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Italian Diabetes Cookbook Contrary to popular belief Italian food is the perfect cuisine for those looking for heart healthy and diabetes friendly dishes Real Italian food that is which is healthful delicious and the most popular cuisine in the world At its core classic Italian cuisine is all about preparing fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables whole grains beans legumes dairy seafood and poultry in time honored techniues that preserve both tradition and flavor In the Italian Diabetes Cookbook award winning author Amy Riolo looks to honor this tradition with 150 easy to prepare satisfying and robust Italian dishes that can be enjoyed by the whole family — while helping fine food lovers everywhere achieve their health goalsInspiration for this book came to Amy when she visited her ancestral hometown of Crotone Italy for the first time Each recipe includes notes on the history and cultural importance of each dish and most contain wine pairings — an essential part of any authentic Italian meal Highlights include Ricotta Grilled Eggplant and Fresh Mint Bruschetta; Whole Wheat Ziti with Goat Ragu; Swordfish with Olives Capers Herbs and Tomatoes; Red Pepper Yellow Tomato and Artichoke Salad; Espresso Panna Cotta; and many

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