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Angelfire Dark Angel #1 Ok wow I don't know what took me so long to read this book I got it when it was on a free promotion and I was all meh but I was so wrong I finally got to it and I was blown away It started off nice and mellow and I can't pinpoint the moment I was absolutely hooked Alyx I keep pronouncing it A licks but it's alexis a bad ass chick She's an amazing fighter She's 18 too The youngest and most badass lightwarrior She's headstrong and stuck in her ways but I wouldn't say she's absolutely stubborn as a mule but she is stubborn to a certain extentIsrael is just a street rat Or so he thinks But he's actually bound for much much What's his destiny? Who knows But if he has to have a Guardian then God has very big plans for Israel Israel has been hunting darkened because they took over his friend lover?friend Adere But here's the issue With their Guardian bond they get feelings with each other Sure it's cliche but who cares? I love it And their love isn't cheesy But what did kind of bother me is that their romance at times seemed forced Like they love each other because Raphael prophecized it But it shouldn't be like that I mean of course it adds a certain drama and doubt into the mix But every book I read that has a certain prophecy about two lovers they think their love is forced because it is written in the stars But what if it isn't the reason What if they do legitimately love each other I think it should be that Raphael prophecized it because they love each other rather than they love each other because Raphael prophecized it That's about all I have to say about this book Overall the story was the main thing It was what kept me absolutely hooked The descriptive and creative writing was alright At least there were no errors So this book was just amazing Congratulations Hannah Peach you've written yourself a damn good book FIVE STARS Angelfire Dark Angel #1Review Wow this was an amazing book I really got into it and could see the world through Alyx’s eyes I will admit a few parts did have me confused as in I was not sure on the whole wings part like if they only show when she is in her own realm and not when on the Earth plane? As it has her still flying but never mentions the wings I assume she has them as the cover shows them But other than that I had no problems with this story at allI am anxious for the next book AngelStone Dark Angel #2 I was able to connect really well with the main character Alyx she is strong minded and fierce which I love to see in a female characterI was not sure of Isreal at first but he grew on me but will say I really like Jordan he seems to care what happens to Alyx and think there will be to that in the future books Here is a cute part where Alyx first meet the mortal she is connected too I thought it was funny “You’re being here is no coincidence is it?” His eyes narrow “What are you?”“What a silly uestion” Alyx says trying not to let her panic show “I’m a mortal just like you”He grins Alyx feels like an animal that has just been caught in a trap“Firstly” he says “a real mortal would never call herself a ‘mortal’ And secondly real mortals don’t come falling out of the sky to land delicately on the ground No real mortals break bones doing things like that” he says this last sentence in a mock hush as if he was revealing some great secret “Just keep that in mind when you try to pass yourself off as one of us next time”Alyx’s breath sticks in her throat a strangled sort of cryBut it only seems to amuse him further “Yes I saw you drop down to the ground before you knifed that thing Scaring the living hell out of me I might add” He glances up at the buildings that loom over them “What is that five storys that you just jumped from? Neat little trick No you obviously aren’t human and you don’t look like one of them So the uestion is what are you?”“It’s dark You shouldn’t have seen that”“My night vision is fantastic” He shrugs as if in apology “Okay Maybe ‘what are you?’ is too personal a uestion to ask so soon after we just started our friendship?” Here is a little of a steamy part for you much later on in the book Alyx traces her fingers across his top lip and presses her mouth to it soft like the first drops of spring rain her thumb trapped between the corners of their mouths A rush fills her head He gasps Or does she? She isn’t sureShe pulls back to look at him The way he is looking at her is like he is seeing the stars for the first time“Alyx”She kisses him again cutting him off The world around them dissolves like sandcastles until there are just his lips and his hands Also this part with some steam Alyx traces his collarbones with her fingers“I am sure I want you And I want you to have me All of me”Israel nods He kisses her again before pulling away He slips his fingers under her shirt finding her skin She lifts up her arms He draws her shirt up off her his hands dragging along her sidesAlyx can’t meet his gaze It is too much She lowers her eyes as Israel drops her shirt She can feel him staring at her She moves to cross her arms over herself but he catches her hands“You have no reason to hide” he says He leans down to kiss her bare shoulder then runs his lips along her neck up to her ear “You are so painfully beautiful” Yeah this book is great It has it all you have some great steamy parts great exciting story with many twist you won’t see coming I was shocked at one of them I sure can’t wait for the next bookI highly recommend this book it’s a great Paranormal romance its YA but with clean steamy parts that will satisfy those that love some swoon parts It has the suspense and action too Written very well too 5 out of 5 stars for sure A Must readCheck out the Special Media Coverage at my Blog and the Authors There is special content for this book at many blogs Here is direct link to mine with links to there Special Media Coverage Post I actually really enjoyed this book It was an easy read fast paced action and the romance didn't overpower anything in any way It was fun I think it's easier to let someone else tell you what's right That way you don't have to be responsible for you life That way you have someone else to blame when it doesn't turn out the way you think it should I think if you want to be courageous truly courageous you have to decide for yourself what you feel is right an then you fight for it IsraelAngels are definitely one of my favorite paranormal creature so reading this book was a no brainer for me Sometimes it's hard to find a good angel read as most feature some of the same characters because of the angel mythology but this one was one of the different ones I really liked the twist to the typical angel mythology and the plot definitely made it uniue I love it when you can see different situations in a book through than one set of eyes and in this book the author was able to integrate the point of view of multiple characters without making the reader feel as if they were playing a game of ping pong I feel that the multiple points of view added to the story by allowing the reader to get the whole story instead of just viewing it from one angle Containing a great mixture of mystery romance and action Angelfire is a definite page turner Alyx remembers something the Elders say about loveLove is an unreliable way to choose a partner The Seraphim have no use for love if we are to survive Love The sin of her parents Alyx ALYX Being always put down by her peers and members of her community because of her parent's deeds She copes by distancing herself from those not of her flock and presenting an iron clad facade Someone who has taught her to not let others bring her down is the only parental figure she's ever had her flock's leader Symon At the age of 18 she's one of the youngest light warriors to gain the ability to work different types of magic Growing up in an environment where everyone followed orders and rules set by the Elders without so much as second guessing them she always followed them and was very committed to their ways Unbeknownst to her though there was so much being kept from her in regards to what really happened to her parents and it seems that everyone was clued in except for her When she stumbles into the harsh truth that perhaps what she's been told about her parents her entire life may be false her whole world turns upside down Especially since at the same time she figures out that maybe her ability to control several magics stems from a prophecy stating that she is to become a Guardian to a special mortal who has a great destiny Things become even tricky when for the first time she meets in person the guy whose been taking residency in all of her visions This event becomes the catalyst to a great journey where betrayals lie ahead and perhaps maybe an unplanned miracle is created I loved that despite all the hurtful things that occur to her she stayed strong and determined to fulfill the prophecy no matter the cost Alyx has found herself in the nook of Israel's left arm again with her head resting against his chest I aways end up here she says You belong here Alyx Israel those few seconds where his facade dropped and she saw him Really saw him He carries pain with him than he should More pain than she carries with her He is alone with no one as Alyx was before Symon took her in Alyx ISRAEL A homeless guy who has had to fend for himself from a young age Having a head a near death experience when he was a little boy the result was his ability to see demons through their human facade despite being a mortal When demons started realizing that he had this ability they began to come after him Since no one knew that he had this ability his aunt and her husband decided to send him to an institution thinking that he was having psychological problems He decided to not return home as he knew that if he did the demons would only hurt his aunt to get to him And so began his new life alone A journey that took him through several situations like stealing in order to eat and becoming a member of a street gang who became his family and where he learned many key elements to his survival As the demons got close though this all ended and again he had to flee in order to protect his new family Once again he was alone and decided that enough was enough Especially when someone he really cared about became a pawn in the demons' attempts to get to him He was done running; it was time to fight back And so the prey became the predator and along the way to vengeance he came across a girl who would change his life forever and one who would lead him to a destiny far greater than he'd ever imagined he could see the dapples of green in her irises could smell the wind on her hair He knew then under that fierce facade she was delicate than anyone realized She makes him want to protect her IsraelOverall this series is one that I will definitely continue to follow From the very beginning Angelfire grabbed my attention so much so that I even found myself reading in between classes because I just need to know what happened next I could not get enough of these characters I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy original angel books that will have you in suspense with every page turn Other Favorite uotes Love can make you do strange things Jordan Look within your soul to find the path to the truth Raphael The enemy of my enemy is my friend Alyx His voice is so uiet she barely hears him Why do you fit so perfectly here? When I was made I was carved out from the space between your arms Instead she saysI don't know Israel Alyx Sometimes the struggle is part of getting where you want to go Mayrekk More than anything the path of destiny takes great courage not the greatest gifts or skill And you my girl already have courage in your little finger than most of these gifted Seraphim I see come in and out of my hut every day Mayrekk Source Downloaded for free from couk18 year old Alyx is an angel or seraphim who works as a lightbringer – a soldier in the battle against the demons or darkenings Her parents were both ‘rogues’ – angels who went against the rules and fell in love with each other and were kicked out of the lightbringersAlyx suddenly begins having dreams of events that are yet to happen and gets herself in trouble because of them – the daughter of two rogues cannot possibly be a prophet But then Alyx finds herself dreaming of one boy in particular – a mortal boy Israel and things begin to make even less sense What Alyx does know though is that she needs to protect Israel and that she’d give her life to do itAlyx is in for even trouble when a valuable artefact goes missing from one of the guardian’s rooms and she is somehow implicatedWhy was the amulet stolen? Why does Alyx feel the need to protect Israel? And is there any way for an angel and a mortal to be together?I really wasn’t sure about this book in the beginning but thankfully it got betterAlyx was a girl who knew that she was looked down upon because of her parents but was also determined to be a great lightbringer and determined to get what she wanted She wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she thought was right and wasn’t afraid to displease people if that’s what happened when she did what she needed to do She also wasn’t afraid to confront people if she thought that they lied to her and had a strong moral compassIsrael was a likeable character and he grew on me as the story progressed I had a bit of a difficult time keeping up with a lot of the other characters but funnily enough at one point the boy who Alyx was supposed to be ‘entwined’ with like marriage grew on me uite a bit tooI did find the story difficult to get into at first but thankfully it picked up I liked the romance most even though Alyx and Israel’s relationship was a little strange and it was interesting to find out what really happened to Alyx’s parents Alyx and Israel’s relationship did progress uite uickly it seemed to me but I think this was needed to get in certain plot pointsThe ending was alright and it was obvious that there would be books in this series to continue the on going storylines I believe this is the author’s debut novel and I’m guessing that this series will get better as it goes alongOverall; an interesting start to a angels and demons series65 out of 10 More than anything the path of destiny takes great courage not the greatest gifts or skill Mayrekk Angelfire the first book of the Dark Angel series by Hanna Peach took me on such a wonderful adventure full of suspense twists and turns and new romance This series starts with a demon meeting a seraph in a bar called Purgatory but they are being watched spied on by another This prologue hooked me Then we are introduced to Alyx the main character who is a lightwarrior for Michaelea a seraphim city Alyx is bonded to a mortal Israel It is her job to protect him at all costs because a bond such as this means that he is destined for something great But is Alyx up for the challenge? Who can she trust? Who was this killer? Who was this Rogue? Why could she now feel his presence with her? Why could she hear the strands of his thoughts on her mind like a ghostly melody? Why was she so damn connected to him? I must say I loved the characters in this novel Written in third person limited POV we get a chance to see not only the main character's feelings and what she is thinking but also the other characters The author does a wonderful job of transitioning into these different POVs with chapter breaks and the way in which it is written tells me the author knows her characters because each one has a distinct personality Not once when I was reading from Israel's POV did I forget and think I was in Alyx's POV the writing is just enough different that it helps to define the characters' personalities which is a wonderful achievementAlyx is our main character and she is a strong willed unsanctioned lightwarrior who by no fault of her own bounced from home to home until being taken in by her flock leader Symon Basically she was an orphan and because of this she has many insecurities about herself mainly around love and people leaving I loved watching this character's struggles and I can see just how much she will grow in this seriesIsrael is a mortal or is he ? Alyx started having visions seeing things that Israel was seeing and experiencing as it happened Israel is a complex character Also an orphan he has some of the same insecurities that Alyx has and continually pushes her away when she gets too close Not only are the characters great but the world building is outstanding I was sucked right into the Seraphim City the Purgatory bar and the mortal world that is caught in between the demonseraphim war Things were described in such detail that I could picture it in my mind Probably my favorite though is Israel's home when we first meet him it is an abandoned theater The descriptions were so good that I felt like I could smell the musty rotting seat cushionsSo why four stars and not five? Well after the hook in the prologue we get dropped right in the middle of a scene with Alyx and Symon and I found myself confused It wasn't until three or four chapters later that things became clear for me and I became interested in the story again However after that initial confusion I was hooked I spent the entire weekend reading this series and loved every minute of it This story has a little of everything Angels and demons magic through their blood ink pirates yes and I loved them Action packed suspenseful and heartbreakingly romantic at times I can't wait for the next one I received a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review Librarian Note This is an alternate cover edition of ASIN # B00ABWN11C Forget everything you know about angelsYou’ll likely find Alyxandria slicing demons with her blades rather than plucking at harp strings Whether it's with weapons unarmed or with the “borrowed magics” of distilled angel blood tattoos she trains harder than any other Seraphim warrior to prove she is nothing like her parents who abandoned her to become RoguesWhen Alyx starts displaying the signs of a strange new magic most don’t believe her and no one has answers for her She starts to investigate for herself The web of lies she uncovers will shatter her world and she’ll be forced to risk everything for Israel a mortal she barely knows Alyx and Israel will soon realize that their destinies are inexplicably tied and that their choices will determine the fate of Earth itselfIt begins in AngelfireAngeldust the fifth and final installment of the Dark Angel series is now out Reviewed Enticed by BooksOh My Goodness I wasn't expecting to love it this much Angelfire by Hanna Peach is a shockingly great book with a very well thought out world building I was a little skeptical going into the book because it has third person narrative and I'm not the biggest fan of that they tend to be very challenging and if not done right straight out confusing but that was not the case with this book I loved the writing it was clean simple and very addictive In one word Angelfire was phenomenal Alyx is a lightwarrior a Seraphim which is another word for Angel who fights Darkened demons possessed in a mortal's body She is the best amongst her group and besides the basic magic like fire water etc she is gifted with special visions which makes other people very judgmental towards her The lightwarriors use specific magic by getting a Bloodink related to that particular magic tattooed on their body That is the only tiny part of the story that is not original rest assured everything else is uniue well researched and highly entertaining There is so much action mystery going on in every part of the story and it's interesting to watch everything blend together perfectly at the end Angelfire is a take on AngelDemon mythology The world created by the author is one of the strongest points of the story and it was my favorite part but the back story of how everything came to be was a bit hazy We know parts of it and in specific I'm referring to the Elder's Head of the lightwarriors history which was not clear and did cause some confusion but that's just minor The main focus of this novel was for Alyx to find out the truth about the things she has been taught since childhood discover the lies that had been sewn by the Elders and to start making right choices for herself I adored Alyx she was very strongheaded she knew the difference between right wrong and was not afraid to fight for what she wanted I can't wait to read about her and after that ending you bet her journey will be something to watch out for Overall I'm so happy to have read this book it was my last book of 2012 and what a great way to end it Angelfire is highly recommended to fans of Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare or anyone who likes a different take on Angels Demons I for one thoroughly enjoyed it A Copy was provided by the author for an honest review Thanks You Alyx is a young smart woman with special blood tattoos and she is ready to kick some ass Meet this fantastic new paranormal series from Hanna Peach Angelfire is the first installment of the Dark Angel series written by Hanna Peach I am still figuring out if this is an adult paranormal urban fantasy or YA Although there was a tiny romance scene I still had to use my imagine about what happens in that night between the main characters Alyx and Isreal But first things first Hanna Peach has done a fantastic job writting this first installment The world building is fenominal its like entering a new world Angelfire kind of reminded me somhow of the Guardians of Ascension Series by Caris Roane with a strange mix of the movie the game Paranormal beings a kick ass heroine action and games What can you wish forAngelfire is about a place on each that is out of reach for mortals beacuase of kind of shield that makes people turn around and never find out this strange place Ruled by the Elders living by The Code obey your Elders kill all demons eliminate Rogue angels protect the mortals remain hidden Their warriors are working in flocks and are the ungifted earthborn angels armed with blades and the ‘borrowed magics’ that is embedded in there body in form of the blood tattoos thy wear on arms and other body partsAlyxandria Alyx is a young warrior with dreams about a mysterious man Israel When Alyx saves Israel she discovers they have a Guardian bond and that she bound to protect him at all costs Together with their enemies the romance and a third man named Jordan Of course there where some parts where I thought the romance could have come a little bit in the beginning of the book maybe when she was having her visions or was dreaming about Israel And there where some dictionary parts explaining some of terms from the book at the beginning of a chapter that interrupted to much and therefor pulled me out of the storyOverall I enjoyed this book Is a great read for the YA fans There is lots of action and when you least expecting it Hanna gives it an extra notch that keeps you suspended till the end Let me know what you think of this book If you are looking for an enthralling new epic fantasy about angels and demons this may be the series you are looking for Ms Peach has created a fascinating world of epic proportions with intrigue betrayal battles demons and traitorous angels surrounding Raphael's Blood Prophecy This story is a roller coaster ride of twists and turns as Alyx slowly uncovers truths that have been concealed for centuries Friendships are tested conspiracies are revealed new relationships are forged and love tries to bloomThis story is told through Alyx a young Lightwarrior She is intelligent head strong flawed and well written As are all of the characters in this story and there are several Each character holds a different piece of the puzzle and no one is telling the whole truth Ms Peach is setting up an epic battle between good and evil where the boundaries are blurred just enough that there is no black or white With Alyx coming into her own as a free thinker she is discovering no one is who she believed them to be and historical facts have been altered by the EldersI think I can safely say there are many surprises to come in this story I can sense the hierarchy of Elder angels and Lightwarriors being turned upside down This is the first book of the series setting up things to come so it didn't surprise me when I was left hanging At least there are seuels published with to follow and I've heard rumors that all have cliff hanger endingsFormatTypo Issues No significant errorsOriginally written for Books and Pals book blog May have received a free review copy January 7 2014

  • 318 pages
  • Angelfire Dark Angel #1
  • Hanna Peach
  • English
  • 06 February 2014

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