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Legal Confidential A semi autobiographical no holds barred account semi owing to changed names in the book of a corporate lawyer with 35 years of experience in the field that is in eual measure dark and funny What appeals most about the book is the fact that the author calls a spade a spade everywhere and readily accepts that the commentary on characters and events are his version of the narrative which may not align with the narratives of those he comments upon; their prisms and perspectives may be at complete variance with his I didn't mind the blunt cynicism and the picture of hopelessness evident everywhere in the narrative because it rings true and plausible when I think about my own experiences and other similar readingsThe author began as a trial court lawyer fighting the lowliest of cases in the lower courts of Delhi and graduated to a corporate advisory practice with a number of hard knocks along the way In the process he learnt first hand how the law really works in India He disabuses anyone of the notion that courts are here to give justice; they are mere instruments of implementation of the law whether it is just or unjust Laws are written or influenced by the elite of the day and change as the powers that be change There are no objective truths only narratives and stories That is as true of law as of life and universe The sooner a lawyer learns this the better for himher The book is peppered with cases the author was involved in and the theater of the absurd he found himself in on a number of occasions That gives you an idea of how the wheels of judiciary grind in India reducing the plaintiff defendant or both to dust Cases described span every area of litigation and corporate advisory The strategies and tactics adopted leave you with a grudging admiration of the ingenuity human beings are capable of deploying to further their ends The book paints a sorry picture of the state of judiciary in India and there simply seems no way out of the whole mess Nobody has been able to bell the cat yetFrom my professional perspective the book was educative about how corporates really behave in India and how credit lending is much riskier than is portrayed on paper in credit proposals The promoters of companies in India are extremely resourceful and can be outright thieves More than the financials it is the owner one needs to be able to read The problem gets compounded because the safeguards in law to protect stakeholders are not implementable in practice if at all The judiciary has neither the capacity nor the competence to understand complex commercials issues and any lawyer worth his salt can put a spanner in the works when he wants to While the National Company Law Tribunal exists it is severely understaffed The much touted process of arbitration as a short cut is no panacea either If the arbitrator wants to drag the arbitration process years on end to ensure maximum billing your goose is cooked There is nothing under the law that allows you to hasten the process Add to that the fear of investigative agencies coming after a government officer years after retirement and you have a system that is completely paralysed top to bottom If the tax department comes after you the law doesn't allow you to be heard till you deposit a large percentage of the tax demand slapped on you with the department They won't give you a copy of the papers which they have seized and on the basis of which they've made their case till you file your reply in defense If you are thinking Kafka you are damn right Sometime you get the exact thing that you wanted That's why i guess we say If you really want to do something you'll find a way This books revolves around a real story of the lawyer who starts his practice from the trial courts of Delhi and eventually joins the corporate law firms A essential read for all law students because it carries the wisdom of a man who has practiced in legal field for than 30 years Book gets little boring in middle but it is worth spending time in reading this book Overall It has beautifully conveyed the realities of the legal world A legal memoir it details the trials and tribulations of a lawyer in India The author began practicing law in the early 1980s in the Tis Hazari court in Delhi In the 1990s he moved to corporate law after joining a law firm The book ends when he leaves the law firm to form his own law firmGives detailed accounts of how the law functions in practice For example a bankrupt Indian company was bought by an American company only to find that the CEO of the Indian company had doctored the accounts for years to shore up the company price He was skillfully removed from his position but he then created so much headache for the new company by his incessant litigation at multiple courts throughout the country that they chose to finally reach a settlement and pay him a hefty sumShows the dysfunction in the court system where cases languish for years Author gives the story of his friend who bought a house in 1986 at an auction The house had been seized by the government and the original owner contested the sale in court It reached the Supreme court and took a total of 10 years to reach a favourable judgement in the author's friend's favour But now the tax authorities said that in the intervening 10 years the price of the property had gone up so the auction has to be redone As of the publication of the book 2015 the case was still in the courts Arbitration is nowadays put forward as the panacea of such problems as the contesting parties can settle their disputes out of court Unfortunately the arbitrator can sometimes lengthen the process by years to milk the involved parties for their feesMy favourite story comes from the author's days as a trial lawyer when a small time businessman came to the author to file for divorce The businessman lived in a joint family and his wife was carrying on an affair with his younger brother When confronted she stated that if he can't satisfy her there was nothing wrong with her spending time with his brother The rest of his family didn't care since it was going on within the family In fact when the trial began half the family was standing beside the wife as they were angry with the businessman for airing their dirty laundry publicly and gave evidence against him It ended on a tragic note as the businessman committed suicide six months after trial beganImmensely readable and racy the book reads like a thriller It does bog down a bit in the last half though There is one chapter where the author pontificates about how the law is not about getting justice Laws are arbitrary creations to maintain the power of the elite rulers or of their supporters Fair enough But it does bog down the pace Did enjoy the power dynamics playing out between senior and junior lawyers charted out by the author However I disliked the way the book ended abruptly It makes me feel that the author was attempting to set up a seuel to the book Overall it is a pretty good book to get some ideas about the way the law works in India Excellent Book The author navigates us through his adventures as a lawyer right from trial courts handling divorce cases to bussiness artbitraition from small cases to breach in large Govt contractsSales Tax evasion Author explains politics in a small firm he has worked for This can be related to any small firm not just small Law firms Author explains in details Revenue stream of the people From Judje to Chaprasi in trial courts Gives a clear idea how to handle any case you are fighting planning to fight Explains Why outside court settlement most of the time makes sense REAL LIFE experiences Loved it Outstanding piece Gives you a peek into the legal system of Indian judiciary and makes you realise that courts are to enforce law not to provide justice uite an eye opener; one doesn't get these insights from course books A must read for all law students aspiring for a career in litigation andor corporate law Narrative in an impressive way I am working in Tis Hazari and hence relatable Would give a 1010 to this A great readinteresting insight to the legal world Rookie lawyer Ranjeev C Dubey slogs his way through the corridors of Delhi’s trial courts and realizes that the legal system is anything but fair He stumbles upon a strange world of corruption sleaze adultery eloping couples and clients willing to pay for legal services ‘in kind’ He survives the ‘killing field’ of litigation for twelve long years biding his time When he gets an offer to join a law firm Dubey believes he has finally arrived But has he The world of Indian corporate law is one of intense power play and the merciless pursuit of revenue In this sinister world of destructive politicking Ranjeev becomes enemies with the big sharks who own the law firm What follows is an explosive showdown In this dark racy memoir the now well known corporate lawyer exposes the world of the black robes with his trademark wit and leaves you wanting If you had to read only one book about the world of lawyers and the Indian legal system Legal Confidential would have to be it

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