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Molly's Garden The characters were enjoyable and I liked the social issue of helping feed those in need in a Texas border county where immigrants pass through Unfortunately the ending felt rushed and a bit too pat SPOILER The very wealthy hero came to the rescue practically invalidating the heroine's efforts to keep her farm afloat Love is blooming in Molly's gardenMolly McNair needs someone tough to work for her An oil company is pressuring her to sell her farm and she's losing workers to intimidation When Adam Hollister applies she knows she's found the right man Solid fair mindedand handsome too But there's something she doesn't know Adam a widower who's been drifting since he lost his family is a former wildcatter And his onetime business partner sent him to obtain soil samples from her farmMolly whose life is dedicated to providing healthy food for hungry families has to discover if her love for Adam is deep rooted enough to survive

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