Cakes for Kids 35 Colorful Recipes with Easy to Follow

Cakes for Kids 35 Colorful Recipes with Easy to Follow Tips Techniues I love this book If I had my own kitchen I would totally be baking and decorating and if I had my own kids What a great book The recipesdesigns are totally doable and the cakes are so cute My little ones have already picked out the designs they want me to make There are some great ideas in here What makes an unforgettable birthday party The cake In this colorful charming cookbook Matthew Mead has created 35 whimsical cakes sure to be a hit at any party Designed for the novice or expert Cakes for Kids includes basic cake and frosting recipes as well as guidelines for baking assembling and decorating 3 D works of art The chapters are divided into three levels of difficulty easy cakes like Over the Rainbow which uses multicolored candies to do the hard stuff medium level masterpieces like the Rockin' Guitar and trickier designs like the Delicious Dinosaur No matter whatthe level of expertise step by step illustrated instructions make preparing of these confections a piece of cake

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