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Slaves to Love Erotic love stories of Ancient Rome Raised in the city of Capua renowned for its gladiator training grounds Lucius a young patrician is unprepared for the obsessive desire that almost overwhelms him when he first sees Callistus a captive Gaul condemned to a life and probable death in the arena Unsuccessful in his attempt to buy Callistus and save him from a premature death Lucius instead follows his career attending all of his bouts in the arena including one with Spartacus the rebel slave Spartacus incites Callistus and his fellow gladiators to rebel and form an unbeatable army almost bringing the Roman legions to their knees Although torn between his love for Callistus and loyalty to his friends and family Lucius determines that before one or both of them might die he must find Callistus confess his feelings and spend at least one night in the arms of the man he lovesWhen Damian a young artist is commissioned to sculpt the image of Demetrios Rome's current darling of the arena he finds himself falling in love with the handsome gladiator Despite his father's vow to disown him Damian follows his heart and when he and Demetrios are caught in the conflagration that threatens to destroy Rome their love for one another gives them the strength to survive the flamesBut their future together looks uncertain when Damian rounded up along with Christians accused of setting the fire is separated from Demetrios and forced into a fight to the death in the arena

About the Author: J.P. Bowie

JP Bowie was born and raised in Aberdeen Scotland He wrote his first unpublished novel – a science fiction tale of brawny men and brawnier women that made him a little suspect in the eyes of his family for a whileLeaving home at age eighteen for the bright lights of London he found himself in the midst of a “diverse and creative crowd” that eventually led him to the performing arts For th

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    Slaves to Love is my first introduction to JP Bowie and I'm glad I found a new author to love Bowie mixes just the right amount of tension and angst so that his stories are fresh instead of overplayed While one of the stories does not end happily ever after the conclusion fits the characters and the situation and it didn't feel as if it was done for the sake of having an unconventional endingI'm no history buff so I can't comment on how accurate the details are but I felt as if I lived in the era Everything from the houses to the robes and minute details were perfectly woven in without overwhelming me There are a very few number of foreign words scattered throughout but they were used judiciously and it was easy to tell what they meant through context The only thing that jarred me was when I read the phrase inalienable rights Slaves to Love deals with slavery and freedom but the phrase felt out of place because it reminded me of Thomas Paine while I was reading something set in a completely different eraBowie's has an attractive style and voice that is reflected in his prose Both Lucius Callistus and Damian Demetrios are first person narratives and I think in this case it worked very well The strong personal connection to the characters was what made me love the story so much It helped that Lucius and Damian were interesting and intelligent protagonists With Lucius' seeing his ideals and world being turned upside down was a pivotal point that was told perfectly His characters are memorable and I wouldn't mind returning to their world They were so easy to relate to and to root for Bowie sketches the characters skillfully and erotic scenes were also written in a tasteful manner and free of clichés I could find nothing wrong with such a powerful narrationI wish the cover art was reflective of the excellent story you'd find inside Naked torsos are not very informative and I think this book deserves a attractive cover so that it entices readers to try it The title is also slightly misleading The stories are erotic love stories but they are so much than that Slaves to Love has the perfect balance of plot and sex scenes that is now hard to find in erotica I applaud Bowie for not sacrificing plot for sex scene after sex scene Love is also not the complete focus of these stories It's a central focus but Bowie throws in some slice of life elements that made this book memorableI don't hesitate in recommending this book JP Bowie has an excellent style and I hope to read from himReview first posted at Rainbow ReviewsPURCHASE LINKS PAPERBACK | E BOOK

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