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Unlawful contact I liked this The suspense was good kept me glued to the pages at times I liked the premise as well old lovers reuniting against all odds But the book started out slow for me and didn't pick up at least until 30% in Although the writing was good I found some of the terms the author used turn offish For example she used 'muff' to describe a woman's nether regions that just made me think of earmuffs and that wasn't a visual I liked being in my head Then 'man berries' for a guy Uh no Just no I think of shrivelled blueberriesshuddersThe funny thing is my favourite part of this book was Julian I've never read this authors previous work and this is the first book in this series I've read but damn I'm going to read book 2 because of the dark and sexy Julian He made this book for me and he wasn't even the main character Anyways I liked this didn't love it but I sure as hell loved JulianThanks for the rec Nadine 5 starsJgajfakljgdkjfdskhgahfksafhkdfj OMG I loved this book D Granted it was a re read and an all time favorite so I was guaranteed to love it again but who cares Not only did this story have my full attention from start to finish but it also made me stay up late ‘till the wee hours of the morning to read ‘just one chapter’ and then proceeded to sucker punch me with emotions Just when I thought I couldn’t find a single book to deliver an emotionally satisfying yet believable romance this one does again THIS here is why I love to read On its own the book is amazing and may even reel in newbies to the romantic suspense genre but within the I team series It’s simply outstanding While I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series this 3rd book far surpasses them in both the suspense and romance aspects Gahh I LOVED ITThere were two main things that made this book stand out to me – one unlike the first two books where the investigative topics environment sex trafficking were well researched additions to their stories yet lacking an emotional impact to tie in with the romance the topic explored in this book prisoncorrectional facility uality was an aspect that overwhelmed me with feels mainly because throughout the course of the book both the heroine and hero have personal experiences that tie in with this topic and in turn makes me feel their suffering and pain especially the hero Marc HunterThis mangosh where to start He’s a convicted murderer sentenced to life without parole but he also happens to be one of the BEST heroes I’ve ever read about Knowing that life for him is pretty much over he breaks out of prison through a hostage situation to find and save his missing sister and baby niece Everything he’s done is for his remaining family This was a kid with a dream and a man who tried to achieve his goals and shot for the stars but missed Nothing about his circumstances that lead up to him landing in prison is black and white and despite experiencing so much bad he still is this honorable man who knows the difference between what’s right and wrong I know I always say that this author creates the most honorable heroes but it’s the truth The heroine Sophie was someone I liked from the start While Marc’s a new character Sophie isn’t and the times I saw her in the first two books made me curious about her Somehow she manages to be aloof and laidback at the same time and she’s sort of a mix of Kara’s book 1 and Tessa’s book 2 personalities She’s definitely strong and gutsy but also is one of the most compassionately sweet heroines I’ve read And she was the perfect match for MarcThe other thing that made this book stand out was the romance – Marc and Sophie had a history together before present day where shit hit the fan Second chance romances are my weakness and nine times out of ten I’ll love the couple in uestion just because of this one reason The history Marc and Sophie shared was one full of purity and innocence secret dreams and hopes they both clung to throughout the years What I especially loved was that their history had no strings attached both of them honestly never thought they’d see each other again which made their short time together that much memorable So when they do meet in one of the most unexpected ways – Sophie a hostage Marc the escaped prisoner who threatens her – ugly words are exchanged feelings are hurt precious memories are tainted and of course sparks fly Even though there was a clear attraction simmering between them I loved that neither of them pushed it This is a major bonus of reading romances that focus on adult characters they make mature decisions where even though I’ve never been in their shoes I can still relate and just feel the realism given their tense situation I especially felt a ton of feelings when Marc brokenly told his prison experiences – this isn’t my first time re reading this book but somehow I always tear up at these scenes It also never ceases to amaze me just how well researched and in depth this author’s stories are especially this book It’s a common saying that authors pour their heart and soul into their stories but Pamela Clare goes far beyond that I can feel the love and passion she has for each and every investigative topic the heroines write about – some personal than others – and just in general her love for journalism itselfWhen I read this book for the very first time I remember thinking to myself how does she do it How does she continue to top each book she’s written Now 3 years later and all her books under my belt my first observation is that Pamela Clare is one of the very very few authors who consistently delivers well developed gripping stories in both romantic suspense and historical romance I seriously can’t recommend this author and her books enoughUnlawful Contact is the third book in the I Team series and can be read as a standalone I would recommend reading in order though because this entire series is great Journalist Sophie Alton is investigating the disappearance of a young mother named Megan recently paroled and now running from the law with her baby daughter Sophie's search leads her to Megan's brother Marc a convicted killer and the man she shared an unforgettable night with twelve years agoCondemned to life in prison Marc uses Sophie to escape so he can find his sister and protect her from the monster who's pursuing her Sophie knows she should fear Marc But the heat and hunger of his touch still lingers in her mind and on her body after all this timeTogether they will follow a dangerous trail as people on both sides of the law do everything they can to keep Sophie and Mark from finding Megan and a shocking truth about the past 35 Stars This is my second book in the I team series and I enjoyed it just not uite as much as I enjoyed book 5 It probably doesn't help that I'm reading them out of order It was a fun and entertaining story I just had too many issues to rate it higher than 35 I did love the second chance romance aspect of this installment their connection was believable to me and I love all of the characters in the series Pamela Clare can definitely write an outstanding alpha male and it turns out sex with a fugitive who hasn't been with anyone for almost 7 years is very hot The first time they were together was impressive definitely the highlight of the book The problem for me is that sometimes less is when it comes to detailed sex scenes and the first one was enough to carry most of the book especially considering their situation I think if I read this a couple of years ago before reading one too many romance novels I may not have noticed how cheesy the writing got in the second halfI'm all for a scene like this But the cheesy uotes got so out of control I was cracking up over them there's just no way I can take this seriouslyShe exhaled in a shuddering cry coming against his mouth in a gush of hot nectar her body shaking with pleasureHe palmed her breasts teased the rosy velvet of her nipples drinking in the flood of warm honey that was her body's responseAnd she was burning her skin now so sensitive that no matter where he touched her his mouth felt like fire a river of hot cream flowing between her legsShe did as he asked exposing her soft inner thighs and the red gold curls of her muff opening for him like an exotic tropical flower rosy and sweetI have accepted that romance authors tend to write how wet and tight someone is it can't be avoided I just have to draw the line with gushing creamy rivers and floods view spoiler and don't even get me started on the pregnancy hide spoiler 5 STARSCheck out my reviewfantasy cast on Under the CoversDear JulianI love you I love you I love youBut I may love Marc Hunter His piercing green eyed stare that killer sense of humor and the fact that he knows how to handle a gun may just trump that sucky swirly thing you do with your tongueI’m sorry Please don’t kill meLove AnnOh my god So I’ve just finished Unlawful Contact minutes ago and I’m still recovering Okay but in all seriousness Pamela Clare has gone above and beyond any expectations I had for this book Each new instalment in the I Teams series is better than the first and I know I said I wanted Julian’s babies in my last review but I am considering having Marc’s now Hunt just has that affect on my ovaries Can you blame a girlMarc Hunter has lived through hell He lost six years of his life rotting away behind bars for a crime he would without a doubt commit again With his lethal good looks and his deadly charm Marc is a force to be reckoned with Ms Clare writes the most amazing heroes in her novels but I think Hunter tops them all There are so many facets to his personality One of the best things I loved about him was the fact that he had honor Even with his status as a convicted murderer he still had a sense of right and wrong that I respected a lot Further I loved his sense of hope and his live in the moment attitude In the bleakest of times he doesn’t become brooding and tortures himself over things he has no control of Instead he makes the best of what he has and never forgets the gift of the present he is living inAnd then there’s Sophie Alton who has become my favourite heroine of this entire series I adored her from the get go and loved her faith in Hunt The prologue was so brilliantly crafted that I knew I would be in trouble because I fell so hard for both these characters Out of the I Team Sophie was pretty laid back But in the spotlight in her own book I thought she shined She was so strong and courageous What both Hunt and Sophie experience in this book is both gut wrenching and heartfelt because even during the toughest of times they find salvation within each otherTheir love for one another was so believable and potent that I’ll admit it I cried a lot during this book This book has officially become one of my all time favourites because I will never be the same after reading this Unlawful Contact tore me to pieces and as corny as it sounds I will always remember this Now here’s the hard partfinding a book to read after this because nothing will stand up to the masterpiece that this book is NothingFavourite uote“Well okay then” He leaned back crossed his arms over his chest and grinned “But when you ‘Pistol Pants’ were you referring to my firearm – or my gun” 5 Stars Again and again and againI've read this book in paperback and ebook many times and now I listened to it on audio Crazy good Most of my friends have read this so let's reminisce about my favorite scene no real review here just me having fun Remember the part where Marc re connects with Sophie and he says It was like falling dick first into paradise and then he picks her up off the floorstill connected mind youand they crash their way into the bedroom and then keep at it I LOVE THAT SCENE It was good when I first read it and now imagine some guy reading this to you in a deep breathy sultry sexy voice HELP ME I'm ready to explode Someone throw some ice water on me I keep hitting re play and I'm panting It's as if Marc is talking to me himself I WISH I'm changing my name to Sophie Kaleo Griffith really nailed the guys in this series He didn't actually nail them but you know what I mean He's got one helluva voiceSMOOTH Bottom line Unlawful Contact is my favorite in the series because Marc Hunter is my favorite I Team hero Thank you Dorsey for telling me how good the audio version wasIT ROCKS It's like I'm experiencing the book for the first time Now off to hit re play so I can experience it again and again and again I'm stuck in a loop My Marc Hunter dreamy sigh Meet Marc Hunt HunterThe resident bad boy who everyone knows will end up in jail Hunt believes Sophie to be the prettiest girl in school but never approaches her because he thinks there's not way he stands a chance with someone as sweet and smart as her He secretly dreams of becoming an astronaut but joins the army insteadMeet Sophie AltonAfter her parents' death Sophie comes to live with her grandmother and dreams of becoming a reporter In her new town the straight A nerd covertly crushes on the school hottie but knows there's no way he'd be interested in her when he could easily have any of the gorgeous curvy seniors who constantly flock him After an unplanned night of passion neither has forgotten they meet again after twelve years Sophie's a very successful reporter and Hunt is as predicted in prison Hunt escapes from prison with Sophie and both try separately at first and then together to find Hunt's runaway sister and niece “You know what kept me warm at night” He leaned in closer brushed a strand of hair from the satin of her cheek “I kept thinking about this beautiful girl from my hometown I only spent one night with her—just one night—but it was the sweetest night of my life She gave me her virginity and told me to shoot for the stars I tried Sophie I tried to shoot for the stars” I liked Sophie and Hunt's story from the very beginning I'm a sucker for childhood romances that develop into so much as the couple grows older and this particular teenage love story is no exception The chemistry and connection between Hunt and Sophie is evident from the get go and I'm surprised at how well Clare portrayed the otherwise clichéd romance between the troublemaker and the geek Don’t let go of her Hunt Don’t let go of Sophie Don’t let her out of your life If only he’d done that one thing My heart always melted whenever Marc was unexpectedly gentle with Sophie I loved how their relationship was clearly built on so much than just lust there was also respect care honesty understanding and most of all excellent communication between the two Their relationship represents love at its best and it was thoroughly engrossing watching it develop from a teenage crush to an obsession to unadulterated lust to the point where Sophie helped Marc heal and get over his traumatic pastSophie was a great heroine and I couldn't sum up her personality better than Marc “You’re the smartest bravest most wonderful most beautiful most precious woman I’ve ever known Sophie Alton When I’m gone remember that” Nonetheless the one character that really made me fall in love with this book and give it a 5 star rating is Marc He's one of the sweetest most loving and caring men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing It's so unfair what happened to him and how much he had to endure view spoileron behalf of his sister hide spoiler 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseThis is another intense gripping smokin’ hot read in Pamela Clare’s intelligent thrilling and steamy I Team romantic suspense series about a group of investigative reporters who put their hearts and lives on the line for the sake of uncovering the truth and seeking justice Investigative journalist Sophie Alton is trying to find answers about the disappearance of a young mother with a history of drug abuse Megan Rawlings who escaped a halfway house with her baby daughter under suspicious circumstances The case leads her to interview Megan’s brother Marc Hunter who is serving a life sentence in maximum prison for murder but her search for the truth turns dangerous when Marc takes Sophie hostage in a desperate attempt to escape in order to find and help his sister Things get even riskier and complicated when Sophie realizes that Marc is “Hunt” the bad boy she shared an unforgettable romantic night with twelve years ago and hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since Marc has spent the past six years serving hard time in prison which is where most people expected him to end up except for the one person who saw to him than just the town bad boy Marc has never forgotten the beautiful sweet girl who gave him her virginity on a magical night twelve years before and now they’re thrust together once again on a frantic search for his sister The attraction and connection between Marc and Sophie is as intense and volatile as ever but his past puts their love in peril and threatens to tear them apart once again Marc “Hunt” Hunter is such a sexy loving protective emotionally anguished and tortured hero that you can’t help but fall hard for him just like Sophie and I wanted so much for them to get their HEA The suspense is full of explosive action surprising twists and shocking conspiracies the romance is heartbreaking and emotional and the sex is scorching HOT bordering on erotic I also loved the beautiful emotional sweet prologue and the touching epilogue was icing on the already scrumptious cake I highly recommend this for fans of romantic suspense with lots of heat 5 stars While writing this review I kept asking myself how does Pamela Clare do it How does she write book after amazing book each one getting better than the one before When I was sure she couldn’t possibly top Extreme Exposure I read Hard Evidence and was blown away Then when I’m certain there’s no way she can beat Hard Evidence I read Unlawful Contact and found myself literally sitting on the edge of my seat unable to put it down and staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it – yet not wanting it to end In one of the sweetest sexiest prologues of any book I’ve ever read Sophie Alton and Hunt spent one unforgettable night together 12 years before this story begins knowing it would probably be the last time they’d ever see each other Hunt left the following morning to begin his stint in the Army and as the years wore on Sophie went on to become an investigative reporter ultimately ending up at the Denver Independent as a member of their elite I Team Even though they didn’t see each other again didn’t stay in touch they never forgot that one night they’d spent together a night that was so much than just physical attraction What they had shared was true passion an emotional connection between two lonely people that would never be forgottenAs the book blurb tells us our heroine Sophie is investigating the disappearance of a young mother Megan who was recently paroled and at a time when her life was finally taking a turn for the better she inexplicably takes off with her daughter Emily and is running from the law In her attempts to find Megan Sophie is led to Marc Hunter Megan’s brother who is serving a life sentence for murdering a fellow DEA agent But as is often the case things are not always as they appear and what once appeared to be a black and white cut and dry conviction sentencing Marc Hunter to prison now takes on shades of gray as we get a glimpse into a justice system tainted by a few corrupt and power hungry men The story takes us on an exciting journey with Marc and Sophie who are chasing and being chased by the bad guys while trying to find out why Megan and Emily are on the run and reach them before it’s too late There is plenty enough action adventure mystery romance and sexual heat to keep this story moving uickly yet easy to follow I never lost interest and Unlawful Contact is yet another book by this author to be added to my “keepers” shelfI usually devote a good amount of time to character traits and development in my reviews but I’m not going to do that this time other than to say that once again these are not just names on the page rather they are richly detailed and fully fleshed out people who we’d truly love to have as friends neighbors family members and lovers Now that said Marc I adore you and I want to have your babies Yes I had wanted to have Julian’s babies too but this time I mean it You’re perfect for me Tortured hot scarred sexy vulnerable honorable sexy – in short you’re the perfect male but you need a woman’s touch my touch so ditch that Sophie chick and come home with me sighOK where was I Oh yes So I had asked the uestion How does she do it Well the answer is that not only is Ms Clare a bestselling author she’s an investigative journalist and the “fictional” stories we read about in her books aren’t uite as fictional as we might think They are based on actual stories she broke or helped work on over the years at her “day” job working at the newspaper This is where the realism and the attention to details that make her stories stand out come from—firsthand experience And as I read these novels I can tell that not only the characters but their circumstances really matter to her They don’t just start and end between the covers of the book Here’s what I mean—Ms Clare during her years as an investigative reporter actually spent some time in a women’s jail to get a feel for what it was like behind bars She became aware of the practice of shackling pregnant inmates to their beds during labor and childbirth and made it her personal mission to have a law passed which would put a halt to this practice She spent three years trying to find a lawmaker who would take up the issue but no one seemed interested In fact some weren’t even aware this was being done In January of 2010 she went to the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility to interview inmates who were either pregnant or who had recently given birth and the following month wrote up an article with new information and updated statistics Armed with the article and all the supporting data she had a meeting with the Senate President who agreed to grant “late bill” status to any bill dealing with this issue Pamela then found a lawmaker who was willing to carry the bill However this lawmaker knew nothing about the issue so she asked Ms Clare to write the law which she did followed by weeks of hearings in the House and Senate in which she testified three times with the bill finally passing in June 2010 with only a single “no” voteThanks to her efforts pregnant women in Denver Correctional Facilities have been allowed a small bit of dignity in a very undignified existence Some of the things which are covered in this bill are No one in the state city police county sheriffs state prison authorities can shackle a pregnant inmate in labor or during birth The new law also regulates how a pregnant inmate can be shackled throughout her pregnancy And it makes sure she can have someone with her during her strip search when she returns to prison guards were hurting womenMy purpose in sharing this information is to point out how seriously Ms Clare takes her job as a journalist and to show how much work and firsthand experience goes into her novels Each book of this series is just as detailed and accurate her information having come from hours upon hours of research and hands on investigation which give a uniue perspective and authenticity to her stories we don’t often find in fictional romantic suspense novels They are not just words on a page meant to sell books she truly believes in what she writes about and that comes through in her stories She consistently gives us characters to care about laugh with cry for and look forward to revisiting time and time again If you’re a fan of romantic suspense and haven’t yet tried Pamela Clare’s I Team novels I’d really encourage you to do so and just as I did you might just find you have a new favorite author to the genreThe I Team reading order so far1 Extreme Exposure15 Heaven Can't Wait a novella found in the out of print anthology Catch of the Day and on ebook 2 Hard Evidence3 Unlawful Contact4 Naked Edge5 Breaking Point55 Skin Deep59 First Strike6 Striking Distance If you're already a Pamela Clare fan or interested in learning about her and her books be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads 5 Stars Also reviewed at Lady Jayne's Reading DenI’ve been trying to read Surrender by Pamela Clare but Marc Hunter keeps telling me he wants his day in Courtso here goesI hope I can do him justice THE PEOPLE OF ROMANCELANDIA v PAMELA CLARE 2010 SCRR 6996 31 October 2010SUPREME COURT OF ROMANCELANDIAUNLAWFUL CONTACTJudgment of the Honourable Justice Isabith McHardupAccused Pamela ClareComplainant Lady JayneCHARGES Charge 1 Causing addiction to a book series through grippingly suspenseful sensual emotional engaging and thought provoking writingCharge 2 Creating to die for heroes who steal hearts and who induce immense longing for “Unlawful Contact” with said heroesCharge 3 Causing risk to personal safety by writing scenes which induce heart palpitations breathlessness sudden swooning hot flashes and the melting of pantiesTHE PLOTThe plot upon which the charges are based are as follows From the Unlawful Contact book blurb “Journalist Sophie Alton is investigating the disappearance of a young mother named Megan recently paroled and now running from the law with her baby daughter Sophie's search leads her to Megan's brother Marc a convicted killer and the man she shared an unforgettable night with twelve years ago Condemned to life in prison Marc uses Sophie to escape so he can find his sister and protect her from the monster who's pursuing her Sophie knows she should fear Marc But the heat and hunger of his touch still lingers in her mind and on her body after all this time Together they will follow a dangerous trail as people on both sides of the law do everything they can to keep Sophie and Mark from finding Megan and a shocking truth about the past”THE EVIDENCECHARGE 1 Causing addiction to a book series through grippingly suspenseful sensual emotional engaging and thought provoking writingOn 3rd October 2010 the complainant began reading the I Team series starting off with Extreme Exposure and then Hard Evidence On 14th October 2010 the complainant had intended to read one of her library books with the looming deadlines next but found she just “had to” read Unlawful Contact the 3rd book in the series “It’s like I just couldn’t stop” she testified Her library books were thus neglected in lieu of Ms Clare’s books and had to be returned unread Oh the horrorFurther the complainant testified that she was freuently distracted from work because she had this insatiable “ NEED to keep reading” She was reading while waiting for her coffee while eating on the commute to and from work even using her teeny mobile phone light as a reading light in the dark while her husband was trying to speak to her “Sorry darling did you say something” eyes never straying from the page – every opportunity to read was takenIt is uite clear from the content of complainant’s testimony as well as the shocking constant SUEE ing gushing sighing fanning self incoherent mumbling and inconvenient swooning such that this Court had to recess several timesHmph that the complainant has a VERY bad case of addiction Further I Justice Isabith McHardup read this book in order to give it proper consideration and can provide corroboration of its addictive nature I’ve picked up the rest of the series I was also impressed upon finding out that the author was instrumental in the legislative amendments prohibiting the shackling of inmates during labour and childbirth which was part of the subject of this book Ms Clare is to be commended for her workFor an excellent review which details Ms Clare’s efforts in getting the “Anti Shackling Bill” passed please refer to UniuelyMoi Dhestiny's review link below 2 Creating to die for heroes who steal hearts and who induce immense longing for “Unlawful Contact” with said heroesThe complainant testified to constantly daydreaming of Reece Sheridan Julian Darcangelo and now Marc Hunter who she stated could perhaps be her FAVOURITE I Team hero yet while whispering “But please don’t tell Reece Or Julian”The complainant described Marc Hunter aka Hunt as being six foot three athletic broad shouldered and OH SO well built He has wavy thick brown hair high cheekbones a suare jaw full kissable lips and deep green eyes “Doesn’t that description just make you swoon” stated the complainant The complainant testified “Marc Hunter is so tortured protective HOT loyal sexy anguished sweet SO HAWT and honourable He would do anything for the people he loves I just LOVE him sighs And every time he called Sophie his “fairy sprite” my heart just melted I loved the sweetness of their first time together I want to have “Unlawful Contact” with Hunt He is worth 5 Stars”The Prosecution presented the following images of Marc Hunter into evidence He bears a striking resemblance to the delectably gorgeous Eduardo Verastegui CHARGE 3 Risk to personal safety by writing scenes which induce heart palpitations breathlessness sudden swooning hot flashes and the melting of pantiesThe prosecution presented several exhibits as evidence in support of this chargeEXHIBIT A The little black dress Every woman needs one And a man like Marc Hunter to truly appreciate it wink wink nudge nudgeEXHIBIT B The fireplace The location of an ohhh soooo deliciousscene bursts into flames Definite panty melting hereEXHIBIT C The gray angora sweater Who knew it could be so sexy Especially against some wood wiggles eyebrowsEXHIBIT D The sexy “man titties” Who could possibly resist this ex soldier boy’s RAWREXHIBIT E The Ray Bans Even as a man on the run Marc Hunter ROCKS itEXHIBIT F Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm THUD With this the Prosecution rested its case ^^VERDICT On all charges I find the accused GUILTY AS CHARGED ^^SENTENCEMs Pamela Clare is sentenced to write amazing stories FOR LIFE so that those addicted will not suffer unbearably I trust that Ms Clare realises that there will be no appealing this sentence wink ^In light of the serious state of the complainant’s addiction this Court is recommending a mandatory treatment of MORE Pamela Clare books When supply of said books run out re reads may be necessaryIn case this “judgment” has not made it clear UNLAWFUL CONTACT AND THE ENTIRE I TEAM SERIES IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ IT NOW And if you don’t take heed Marc Hunter will be coming for YOUNOTES 1 “SCRR” in the judgment title stands for “Supreme Court of Romancelandia Reports”2 “6996” which represents the page number in the Court report It's a thick volume LOL is the date of a very special night for Hunt and Sophie – June 9 1996 DISCLAIMER Every effort has been made to make this review as fun and encouraging as possible Thus liberties have been taken with the format of the “judgment” and this does not accurately represent a real life Court judgment ^^ COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER I do not hold the copyright to any of the images used in this review They are posted to add visuals to the review and for fun If any of these images are yours and you would like me to remove them please let me know and I will do so as soon as possible If I can identify the copyright I will do so