed with a child How difficult knowing every joyous moment was at the expense of the woman whose child had been stolen I've read and enjoyed one other book by Kelly Rimmer and I suspect this will not be my last Her writing is very engaging and I've found both reads to be somewhat emotional I like the way she makes me sees issues from multiple perspectives and to think deeply on contentious topics I was eager to read this book as I have heard a lot about it so when I was granted a copy from Bookouture via Net Galley in exchange for my honest review of course I jumped right inKelly Rimmer the author doesn't mess about she tells it like it is and draws you without you noticing it I sat and finished this book today I had only started it late last night but I just had to pick it up and carry on I did text my book buddy to say 'you gotta read this' she looked and she has it to read on her list I am so glad of that because I just know she will love itWhat must it be like to be in your 30's Married Expecting a child of your own and then being told by your parents that you had been adopted This is what happened to SabinaCan you imagine the impact?Ted her husband is stood right beside her he has her back he has her emotions he is a great help to her solid and factual But Sabina cannot come to terms with this OF COURSE NOT its a SHOCK to the must amazing degree Her life as she knew it was now in piecesIts not easy to think well these are still my parents they brought me up its the big heap of uestions that go around in your head and one of the big ones is Who is my Mother?She finds her parents very cageyNow this is where it got so addictive for me I was solidly glued to my Kindle Just what were the parents hiding?Just what shocks were in store for SabrinaThen I had a sudden thoughtshe is pregnant herself what if the shock makes her loose her unborn child?I did take note of when Ted was pointing out things about her family I related to that as my husbands Father was controlling but my husband couldn't see this until many years later into our married life I felt for Ted as its hard to point out something you see without causes offence but its for a persons own good There is an awful lot packed in this bookI love how there are chapters that appertain to the biological Mother writing to her lover How the book goes back you can FEEL that poor girls anguish I felt uite choked up at times Sabina's emotions came out from the pages and completely smacked me between the eyes I felt it it was real As I got into the book I really wondered how parents could do this to someone Keep this huge secret and not tell how can someone do this its messing with someone else's choices THEN I got information and it sort of altered the way I was thinkingABSOLUTELY A 5 STAR I would definitely give this if I couldHeart renderingly real This book was an emotional roller coaster A bit upsetting and sad but truly beautiful story about family love and new beginningsAnd I am so happy that my reading challenge is completed with this amazing book As I saw my new born baby’s face for the first time I tried desperately to capture her face in my mind—to stamp it onto my eyelids As she was taken from me I knew I might never see my daughter again37 years later‘You were adopted’ Three short words and Sabina’s life fractures There would forever be a Before those words and an AfterPregnant with her own child Sabina can’t understand how a mother could abandon her daughter or why her parents have kept the past a secretDetermined to find the woman who gave her away what she discovers will change everything not just for Sabina but for the women who have loved her all these yearsFrom the bestselling author of Me Without You comes another touching beautifully told story about the pain of separation and the enduring strength of love Review to come The story flicks between past and present In the past we get to meet Sabina’s real mum in the lead up to giving birth and what life was like in the home that she was sent to In present day we see first hand what it is like for Sabina coming to terms with finding out she is adoptedI had so much empathy for Sabina Usually most people know they were adopted from a young age or usually around the time they get to their eighteenth birthday Sabina is only a couple of years off her fortieth Understandably it comes as a big shockIt usually always fascinates me in why a mother would give up a child Sabina’s real mum’s story was so heart breaking to read It was hard to imagine what life must have been like all the years she was apart from her daughter It really makes for an emotional readThe Secret Daughter is a heart breaking and emotional story The author grabbed my attention right from the very first page and I was totally engrossed until the very last Sabina and her real mother’s story will really move you and the author does it very sympathetically Such a great read Overall I thought it was a very interesting subject However I thought there was a lot of lazy writing when it came to the search and certain characters It was too easy and fairly irritating how all the loose ends so easily came together I did like how it made me swing in emotion about how I felt about Lilly and Megan Overall a good read but could have been a lot better given how weighty the subject matter is A very beautiful and sensitive story based on truly heartbreaking true events in Australia in the early 70's concerning forced adoptions I loved reading about the main character Bean's emotions and feelings towards her adoptive parents and her birth parents and the wonderful relationship she has with her husband All the characters felt very real to me and I would recommend this book As a mother The Secret Daughter spoke to me directlyWe meet Sabina At 37 years of age she falls pregnant only to find out she was adoptedWhat a shock that would be to anyoneIt's also a shock to Sabina as she already loves her unborn child than she would have imagined possibleHow could anyone abandon their child? Why was she put up for adoption?Sabina struggles with these uestions and then sets out to find her biological motherAt this point in The Secret Daughter I was almost frightened for SabinaSure she has a right to know but that knowledge could easily be a horrible tale?To say would spoil this book for prospective readers but what I will say is I thought The Secret Daughter was written with such sensitivity and skill you almost feel touched by Sabina personallyIt's a beautifully constructed story that I can honestly recommend

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Kelly Rimmer is the New York Times Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of ten novels including The Secret Daughter and The Things We Cannot Say She’s sold than one million books and her novels have been translated into than 20 languages Kelly lives in the Central West of New South Wales with her family and fantastically naughty dogs Sully and Basil

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