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Seek and Find KILLER HEADLINE Reporter Madison Coles wants to write an exposé on the crime spree rocking Desert Valley Arizona—but the small town's residents and police are tight lipped Even when Madison herself is attacked the only help she can get is protection from rookie K 9 officer James Harrison and his trusty bloodhound Suspicious of the reporter's motives the handsome cop keeps her at arm's length But the Madison's life is threatened the focused she is on finding the truth—and the closer she gets to James Can he help her find the story without them both ending up in the obituary pages Rookie K 9 Unit These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners This is an excellent read If you aren't familiar with Dana Mentink books I highly recommend them Her stories are hard to put down with realistic topics conflict and suspense This is a stand alone book in the series her first with a group of popular Love Inspired authors The characters are well defined and interesting I like when an author can get me to care about the characters in a story Dana Mentink pulls that off every time I read one of her books She has the characters tell their stories and that makes for a well rounded read too Her descriptive writing causes me to 'see' the world the characters live in right down to the wrinkly soft skin of a young bloodhound named Hawk I even learned about special care these amazing search dogs reuire for good healthMadison Coles is believable as a reporter who is driven to move forward in her career With her family history I couldn't help but wonder what influence her uncle had on her decision to follow in his footsteps James Harrison a rookie K 9 officer also has a background that may have brought about his decision to become a law officer Now that they've clashed their story is an action packed emotion filled read that has lessons for all of us If you like suspense and try to figure out who the 'bad guy' is and what is going on I highly recommend Seek and Find to you If you enjoy Dana Mentink books you could find this to be one of her best so far I discovered Dana Mentink's writing last year and she is an author I intend to follow Everything I've read of hers has been just top notch Christian romance or Christian romantic suspense it's all greatReporter Madison Coles wants to write an expose on the crime spree rocking Desert Valley Arizona but the small town's residents and police are very tight lipped Madison gets attacked and the only help she can get is from rookie K 0 officer James Harrison and his trust bloodhound Hawk The cop is suspicious of Madison's motives and keeps her at arm's length But her life is threatened than once and she is even determined on finding the truth Can James help her get the story she wants without them both ending up dead?Dana starts the book off drawing the reader in and it doesn't let up at all I was immediately immersed in the action trying myself to figure out the culprit all to no avail When she reveals the crook I had not guessed correctly Her characters have problems of their own but both have the Lord in their life Both however need to rely on God a little and trust Him to work in their lives instead of holding back because of past hurts Dana Mentink has written yet another fast paced and completely intriguing Christian romantic suspense novel I highly recommend it Loved every minuteI was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for my honest review My opinions are my own Seek and Find is book three in the Rookie K 9 Unit continuity series I have not read the other books yet this story stood on its own just fine Seek and Find has tons of intrigue and danger and plenty of uestions about who is behind the multiple deaths that have occurred over the past yearsI really liked the main characters Madison and James They both came from complicated backgrounds Both had serious trust issues And both had guilt weighing them down especially JamesThe distrust that they both had for each other made for some tense situations as James and Madison were thrown together The attraction they felt for each other yet resisted due to their insecurities was powerful and worked well with the story Seek and Find was a very suspenseful exciting and enjoyable book to readI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review on my blog at Dana Mentink has a vivid imagination when it comes to creating truly suspense filled novels I've read several of her Love Inspired Suspense books and I'm always on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next Seek and Find is another one that kept me reading past my bedtime wanting to read just one chapter Her characters are very well developed Reporters and cops don't tend to mix well and James and Madison are challenged as the plot heats up but Madison's instincts adds intrigue and determination throughout the story Both characters carry heaven burdens from the past and those burdens add friction to their friendshipI fell in love with James' trusty bloodhound his K 9 companion I laughed at times at the antics he got into Other characters throughout create darkness and a sinister focus By all means pick up a copy of this great suspense filled book I loved it and highly recommend it It's a great weekend read or one you can take to the beach Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review All expressed opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was received for this review A brown flash races across the road Reporter Madison Coles veers off the road Madison is on her way to Desert Valley Arizona Her assignment is to report on how the current crime spreeis effecting business in the areaThe brown flash turns out to be Hawk a bloodhound trained to be a K 9 Seek and Find dog The person in charge of Hawk is Rookie K 9 Officer James HarrisonOfficer Harrison does not like reporters as they caused him personal loss in the past So he is not happy when he and Hawk are assigned to guard the reporter who seems to have an attraction for trouble Madison also has a past she is trying to overcomeThere was an undeniable chemistry between the main characters What will happen between them? Will they Be able to overcome the past and be willing to walk withGod into the future?The characters are very realistic well developed and veryinteresting The issues are very real The tension was thick with plenty of suspense great chills thrills with unexpected twists There is a powerful message of God's forgiveness and love if we turn to Him Great read This is Unit #3 in Rookie K 9 seriesThank you Dana Mentink for this eBook My opinion is my own Seek and Find Rookie K 9 Unit By Dana MentinkSeek and Find by Dana Mentink is one of the Rookie K 9 Units Continuity series This book is good as a stand alone with no problems I absolutely love Dana mentink’s writing Her books are all good Christian romance suspense I have not read any of her books that I did not like She does not disappoint me She grabbed me right at the start and did not let go till the end This is one of those page turner where you can not read fast enough to see what is going too happen next I caught myself holding my breath a few times and other times I was laughing Madison's is a reporter and she is after the truth about the crime that is rocking Desert Valley Arizona Is she putting her life in danger? K 9 Officer James is a cop and his partner is a bloodhound Hawk I fell in love with Hawk and I know you will too Can James and Hawk help Madison and can they find out who is behind her attacks? Will they be to late?I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review This has got to be my favorite one of this series so far I absolutely loved Hawk That bloodhound was so much fun and so full of love and a perfect match for rookie James Harrison I loved the relationship and growth of James and reporter Madison Coles Both scarred by the past and full of distrust of Madison's profession and people in general but they overcome it with faith and understandingA seemingly innocent story from Madison's editor sends Madison on a dangerous road as she clashes with James and a corrupt cop James is assigned to protect her and right away sparks fly as she wants to continue her story and James wants her to let it go After three attempts on Madison's life all edge of your seat she finds James could be right and their relationship deepens into respect Add a particularly lovable bloodhound who eats nearly everything in sight and does not like to be caged a truly memorable scene Couldn't stop laughing for five minutes and you have a memorable and wonderful addition to this series I am loving the Rookie K 9 continuity series from both the 4 legged and 2 legged officers to the suspense mystery mayhem and danger This is James Harrison and his partner Hawks story the bloodhound referred to as “a nose with a dog attached” I have enjoyed other stories by Dana this one is no exception She laces her own uirky sense of humor within the pages especially when it comes to describing Hawk There were uite a few places I had to chuckle out loud The dog still has uite a few things to learn and has had many re training sessions He still chases suirrels chews up furniture drools his delight on his partner and anyone else he likes and howls his complaint when he thinks it’s his dinner time But his nose does an excellent job when it comes to tracking down criminals sniffing out drugs or finding Madison As for officer Harrison he’s handsome dedicated to his job and has a problem with reporters since one in the past ruined his family His mistrust keeps him from opening his heart to ANY woman especially “Little Red” reporter Madison Coles Assigned to protect her while the killer is still loose he’s all professional Madison only wanting to dig up how the crime spree has affected local businesses stirs up an unexpected hornets nest Having been attacked and almost killed several times already she chafes at officer Harrison protection duty Independent strong willed and mistrusting of cops she finds herself in trouble uite often How will these two learn to work through their differences and mistrust to bring not only a criminal to justice but bring to light the danger to the whole PD department? This one kept me on my toes the whole time I had a hard time putting it down once I started It’s was like a reunion between old friends visiting the town of Desert Valley AZ I enjoyed catching up with my book friends from the previous novels This story had plenty of action pulse pounding scenes my heart racing along with Madison as the danger lurked nearby a mystery yet to be solved and an enduring K 9 officer Oh and the human characters weren’t so bad themselves I especially enjoyed that both main characters were Christians and their faith played a major role in the storyline I loved seeing the spiritual growth and the eventual love develop between the two as God healed them of past hurts and misconceptions A truly delightful tale or tail if you will While this certainly can stand alone I highly recommend reading the previous books as there is a recurring mystery thread that I’m sure will be solved by the final one I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my honest review which I have provided here Thank you Dana for another wonderfully written tale I look forward to future adventures in you novels Talk about a book that grabs your attention and you do not want to put down Reporter Madison Coles and rookie K 9 officer James Harrison both seek truth but their jobs are different Madison is affected by her past being raised by a loving father who evidently kidnapped her and her sister after killing their mother James' past involves another reporter who shattered his family because of false accusations Someone repeatedly tries to kill Madison and James' job is to protect her while Madison is gutsy and willing to try to protect himThis book was given to me in a generous giveaway and my opinions are my own

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