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The Five Times I Met Myself I'm going to be mulling over The Five Times I Met Myself by Jim Rubart for uite some time Of course I bought the book for my husband and then I borrowed it from him and read it first Now I'm insisting that he read it so we can talk about the premise of the book One thing is for sure The entire time I read The Five Times I Met Myself I kept wondering How is Jim Rubart going to end this book? And that is not a bad thing at all I also agree with the endorsement from bestselling author Andy Andrews on the front cover If you think fiction can't change your life and challenge you to be a better person you need to read The Five Times I Met Myself I'll be recommending this book to others and telling my husband to hurry up and finish reading it Wow What an intriguing book This was the first book I've read by James Rubart and it will definitely not be my last The premise of the plot is at once both magical and sobering a little bit A Christmas Carol a little bit It's a Wonderful Life even a little bit Back to the Future but a whole lot of fascinatingPlots like these are everything I love about books with elements of fantasyscience fiction specifically with the bit of fiction that's just close enough to reality to be plausible We've all had moments where we had a dream so vivid that we woke up and had to lay in bed for a moment re centering ourselves in what's real and what isn't On the flip side we've also all had regrets things we wish we could go back in time and change Combine the two and BAM You have a mesmerizing story that you won't be able to put down Rubart's writing style is engaging and drew me in right away making those 400 pages fly by in no time at all The message of mercy and grace of healing and redemption hovers in the background but wow when it surfaces it takes your breath away Compelling characters made me care about the outcome of this story and my investment in these characters caused my emotions to ride the roller coaster with them I grieved with and for them I breathed sighs of relief only to gasp out loud in surprise in the next chapter I grinned at young love and renewed love and I may have even cheered a time or two With twists and turns than a waterslide park James L Rubart's The Five Times I Met Myself will play out a riveting story in the cinema of your mind Schedule out enough time to read this book cover to cover once you start because I can just about guarantee that you won't want to be distracted by silly things like sleeping or eating certainly not chores or your job A wonderful candidate for your next book club it's perfect for fans of Mitch Albom and William Paul Young and for anybody who's ever wished things had turned out differentlyI received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest review Visionary novels are not my usual genre however The Five Times I Met Myself won the Christy Novel of the Year Award and received high praise from a trusted reviewerIf you could go back in time and give yourself advice at what point in time would you go and what would the advice be? How would that impact your present situation?This novel is one that made me evaluate my own choices as I lived through Brock's decisions and time travel There is really nothing further I can say other than this was a uick paced novel that is highly likely to cause the reader to do some self evaluation I was moved by this novel and wouldn't hesitate to read other novels by the authorMy compliments to Goodreads and publisher Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of this novel which was won through a Goodreads giveaway The opinions expressed are my own This was a strange story that I wasn't sure I liked until the final eight chapters It was interesting from the beginning uite complex and a uick read It wasn't always an easy read since it was a sort of time travel story that I had to stay alert to keep track of the details and time shifts The author did a fantastic job of creating various realities by crafting uniue and memorable settings in very few wordsThe faith journey throughout was a bit rough for me as there were several moments it seemed God and faith were being made fun of but that thread got redeemed well in the final eight chapters It was good to see that a fictional character could learn from their spiritual mistakes and find redemption just as many Christians in the real world doThis story reminded me of the movie Freuency which stars Dennis uaid and Jim Caviezel Both stories were a bit strange but enjoyableContent drugs alcohol marital affairs one crude commentI was not compensated for my honest review What if you met your twenty three year old self in a dream What would you sayBrock Matthews’ once promising life is unraveling His coffee company His marriageSo when he discovers his vivid dreams—where he encounters his younger self—might let him change his past mistakes he jumps at the chance The results are astonishing but also disturbingBecause getting what Brock wants most in the world will force him to give up the one thing he doesn’t know how to let go of and his greatest fear is it’s already too late First of all I met Jim Rubart at Realm Makers and he is perhaps one of the kindest authors I've ever talked to That just makes me love his book even After reading the back cover blurb I expected The Five Times I Met Myself to be a trippy introspective novel And I was right although it turned out differently than I thought it would I suspect this story dealing with regret would hit home even for older readers than it did for myself being as I have only 20 some years to look back on but I've always been intrigued by ideas like writing letters to my future self time capsules etc So naturally the concept of going back to talk to one's younger self is really fascinatingIt gets even better when Brock the main character starts trying to improve his life by influencing his younger self to make different choices and then the suspense rises another notch when those changes begin to make life WORSE instead of betterAt first the believability of lucid dreaming seemed a little far fetched since this is real life we're talking about But gradually as I read further I was willing to suspend any disbelief because the concept was just that intriguing and the conseuences were even soOverall this was a 45 star read for me I know this is a book that will stick with me a long time It offered lots to chew on thoughts about time decisions conseuences regret and second chances A powerful concoction indeedAnd now I must get my hands on Rooms which sounds like another cool introspective book This is my first book by mr Rubart and not my normal genre Even though this time travel story confused my brain with thinking how everything is possible the story kept me so interested especially not knowing how Brock's world will change when he woke up after one of his dreamsI really liked seeing how Brock grew as a person from the lessons he learned after each dreamThere was a few times the events after the dreams surprised meI loved the ending that changed my opinion of the book from liking to want to read from this author I especially loved how Brock still had to deal with circumstances from his actions even though he and events changed during his dreamsThis book is highly recommended even if this is not your normal genre you should definitely challenge yourself with this book “Embrace it Brock even though it will be difficult Face the truth though it will be painful for the truth will set you free”What if you had the chance to speak to your younger self? What would you say? What would you do? Would you try to change decisions that you made in the past? The Five Times I Met Myself explores just that in a captivating and emotionally gripping journey of a man confronting his past literally Brock Matthews in his early fifties feeIs like his world he once loved is falling apart around him From his company to his marriage Through a series of events Brock is able to meet with his younger self through vivid dreams But when Brock notices the dreams are starting to effect his present reality he jumps at the chance to change his past mistakes As he pursues the goals he always wanted through younger Brock each decision comes with a hefty cost and he may be at risk of loosing what he really wants mostOk I was almost at a lost for words after reading this book This book was just so well done The author did an amazing job of laying out the character's life in this story that just really resonated with me Not only was this a visionary adventure but it was also a good story of learning to confront the painful things of the past and allowing God to help you heal and grow Also how important it is to take care of the relationships we are given and not take them for granted This book is definitely a must read to add to your collection My Favorite uotes God is the God of hope And even though you’re going through a storm right now the calm waters are coming I believe it”“It is truly an amazing thing to fully surrender to the living God To completely give yourself over to the Spirit living inside you Maybe that’s what dying to self means Where you’re not worried about being loved but how well you can love another” In this mind bending novel we not only get to witness the hero's life but several alternative lives he might have lived had he made different choicesI've often thought 'If only I got the chance to meet my younger self there's so much I'd tell her' I assume many of us feel the same which is why I was eager to get stuck into this story of Brock Matthews who got the chance to meet his younger self several times He assumed it would be a golden opportunity to fix a few things which went haywire However his excellent intentions turned out to make many aspects of his life worse than they were before he started meddling with timeAt the start Brock and his brother Ron are in charge of Black Fedora the coffee company they inherited from their father Brock is the 'face' of the company and works with the coffee blends while Ron manages the business side and owns 51% of the shares When a financial disaster looms Brock wonders if there's any way he could have personally prevented it Meanwhile his marriage is getting shaky as his wife Karissa begins to mull over their years together with dissatisfaction and their son Tyson may no longer be able to attend college That's the backdrop that makes Brock wonder if he could possibly convince his former self to prevent the train wreck his life becameAre any of us really wise enough to assume we can advise our younger selves what to do? That was one of the big uestions I came to ask myself Brock was certain that at the age of 52 and with the advantage of hindsight his 24 year old self needed to listen to him He was urgent in his mission to change his younger self's mind about the choices he faced Yet after all that wheedling and convincing the advice which seemed so wise turned out to be uestionable anyway Only God has a God's eye view of any individual's life no matter how often we've experienced life's hard knocks Brock to me is proof that we never reach an age in which we know everythingI found it shocking and uite scary when you think about it that Brock's choices turned out to drastically affect not only his own life but those closest to him especially Karissa Tyson and Ron We may prefer to think that each individual is ultimately responsible for himself or herself regardless of the positive or negative influence of others but this story shows of a strong ripple effect Without going as far as saying they were putty in Brock's hands I think the influence he had over the shaping of several destinies ended up alarming him It makes the reader think about the way we treat our own spouses children and siblingsI love Brock's eventual epiphanies regarding the idols he'd set up in his life especially his personal success in the business arena There was nothing intrinsically wrong with Black Fedora or striving to create a good product It was Brock's lifelong attitude that got things all twisted; one which we could so easily buy into when it comes to our own livesOne scene I found most touching was the flashback to an event which occurred when he was only 11 years old It set the scene for a lot of misunderstanding but I can easily picture my own sons doing the exact same thing Unexpected gruffness from adults can devastate kids and it's good that this was brought outI'll finish with one of the decisions Brock came to make 'The future does not exist so I will live for now The past is gone and cannot be retrieved so I will live now There is only the present'45 starsThanks to Thomas Nelson and NetGalley for my review copy I would reread this all again for the purpose of getting to the uote Maybe that's what dying to self means Where you're not worried about being loved but how well you can love one another

About the Author: James L. Rubart

James L Rubart is a 28 year old trapped in an older man's body who loves to water ski and dirt bike with his two grown sons He's the bestselling Christy Book of the Year Carol INSPY and RT Book Reviews award winning author of ten novels including his latest The Pages of Her Life He lives with his amazing wife on a small lake in eastern Washington

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