Hollow City PDF ✓ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 392 pages
  • Hollow City
  • Ransom Riggs
  • Portuguese
  • 11 November 2016
  • 9789722529693

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Hollow City44 STARS Really enjoyed Hollow City here's my booktalk D Jacob Portman chegou ao Lar da Senhora Peregrine para Crianças Peculiares em busca de respostas para a misteriosa morte do seu avô mas encontrou ainda mais mistérios Depois de viajar no tempo até 1940 Jacob conhece as crianças peculiares rapazes e raparigas com poderes sobrenaturais e a senhora Peregrine ue toma conta delas e as protege das perigosas criaturas ue parecem determinadas a exterminá las uando o lar é destruído e a senhora Peregrine fica em perigo Jacob com os seus recém descobertos poderes junta se aos seus novos amigos para tentarem salvá la Contudo as ruas de Londres durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial não são nada seguras para um grupo de crianças sozinhas A aventura d'O Lar da Senhora Peregrine para Crianças Peculiares continua em Cidade sem Alma onde Jacob e os seus amigos têm de enfrentar desafios inimagináveis para se salvarem Check out Scott Reads It for reviews Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is one of my all time favorite books and I've been waiting to read Hollow City for ages As soon as I received Hollow City I began to devour this strange book and I believe Hollow City is even better than Mrs P's Hollow City does an excellent job of creating a captivating magical world and accompanying the plot with finely selected vintage photos The photographs in Hollow City are just as bizarre and outlandish as the ones in the first book I love the way the photos tie into the story and how each photo seems to tell a story of it's own Each photo provides readers with a visual treat and I feel like reading Hollow City in a physical book is an extraordinary experience I'm not diminishing audiobooks and ebooks at all but there's something beautiful and raw about seeing the photographs on a page and not a screen It was exciting to see the world outside of Cairnholm Miss P's island and to read about the Peculiar children who are traveling to London The first novel in the series had a very closed environment to it and it was amazing to see the expanded world of the Peculiars The world building in Hollow City is thorough and readers will be brought to new loops where there are peculiar animals and other unexpected creatures for lack of a better term I loved visiting so many varied locations and reading about the distinct Peculiar locals I loved learning about the Peculiar children in Hollow City and character development is one of Riggs's strongest suits It was interesting to see Olive Hugh and Emma's characters explored further and to see what effects the loop had on them To live the same moments all over again for so many years is truly a horrifying thing and in some ways the children are adults trapped in childrens' bodies The way Emma took charge of the group when all her life she was cared for by Mrs P was truly impressive I love both Emma and Jacob but still I don't get their relationship and it feels out of place and extremely unnecessary in this series Hollow City is incredibly fast paced with an interesting story that fans of Mrs Peregrine's will absolutely love With plenty of unexpected twists Hollow City is uite frankly one of the best seuels I've read to date and it definitely surpasses it's predecessor Ransom Riggs is at his best in Hollow City and his cinematic prose will provide readers with a story unlike any other When Hollow City came to its satisfying conclusion I had an urge to reread the book and relive the strangely magically novel all over again I know I'll be rereading this in the near future as I wait for the 3rd Miss Peregrine's novel to be released Hollow City is a wonderful seuel that is an absolute must read and it's truly upsetting how there's only one book left in this series Hollow City is a much faster paced book than it's predecessor in terms of plot and character development Riggs is an amazing author and frankly I'd read anything this man writes Excuse me while I wait for the 3rd and final book in this series HOLY CRAP I CAN'T EVEN I'll write my thoughts when I'm able to GATHER my thoughts but know that I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH what is it with you people and rating books that aren´t even PUBLISHED COME ON SpoilersDisappointing The plot was uninteresting the characters were unremarkable and the romance was lame Summary Miss Peregine's school and the time loop she created destroyed by hollowswightsthe bad guys the peculiarsstudents on the run Miss Peregine poisoned and not able to fix the loop and protect her kids Jacob and the other peculiars have to avoid the bad guys and find another headteacher to help Miss Peregine get back to normal The majority of Hollow City was dull there was too much repetitiveness and everything seemed contrived All Jacob Emma and the other Peculiars did was run from one place to another They occasionally happened to bump into other peculiars who helped them and every few chapters the wightshollows caught up to them and they had to fight them It was the same boring thing over and over again Jacob was a lot likeable in this one he was so whiny and spoilt in the first book Even though he wasn't as insufferable he was still a blah character It was dumb how the peculiars hardly ever used their powers to fight the wightshollows they only used them at the very last minute I enjoyed the peculiar tales with the giant and the pigeon they were better than the actual story I didn't buy Jacob and co constantly running into other peculiars Weren't peculiars meant to be rare It seemed like everyone the gang came across was either a bad guy or one of them If the peculiars were a dying breed then I doubt they'd be so many of them running around Most of the characters were flat they only seemed to have a one or two defining facets to their personality Emma was brave and assertive Bronwyn was motherly Jacob was the reluctant hero Enoch was irritable and mean and Horace dressed like a gentleman and acted like a coward There was very little depth and complexity to the MC's Jacob and Emma's romance was lame everything between them was superficial and unconvincing I rolled my eyes at Jacob and co getting all pissed and outraged when they found an adult peculiar to take charge and were then dismissed and told they no longer needed to do anything They didn't like being told the adults would take over and that since they were children they could do nothing They wanted to help and acted all annoyed at not being able to But a couple of pages later when they were asked to join the peculiar army and fight hollows they were all 'Oh noes We don't want to do anything it's not out job to save everyone' WTF Their fickleness and contrary nature was annoying and made no sense The twist at the end was pretty good I wasn't expecting Caul to turn out to be the bird they thought was Miss Peregine The pictures and how they were incorporated in the story was the best part of the book they were the only element that made Hollow City stand out from every other generic YA seriesAll in all I wasn't overly impressed there were only a couple of things that were done well Are you still into the creepy vintage photosWelcome to a Deeper maturer richer convenient seuel really sad we won't watch a Movie out of itTim Burton only concluded the whole series in an ending that's even worse than Book One's it almost made me ditch Book TwoI'm glad I didn't unexpectedly loved it this time Ransom Riggs here add depth into the world he built in book one THE PECULIARDOMThe wonders and mystical world of Peculiarity their animals different loops historyMixed with the real world horrors of WWIIThe devastated London the prejudices and racism “Are you so concerned with the well being of normals that you’d risk Miss Peregrine’s life to protect a few of theirs A thousand of them aren’t worth one of her Or one of us for that matter” Everything's similar as in our world as the peculiar'sthere's those who are good and who are badAnd everything's connected “If even outcasts and downtrodden folk like yourselves can’t muster a bit of compassion for others” she said “then there’s no hope for this world” It's one simple plot the mid plot of the Trilogy one Mission so it's simple and focused Yet action packed and really full of thriller and twists The Mission Let me put it this way no spoiler at all“Get Miss Peregrine to one of the last remaining ‘uncaptured’ Ymbrynes God knows who in any un attackted loop God knows where avoiding Wights and Hollows who's constantly one step too close and avoiding the horrors of WWII’s German bomb assaults on Londod which is constant too to get her into the human form again after being severely hurt by the end of book one before it's too late to return human that's mean only 5 days maximum”And don't forget the constant watchersThis long journey in tight time is really rich fast and have a great mixing between the World of Peculiar and our real worldLike this old bonds between Peculiars and Gypsies since they're both outcasts both suffer prejudices cause they're different Both wanderers souls clinging to the margins of the world “It was hard to imagine anyone objecting to these kindly people Then again similar prejudices were among the reasons peculiars had withdrawn from society Such was the way the sad world turned” I even started to feel the world of Peculiar Mutant X Witch and Wizards and muggles The Diviners all part of real world and all in all very well hidden Unless you really open your eyesThere's also these horrors of war many hidden symbolic references to the Nazi hate of less blood and Jews generally The horrible wights experiments on Peculiars for example reminded me much of the Nazi scientific ones on people for the welfare of Aryan race only But the sad thing is the Peculiardom is in grave danger here even for its animals “ “Miss Wren meant this menagerie to be an ark but gradually it’s become a tomb” “Like all our loops” said Enoch “Like peculiardom itself A failed experiment” “ ‘This place is dying’ Miss Wren often said” Addison’s voice rose in imitation of her “ ‘And I am nothing but the overseer of its long funeral’ ” Addison’s eyes glistened remembering her but just as uickly went hard again “She was very theatrical”” And with all loops raided our friends are in real danger facing real threats and real decisions must be made Specially Jacobwho has sold his normal life for one in real death threat “Despite everything this peculiar life was what I’d always wanted Strange I thought how you can be living your dreams and your nightmares at the very same time” There's a real good development here about the characters and motivationsSo let's see; The Characters The really good thing in book two that it add depth into Jacob’s character and his motivations remember his need to discovering the WorldWell in this journey he will go into even Time Travel “I am a time traveler This is real I Jacob Portman am traveling in time” This was astonishing enough More astonishing perhaps was the fact that time travel hadn’t broken my brain; that by some miracle I had not yet devolved into a gibbering crazy person ranting on a street corner The human psyche was much flexible than I’d imagined capable of expanding to contain all sorts of contradictions and seeming impossibilities Lucky for me” And of time it has a very good way in dealing with it to not be an extreme unbelievable fantasy you know dealing with time is tricky even JK Rowling felt the burden of creating the Time Turner “ “They were of the past and the past always mends itself no matter how we interfere” “Which is why you can’t go back and kill baby Hitler to stop the war from happening” said Enoch “History heals itself Isn’t that interesting”” All the characters getting clear enough We even get into their pastand how they got hereit's one of the best things here that we finally too close to the characters than I believe book oneEnoch this sadistic racist jelous yet part of the group is really has important role hereHorace ; this elegant young man obsessed with style and tuxedos he made a real fun comic relief in many points As well asOlive ; the eye wonder of the group young sweet and funny and her love of stories really helpedBronwyn ; the tough protector she's really good character I loved how she called Jacob “brother” just before the sad events by the end of the bookMillard ; his love to explore is almost as eual to Jacob “And maybe it was childish this old urge to explore for exploring’s sake There was romance in the unknown but once a place had been discovered and cataloged and mapped it was diminished just another dusty fact in a book sapped of mystery So maybe it was better to leave a few spots on the map blank To let the world keep a little of its magic rather than forcing it to divulge every last secret Maybe it was better now and then to wonder” And talking about Jacob and his wish to explore that ended him up in this world in first place It wasn't just this which made him stay it was loveand his Love Interest EmmaI have to say I wasn't convinced by it much the love theme here I felt was a bit off or forced or even a bit sad and unnaturalBUT this book is really made it right made it real and convenient ““Why are you pushing me away” “Because you have a real home and a real family and if you think any of us would’ve chosen this world over those things—wouldn’t have given up our loops and longevity and peculiar powers long ago for even a taste of what you have—then you really are living in a fantasy world It makes me absolutely ill to think you might throw that all away—and for what” “For you you idiot I love you”” Thanks to Emma which her character this time is really way better than book oneAnd you'll know why she and Jacob too felt obliged to this journey to save Miss PeregrineThe Brave cunning bad ass Miss Peregrine Who must be saved as soon as possible and truly will be missed as her actual form Eva Green was awesome in the role BTWThen came the endingthe thrilling creepy nightmare weird dream a sad decision and a very twisted turn of eventsBack to the atmosphere of book oneAnd If I hated the long first 10% of this book LOVED the rest of it the last 10% of it is one of the most thrilling endings for a second good book of a seuelSo if Book One was 3 stars for me extra one for the design idea This one is easily 45 starsThe author said in the Acknowledgment that book two took longer time than expected to release I can clearly see that this patiently writing did magicwith all this richness even if it's like a bit other series like this book of Peculiar stories was fun reminded me heavily with Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard So now I can't wait for the final part of the “First Trilogy” of Mr Ransom Riggs planned series of the PeculiardomMohammed Arabeyfrom 20 October 2016To 25 October 2016 January 2014 I definitely enjoyed this book than the first installment when I read it a two years ago There were definitely slower moments that were rough to get through but ultimately I really enjoyed how the plot progressed in this novel and cannot wait to see how it ends 45 StarsWow what an amazing ending I totally didn’t see that comingSomething also interesting is that until reading the author’s note I had NO idea that Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi author of the Shatter Me series were married I’m sure I’m the last person to future this outbut crazy fun fact if you didn’t know But anyway there is something about this series and this world that I just really love I don’t get to the obsessed fan girl level with too many things but this series has me buying POP Funkos graphic novels companion novelsle sigh Anyway Can’t wait to see what the final book brings although I’ll be sad to see it end Hopefully it doesn’t wreck me

About the Author: Ransom Riggs

Hi I'm Ransom and I like to tell stories Sometimes I tell them with words sometimes with pictures often with both I grew up on a farm on the Eastern shore of Maryland and also in a little house by the beach in Englewood Florida where I got very tan and swam every day until I became half fish I started writing stories when I was young on an old typewriter that jammed and longhand on legal