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    I discovered Marie's writing several years ago through a mutual Facebook friend and picked up her first book After devouring that one in a few days I set about waiting for the second installment of the seriesI'm happy to say that it was worth the wait In this book we get to further explore the world that she has created; one where the fae though forgotten by most are a very present threat and a small group of damaged survivors sets out to stop their machinationsEvie is a strong yet vulnerable lead and her burgeoning relationship with Alistair adds a romantic element that is welcome in its restraint; many authors would be tempted to focus on that to the detriment of other storylines Also returning in this adventure is Evie's fellow Nighthawk survivor Brock who has wholeheartedly embraced the new challenges of fighting such powerful creaturesWe also get to meet some wonderful new supporting characters with interesting changeling powers like Leon and ElisThere are plenty of surprises to be discovered and I won't go any deeper into the story because it would be a disservice to other readers not to let them discover them for themselvesHands down if you're a fan of contemporary or urban fantasy the Otherworld series NEEDS to be on your reading list

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Wishpool Nighthawk Book 2 Evie Chevalier returns home to the rainy Pacific Northwest strengthened by the horrors she survived in Nighthawk and determined to rescue her childhood friend from the denizens of Otherworld – if she can find him Joined by the crow changeling Alastair and his new partner the antagonistic Elis Evie embarks to find her place in the enigmatic Otherworld Society Before she can pursue her missing friend her training leads her directly into the path of a new fae plot Along the way she battles corrupted witches as well as her own evolving abilities as she races to stop two of the most powerful elder fae from unleashing an unstoppable creature upon the Earth