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Promoted Nanny to Wife Marissa Devlin has vowed to protect her orphaned halfbrother even if it means becoming governess to thedaughter of dark brooding Holt McMaster Marissasoon feels like a mother to Holt's little girl but themagnificent cattle baron's guarded heart isn't soeasily wonHolt has battled with trust in the past so he's surprisedto find that having Marissa in his home seems like themost natural thing in the worldIs it possible that the new nanny may be the perfectwife Governess to the H's daughter ends up marrying him after defeating the machinations of two OWs The heroine is a Liz Taylor lookalike who wants a live in governess position so she can make a home for her young half brother Because she's so hot everyone thinks she's lying about her single motherhood The hero's daughter is intelligent and disturbed and heroine uickly wins her over Both the children were interesting but be warned there are large sections of the story devoted to them Also in the spotlight the hero's ex wife and sister in law the two crazy OWs heroine defeats for the hero's hand Hero is kind of an afterthought Ridiculous title and cover she looks like she's hugging her co worker for winning employee of the month aside this was an interesting MW with natural sounding dialogue and light purple prose MW seems to be at the mercy of her editors when she has firm editor her stories move right a long When she is left to her own devices her writing can be truly bizarre The only editorial choice I really noticed was the overuse of italics I don't know why this was necessary Or should it be I don't know why this was necessary I really love Margaret Way because due to her writing and love of Australia her stories are enjoyable even with they are a little bland This romance falls under milk toast but an insanely sweet and all too perfect heroine two K razy evil women sisters and two too wise plot moppets elevate it Oh yeah there is a hero as wellBeautiful Marissa has set off for the wilds of Australia with her half brother to get a job so she can send him to boarding school at some point Their father was a charmer that lost all desire to live when he lost the heroine's mother Guilt and sorrow drove him to drink and drove him away Now that he's dead the heroine will do anything to take care of her brother Everyone thinks he is her son despite anything she saysShe ends up on the H's ranch as governess to his out of control daughter who is six going on twenty The h and the little brother essentially tame her and I want the kids' story because they are tons interesting than the H and h who have very little on page time togetherThe H's viperous ex and her eually horrible sister try and cause as much trouble as possible but nothing really happensIronically the next to last scene in the book is the evil ex twisting the arm of her sister who made one last play against the heroine which did not work out The romance and its consummation come out of nowhere It was so misleading that I thought it was going to end in a stupid misunderstanding but instead the h ends up with a sapphire ring to match her eyesMore than a hint of phoned in romanceThe heroineThe H 35La verdad es ue es una novela cortita dulce y mona de entretiempo

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Promoted Nanny to Wife
  • Margaret Way
  • English
  • 10 November 2015

About the Author: Margaret Way

Margaret Way was born and educated in the river city of Brisbane Australia Before her marriage she was a well known pianist teacher vocal coach and accompanist but her hectic musical career came to a halt when her son was born and the demands of motherhood dictated a change of paceOn a fortuitous impulse she decided to try her hand at romance writing and was thrilled when Mills & Boon accept

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