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The Billionaire's Marriage Mission DNF glad it was from the library and easily returned I really adored this book Simply put it was so sweet and it really showed how amazing love was Throughout the book I was touched by how much Travis loved Beth Though it wasn’t specifically mentioned the way he treated her showed me the depth of his love for her And for some reason she just couldn’t feel it But I’ll get into that later Overall I really enjoyed reading the book Though some parts were a little slow here and there I found that the good parts of the book made the entire reading experience an amazing oneLet’s talk a little about the characters first Travis is apparently a billionaire though this isn’t really important It was never actually mentioned Which brings me to the point of the title I think its so inappropriate I mean the book and the title has no link at all Like zero Travis is rich yes but I got the impression he wasn’t as rich as a billionaire And he wasn’t explicitly chasing Beth for marriage He loved her yes and I’m sure he was hoping that she would fall in love with him and eventually marry him But it wasn’t a mission at all as the title stated Haha I can’t think of any better title just felt that this title was very Misleading Okay Back to Travis I loved his character He isn’t like other HP guys They can be hot aloof cold enigmatic rich doesn’t want a relationship doesn’t trust women super experienced You get my point But Travis was just about the opposite of that He was sweet kind patient helpful had a great sense of humor friendly just about every girl’s dream guy Not that I know so much about that And he’s so freaking hot too Especially during the car scene OMG I was like dying when he was kinda expressing his love for her? view spoiler Like when he said he was in love with a girl who didn’t necessarily feel the same way back Heh I kinda guessed that he was referring to her A pity she didn’t see it hide spoiler The Billionaire's Marriage Mission is the story of Beth and TravisBasically Beth is cheated on by her ex husband and has a breakdown post divorce To get some rest she takes a cottage in a secluded area with her dog Harvey and ends up meeting TravisNow let me say once again the hero was BOMB He was kind caring gentle not overbearing gives the heroine space and time develop her feelings for him does not pressure her for physical intimacies yet makes her realize the truthThe h on the other hand is wallowing in self pity initially being mean and later pushing away the hero even when he confesses his love I really wanted someone to yell at her get over it as even the H went through shit but she was too dramatic about her exGAH If it had a less stubborn and stronger heroine this would have been perfectSafe355PS Extra 12 star for the puppy love This was an ok read as is usual with Helen Brooks the hero is besotted from the start but has to work through the baggage the heroine carries with her He did a good job The heroine was a little self pitying but she went though a tough betrayal A good story A little tame for a HP it should have been a HR I seem to like the Helen Brook's heroes than her heroines The author likes to trot out very similar character situations in her books too In this book the heroine has a loser ex husband like in His Christmas Bride HP 2689 While a good story when considered in a vacuum the fact that it was the exact same story as His Christmas Bride really ruined the stories for me I mean divorcee left destitute by two timing ex husband is similar enough To have both heroines' parents die premature accidental deaths as well is just too much The same meet cute the same I don't want to have sex and fall in love with you because my ex husband ruined me on men prevarication it was the same story with the names changed This is the few times where the H is the tease instead of the h Also the scenes especially the ending is so cheesy for me that it is uite unbelievable I cried on some good parts so I will give points on that Forgettable; thankfully borrowed from the library Sweet wonderful Travis to scared Beth Very straightforwardThere's not much in terms of learning about Travis his work etc Aside from Beth's thoughts and reaction to Travis I did not know much about her either I will remember this one for the fact that two intelligent successful and educated people somehow couldn't figure out that letting their unspayed dogs run wild would end up in a litter of puppies down the line face palm Billionaires always get what they want Travis Black might be darkly broodingly handsome but as far as Beth is concerned he's also very infuriating What would a rich successful and charming man like him want with a uiet vulnerable and oh so ordinary woman like her Travis soon makes that abundantly clear However Beth isn't into casual affairs—so this is one billionaire who won't get what he wants Or will he

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