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Ser Como o Rio ue Flui A collections of thoughts and writings of Paolo Coelho's Like the Flowing River is an interesting entertaining mostly light but also at times profound and overall enjoyable read Each Christmas we have an exchange of gifts The actual exchange of gifts take place during the annual Christmas party Anyway all employees were asked to create a wish list The wish list contained all or some of the things that we would like to receive for Christmas Last Christmas 2011 I was collecting Nicholas Sparks' books This Christmas 2012 I was collecting Paulo Coelho books So naturally I wrote down Paulo Coelho books on my wish list To cut the story short I received the book 'Like the Flowing River' I am not a huge fan of short stories Yet like only Paulo Coelho could he transported me to different worlds with an open mind and an open heart Some of the compilations of thoughts that struck me the most was 'Music in the Chapel' 'Genghis Khan and his Falcon' 'The Dead Man Wore Pajamas' and 'Norma and the Good Things' In lieu with the latter story I have decided to make my own planner marked with wonderful inventions and happenings that ought to be celebrated If you would like to take a break from all of the novels and fiction that you read you will find 'Like the Flowing River' very refreshing “È più semplice fare l’ingegnere – disse mia mamma – piuttosto che lo scrittore” Come il fiume che scorre è una raccolta di aneddoti idee e schizzi autobiografici e costituisce un'unica e affascinante auto riflessione che lo scrittore brasiliano più famoso del mondo compie sul suo ricchissimo corpus letterario Traendo spunto da scritti di periodi differenti Coelho ricostruisce in uesto volume il suo percorso offrendoci un prezioso distillato della sua sottile filosofia uella di una persona che osserva l'esistenza con la stessa serenità di chi posa lo sguardo sul corso di un fiume Ciò che ne emerge con forza è semplicemente una possibile storia degli esseri umani raffigurati con la rapidità e l'intensità di uno scatto instantaneo al pari della vita stessa Letteratura storia la difficile arte dell'a per gli esseri umani e per i libri che ne ritraggono l'epopea di ogni giorno temi eterni che fluiscono attraverso le parole di uno scrittore diverso da ogni altro scrittore esistente e ancorato alla sua missione; comunicare a chi sa disporsi all'ascolto la verità e la bellezza dell'universo Oh why do I even bother any with Coelho? His books are easy read shallow reads but leave a bad aftertaste much like how I feel after I'm done bingeing on junk food Write about spirituality in a stripped simplified way sprinkle in some pseudo intellectualism and voila you get a world famous author with little substance Coelho should be taught two things one is that nuanced writing is a much better approach in philosophizing and two it would do the readers good if he could tone down his ego a bit There's something really bothersome about a writer who keeps wanting to show how enlightened he is I hope I don't forget that and pick up another one of his work after this Book Hey Reader you know what?Reader No what?Book Everyone surely loves GodReader Not me Shut up and do something interestingBook What if I tell you stories about the essence of life?Reader Sounds alrightBook A and B had an argument and stopped talking to each other A died suddenly B was sad because he had never apologised to A Not talking to each other is very sad Whaddaya think? DReader I think you're as subtle as an atomic bombBook weeps You no me likey I are sad ;;Reader Okay okay stop crying Just try again will you?Book ^^ Well you should be like a pencil because a pencil is like X and like Y and that are good ualities in a personReader try againBook óò Erm what about there was this man who died but that was many many years ago and no one ever looked for him and it's very bad not to be missedReader I'd never have guessedBook Don't worry that's what I'm here for D Reader I was being ironicBook weeps TTReader Fine fine fine You got something else?Book If you are sad you need to remind yourself of X and Y and that will make you happy again And always tell yourself it's going to be good so you won't lose hopeReader What if someone has a depression?Book A what?Reader forget it Anything else?Book I have pretty stories about life and things you should think of which others have told me tells storiesReader At least something endurableBook Y u no me likey? DxReader Because thanks to you I now have a headache Go awayBook I'll tell that all to my author and he will be very unhappy about it runs away cryingReader I will survive I will survive Now I still have a life to give despite this book that's filled with filth and I'll survive dances off of stage Like the Flowing River is a collection of Paulo Coelho’s stories and articles which were published in different newspapers around the worldLike the Flowing River is definitely one of Coelho’s best for me It contained his thoughts and reflections on different things—from the story of the pencil to a piece of bread that fell wrong side up I’m amused at how he sees the Universe How he comes up with various realizations out of the simplest things that happen in his lifeThis proves that Paulo Coelho really has a profound understanding of the Universe The stories and articles were compiled in a such a way that the reader would not have a hard time reading them Most of these articles made me think of the different possibilities that may happen in my lifeThere were a hundred or so stories and articles contained in Coelho’s Like the Flowing River and here are the ones that I liked Prepared for Battle But with a Few Doubts The Story of the Pencil How to Climb Mountains Genghis Khan and His Falcon How One Thing Can Contain Everything The Dead Man Wore Pyjamas The Solitary Piece of Coal The Piece of Bread That Fell Wrong Side Up Of Books and Libraries Prague 1891 A Visitor Arrives from Morocco The Moment of Dawn A Man Lying on the Ground Raj Tells Me a Story Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Statutes for the New Millennium Destroying and Rebuilding Travelling Differently A Fairy Tale The Australian and the Newspaper Ad The Tears of the Desert Rome Isabella Returns from Nepal In the Blue Mountains The Cloud and the Sand Dune Norma and the Good Things In San Diego Harbour California The Soldier in the Forest The Funny Thing About Human Beings Who Would Like This Twenty Dollar Bill? The Art of Trying My Father in law Christiano Oiticica Thank You President Bush The Catholic and the Muslim Evil Wants Good to Prevail The Old Lady in Copacabana Remaining Open to Love Believing in the Impossible Some Final Prayers The ones that had a great impact on me I will admit one thingif not for my brother i would not have read this book or for the matter any books of his My friends used to recommend his books but i had always stayed away from his books From what i have heard his books always sounded Philosophical which for me is the other name for Boring I have never been into books of that category I stay away from Self Help books I tried reading it once since an avid reader should read all types of Genre But sadly it resulted in a reading slump phase From that time on wards i have strongly stayed away from those kind of booksMy brother unfortunately for him told me that he had come across many novels in his University Library My university on the other hand only had books related to engineering and stuffs like that My brother took the first book which caught his eye from the library to stop my incessant pesteringGuess what he took a book which i was least likely to read I was thinking whether to waste my time reading this book coz i know i would be dropping this book at some point of timeAnyway i couldn't see the book being abandoned since my brother went all the way to place which he rarely goesfor me Guess what I finished reading it I was pleasantly surprised by this book I am in short of words to express how i felt while reading it You look at the world in a different light once you start reading this book Now i sound so philosophical But clearly Paulo Coleho expresses it in a way which no one ever hasHe just puts things differentlyThis particular book of his is a collection of Short stories of his lifeI am a religious person and this one particular story lingered in my mind for a long timeAn old illiterate Arab used to pray with such fervor each night that the wealthy owner of the great caravan decided to summon him so as to talk to him“Why do you pray with such devotion? How do you know God exists when you don’t even know how to read?”“I do know sir I can read everything that the Great Celestial Father writes”“But how?”The humble servant explained“When you receive a letter from someone far away how do you recognize the writer?”“By the handwriting”“When you receive a jewel how do you know who made it?”“By the goldsmith’s mark”“When you hear animals moving about near the tent how do you know if it was a sheep or a horse or an ox?”“By its footprints” replied the owner surprised at all these uestionsThe old man invited him to come outside with him and showed him the sky“Neither the things written up there nor the desert down below could have been made or written by the hand of man” This is just one storyThis book is packed with such stories like this All different from one another If you like this one story then read this book Paulo is a wise person and it is known in the stories he shares with us I never thought that a man can really be so profound and inspiring even in his daily life until I read Paulo Coelho’s Like the Flowing RiverBefore I read this book I have read Coelho’s book “The Alchemist” and just credited him for a wonderful work of art But after reading this book I discovered that Coelho is not only a masterful writer but also a man full of wisdom in real lifeLike the Flowing River is a gleaning of accounts of his experiences stories he had been told and thoughts than he had while traveling from one country to another It would put you in Coelho’s shoes from the time he was just a boy dreaming to be a writer to the time he actually became one of the widest read writers in the world and the experiences he had between these points in time It will bring you inside his mind and read his reflections on living and dying destiny and choice and love lost and foundAfter reading the book you will have a new perspective in life You will appreciate little but important things you haven’t noticed before You will enjoy living A read that will definitely make you smile There are a lot of insights of human life that I can learn from this amazing bookI love the way he wrote all of the stories which were contained of enchanting messages for anyone who read it especially me It helps me smile wrinkle my eye brows whenever I didn't get the point yet of one story helps me passing my day even when I got stuck by the traffic jamIn short I must say that this book is loveableand I love it Like a flowing river is an ode to a better way of living Each and every chapter shows the reader a different perspective to life the Coelho way Absolutely spiritual and poetic by a gifted storyteller and an amazing life coach You have to credit the translator Margaret Jull Costa who is doing an incredible job Look out for Coelho's short story on the same though the name of the translator is not found Have I just given a spoiler? This book contains no scope for spoilersEvery story is short but crisp and inspirational Don't just mistake this for a book of short stories