The Eternal Ice Magic The Gathering Ice Age Cycle #2 eBook

The Eternal Ice Magic The Gathering Ice Age Cycle #2 After the darkness comes the ice Thousands of years after the explosion at Argoth that ended the Brothers' War ice has covered the world of Dominaria The strong have turned to barbarism The weak have died Now Lim Dul a necromancer with a taste for power seeks to awaken a deeper evil Eternal Ice was my first ever Magic The Gathering book that I ever read because at the time I was very familiar with the storyline of the MTG's Ice Age expansion and the book has validated and clarified some of the uestions I had in mind Another solid title from Grubb but not as stellar as his first in this series Introduces Jaya Ballard and Freyalise Book 5 for JALLRead my review for the first in this series here god I don't have to slog past this one like I did the first one I have much to talk about this timeThis is the second book also staring Jodah Who is still likable Surprising he is now important mage who goes by a large number of titles that is kind of ridiculous Well the good news for us unlike the first book which is long winded and slow this one comes out swinging Turns out Jodah is in a period known as the Ice AgeI don't want to get into too much here read the book It is far better than the first Which to be honest you can probably skip but if you are a purist like me you are not going too even if it is mediocreCharacters Lovable and far interesting then the first book I really liked Jaya Jodah Dim Bulb lul and Lesharc Lesharc has this Aura first seen as a sort of devious and downright cruel planeswalkerI will argue that this is the first book in the magic canon that tackled the idea if a planeswalker is good or evil It is a hard uestion to ask Their mannerisms are easy to understand back to that good old Jeff Grubb style as written in the first book in the artifacts cycleSetting Dominaria during the Ice Age Besides being a frozen wasteland Still kind of boring it is ruled by City States and mages During this time magic is far accepted and mages are basically chief officers in the military and it is basically a 180 of the previous setting thematically It builds up in just the right ways without it being an info dump and to be fair even though I don't like the Ice Age period the author does a far better job of keeping this world interesting such as by using magic as now a means of advancement in society and the culture of the nation is far mercantilistPlot uick and always moving There were a few small snags in the middle but this one was not as noticeable as the first book This plot seems to be moving so because of Jodah's and Jaya's actions and they both compliment the plot well so it is refreshing The only small snags is the small stop in the middle where the plot halts for a good reason Can't get into it and it only lasts about40 pages so it is passableTime to finish One day flat it was that good I only give it four stars because of the boring setting of a near apocalyptic wasteland of Ice Age Dominaria but if that is your fancy you can gladly rate this five starsStrengthsNo Info Dump the world has been established thanks to the first novel even if it was shoddily done Likable CharactersJodah has really great character developmentPlot is so refreshing I just kept turning page after page and I didn't at one point feel bored Only took breaks because of eyesoresWeaknessesSmall snag in the middleI am starting to hate Ice Age the periodOverall I recommend this to those interested in the magic story Jodah AND Jaya are relevant to the current story and are generally speaking well done in this book and their early interpretations are really a great read This book also has a 'thin hook' you can stop here for a while The first book still has an unresolved plot line and it just felt like a tease Here the events of the Ice Age ended thank god and it felt like a good place to end while also exploring the now rebuilding of society in Dominaria It's a good story and I enjoy that none of the main characters are planeswalkers it adds to the feeling of struggle

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Eternal Ice Magic The Gathering Ice Age Cycle #2
  • Jeff Grubb
  • English
  • 15 April 2015
  • 9780786915620

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