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Universe Online Enter the Game Complete Edition includes Part 1 and Part 2 plus a bonus chapter My name is Allec Renn and I was born with ALS Even with our modern technology amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cannot be treated or cured I've been bed or chair bound since I was a kid The advent of Virtual Reality technology has given me a chance for a new life Or rather dozens of them Heh I'm an avid gamer and I wouldn't have it any other way In the games I could be what I wanted to be who I wanted to be A mighty warrior a powerful spellcaster the charming rogue The crafter The builder All of those and have helped to greatly alleviated my problems But a new game is coming out; one with the power to change the world It uses a brand new technology based around the first ever deep immersion Dive Pod With it there is no game lag or graphical limits It is being heralded as the greatest breakthrough in Virtual Reality technologies since its founding And the first and only game for it Universe Online No longer will players be stuck on a single large world to explore No longer will there a limit to what you can do what you can be Fly spaceships between the stars conuer planets create custom technology Mine Build Destroy Explore Rule This is my story and my path in Universe Online

  • Kindle Edition
  • 319 pages
  • Universe Online Enter the Game
  • Ryan Viken Henning
  • English
  • 03 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Universe Online Enter the Game

  1. Arrcraft Arrcraft says:

    There were parts of this book that were very interesting but overall I lost interest It is kind of dry and felt like of a youtube video of someone telling you about their new character build I don't know what it is but I had to make myself finish this book and I will not be reading the 2nd

  2. Brad Theado Brad Theado says:

    This book started off so good and then fell into the cliches that so many of the books in this genre fall into Over powered main character Future setting with cultural references to things in our current time as if our current time is the only past Editing getting worse as the book goes along

  3. Jeff Dunton Jeff Dunton says:

    WowFinished this almost in one sitting Which is saying a lot lately especially since its no short book Very detailed yet engaging Great start to what will hopefully have to be a long ride

  4. Austin Farmer Austin Farmer says:

    Good storyI like the story i really wish he would release volume 3 I hope he gets inspired to write it

  5. gordon musgrave gordon musgrave says:

    Ok bookIf you are into a lot of stats and not much story this book is for youI had to go through a lot of pages just to get to the story other than that a ok book

  6. Heath Heath says:

    Good Read Part 1 and 2 collected in one book A space survival story with interesting game mechanics I am interested in seeing how the story progresses with the next book

  7. AR AR says:

    Bonus chapter not worth the purchaseI dislike the practice of including bonus content in the combined release of a two part book However I enjoyed the original enough that the concept of a full bonus chapter convinced me to buy it My mistake The bonus chapter is just 6 pages long compared to the previous 38 page chapter which is supposedly a cut in half chapter with the rest cooking in the next book and is like an appendix than an actual chapter with storylineVery disappointed

  8. Eric Lee Eric Lee says:

    UO Small ThoughtsI have to say without a doubt that this is one of the better books I've read lately He didn't go overboard with detail on all of his game dynamics get what he did describe was very understandableThe characteristics of the protagonist was even funny at times The only drawbacks I found to reading this book was that I read it on a kindle fire and had to read it in landscape to view the tables properly Even then it really didn't bother me that muchThere were a few typos but shrugs I've read worse from teachers at school

  9. cliff Askey cliff Askey says:

    Uniue and engagingI really enjoyed this space set litres With a crafting focus initially the author builds a credible world with an engaging characterGood balance of intellectual and action scenes

  10. Milan Milan says:

    I like reading litRPG books and I think it's an interesting genre This one started off strong but soon it faltered Dialogue and some of the writing seemed forced and it didn't have a nice flow and there were other issues as well I think it was a good effort but it could have been a lot better

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