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Extermination Gaea's favored children have put her ancient plan to cleanse the Earth of humans into motion and Kozalin stands high on their list of targets Uncertain alliances scheming gods and an implacable foe will push Daniel to his limits How far will the wizard from Earth go to protect his family Warning This novel contains graphic violence explicit sex unconventional opinions and a protagonist who has no interest in being normal Read at your own risk Rating 40 starsRe read February 2020 Initial review below I feel this review will be pretty much the same as each of the first 2 reviews The author has remained amazingly consistent which is both good and bad The good is that I know exactly what to expect; the bad being that things I hoped would get better ended up being exactly the same My gripes with this book are minor but it is the same gripe I had with the last book I don't think there was enough fun in this book Daniel keeps talking about how he loves his girls but he never spends any time with them and when he does they seem to talk about work mostly In the first book I felt a connection between the characters and Daniel but now I don't feel it view spoiler With Daniel's flesh magic he is apparently able to give any woman an orgasm with a single touch He is able to give her increased sensation and control the intensity of her pleasure He is able to change her body any way she wants We also find out in this book that he is able to control the size of his own manhood to any size a woman wants and is able to have sex as often as he wants without needing to stop With all that being said one would think he would be having sex a lot often but besides the one sexual episode with Mara there wasn't much written That seemed like a wasted opportunity to me I know it is Ragnarok and there are important things going on but he is supposed to be in love with the people in his coven but I don't feel it Shouldn't he want to be with them often Also shouldn't they be all over him if every touch could feel like bliss They walk around saying sweetie to each other but that's it I think if there was of that personal connection included in the story this book would go from being pretty good to being great hide spoiler About as good as book 2 35starsExtermination is the third novel in the Daniel Black LitRPG series The novel continues about when the second novel ended Daniel and his family slowly build and consolidate their place in the defense of Kosalin amids Ragnarok If you've read the other novels in the series you can expect much of the same only expanded More allies some cool new inventions and a few clever plans to defeat the enemy In all a pleasant read for fans of the genreReader advisoryRecommended for 18 readers due to adult material YAWN protect the girls the girls are horny build the Black Citadel up increase staff with the right people fight 'invent' new magical items like machine guns but the author doesn't even consider what could happen if one of the guns or flamethrowers got into enemy hands and they copy it with a new power sourceSuddenly the MC knows as much about warfare as an experienced generel The Dark Elves acts just like humans but with magic and long life no special traits normally attributed to them like untrustworthyness or evil intentions It just continues downhill with no end in sight The middle aged nerdy guy 'fantasy' that just got stale and boring The ending in case something unforseen happens and I continue with the story Daniel Black aka Gary Stu view spoileruses his nuclear physics knowledge from the real world and attacks Gaea's homeworld and Ape Men 'factory' with a radionuclide attack Radionuclide radioactive nuclide radioisotope or radioactive isotope is an atom that has excess nuclear energy making it unstable This excess energy can be used in one of three ways emitted from the nucleus as gamma radiation; transferred to one of its electrons to release it as a conversion electron; or used to create and emit a new particle alpha particle or beta particle from the nucleus During those processes the radionuclide is said to undergo radioactive decay He's killing them with radiation hide spoiler While I gave this 4 stars similar to the previous book I actually enjoyed this one much less Overall I think it's still worth 4 stars compared to other books I've only rated with 3 but my personal enjoyment definitely dipped hereThe elements that I don't care much about 1 the overwhelming detail given to crafting magic items even when they aren't that relevant and 2 the harem ended up occupying significantly page time than the actual plot this time around Those elements have always been present but I was mostly here for the story I like some detail to theory crafting magic and spells and such A good example would be the Divine Dungeon series by Dakota Krout Unfortunately I don't give two shits about replicating modern technology in a medieval fantasy land I don't like the idea of introducing mortars and firearms Not to mention I got annoyed with how often Daniel held down the trigger and 'walked' his fire across the enemy That's something I would picture with a faster rate of fire not with a pistol that only fires one round per second You don't really walk your fire with a normal semi auto pistol and you can empty a magazine in about 3 secondsI kind of lost touch of the idea that the main character was very competent other than in special circumstances He constantly acted like he was a one man savior suad and had a million things to do all the time but to me he just seemed like a typical programmer type that had poor time management skills The characters really flattened out this book as well Avilla is the easy example as she basically turned into an Easy Bake oven for the duration of this story Overall not a bad experience but I think I'm leaving this series here The author seems to be writing other series now and isn't consistently releasing on this one which is rarely a good sign A worthy continuation of the series Good reading experience growing storylineIt was a good reading experience and a well done addition to the storyline and characters I was left with no firm idea where the story is going which is good Definitely not predictable with so much going on and so many threads Looking forward to see how this story goes Has made me even looking forward to next book Waiting is always hardest but since I have read them as they have come out no choice but to read the next one as soon as it comes out I will be watching for it to immediately buy So I'm in love with this series I love the way that the author goes about mixing and matching two vastly different but similar worlds together There's a bit of foreshadowing going on and I think I've figured it out but with the way things have been going as of late I could be COMPLETELY wrong I'm looking forward to the next installment in this series Good book Hate the endingThis was another well written book that helped with defining all the characters I even liked the ending But at the same time I didn't like the ending I hate it when an author ends a book where all you want to do is pick up the next book to find out what happens and there is no next book Now I have to wait and wait for him to finish the next one Clever funny brutal could not put this book downWas sceptical when I first started reading this book misogyny sexist I'm not sure but it works Can't wait for the next instalment

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