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Shark's Egg A Novel A dark coming of age story set in Cape Town Shark's Egg tells the story of Anna's schoolgirl friendship with the magnetic destructive Leah and their ambiguous adult relationship Alan Anna's first lover becomes the focus of a moral and sexual struggle between them as adults played out against the menacing backdrop of the sea

6 thoughts on “Shark's Egg A Novel

  1. Tiah Tiah says:

    Beautifully written Although I couldn't stop thinking 'Literary Single White Female' although that is rather misleading Spooky Elouent

  2. Sarah Key Sarah Key says:

    I loved this little but intense book Rose Innes’s story is compelling and her use of figurative language masterful The sea and its myriad treasures contained therein is an extended metaphor that forms the backdrop to the coming of age exploration of Johanna’s life from high school days into early adulthood Johanna reinvents herself as Anna and is clearly a troubled soul yet we are only privy to a single glimpse into her childhood – a chilly grey walk along the ocean’s edge with her mother The sparse subtle description suggests complex family relations but we view Johanna’s world through a lens that sweeps us along as we consider aspects of her adolescence filled with sexual tension and peer group issuesThe chapter titles enhanced the plot and its lyricism for me Tension mounts as Leah resurfaces in the story Rose Innes crafts her central character in such a way that the reader at times uestions her mental health and her supernatural ability The dark brooding atmosphere builds as Anna’s previously entirely fulfilling relationship with Alan begins to unravel I was left guessing what the climax and resolution of this book would beShark’s Egg was published in 2000 and I plan to read Rose Innes's Nineveh published in 2011 next I do think the cover could be appealing and don’t feel it does the content justice

  3. Roxane Lapa Roxane Lapa says:

    Set in Cape Town South Africa this book is written from the perspective of a troubled young girl who becomes a troubled young woman Don't let the amateur cover design fool you this book is far from amateur I'm just not sure how I feel about it The writing is very good but the story is uitedark It gives me the same feeling as an Edgar Alan Poe book does without even being in that genre This book is not a horror or a paranormal thriller or even a mystery book It's just a drama and yet it still manages to give you the willies a bit

  4. Carly Carly says:

    I loved this book very much The writing is just beautiful If this was written in the UK it would be fussed about and laudedI have never read a book that evokes images of the sea in such a real and powerful way

  5. Row Row says:

    45Also this uote 3'See how many fierce and lovely things there are out in the big world Children take heart'

  6. Lycha Shane Cabilin Lycha Shane Cabilin says:

    the book was very attractive and very interesting its because i like stories about underwater creatures

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