Introducing Contemporary Theologies The What and the Who

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Introducing Contemporary Theologies The What and the Who of Theology Today What is theology Where has it come from What forces are shaping it now Where is it going Using the theological method of Bernard Lonergan this book provides the perfect compass to help the reader find a path through the tangled jungle that is contemporary theology The first part of the book offers a synthesis of the nature of theology its relationship with philosophy a comparison of past and present theology and the nature of theological method The second part provides an exhilarating introduction to the work of leading theologians of the late twentieth century including Karl Rahner Hans Kung Leonardo Boff Wolfhart Pannenberg Dorothee Soelle Rosemary Radford Reuther Elizabeth Johnson and John Meyendorff Dr Ormerod presents each theologian through an analysis of one significant work as a means of understanding that thinker's particular contribution and theological style