Existential Angst Epub ✓

Existential Angst Ohmygod I just have no words right nowReview to come Rating and review coming soon ARCs coming soon for Existential Angst — sign up willowmadisonbookscom to receive your copyHe said I was the only perfect woman in the world and that’s why he had to have me “The game today Larissa is called pick your poison” He took me while I was sitting alone in my backyard I had my feet cooling in the pool face heating in the sun when his shadow eclipsed all happiness four days ago I don’t remember any sounds or words only waking up hereand his games “I expect you to either make a choice or don’t” In this box of horrors he wanted me to find my purpose I thought I already had—to save my heart from pain and to hold out for freedom Turns out I wasn’t wrong Only my perceptions were And he’s giving me a chance to choose again “I’m going to hurt you”I’ve been a monster for him a perfect version of myself and I don’t think I can pretend that I haven’t liked itWhoever said knowledge is power wasn’t chained up when they said it

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