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Save with Jamie Shop smartCook cleverWaste less120 money saving meals Jamie's new book and companion TV series are another great round of ideas With all of the concerns about food wastage it is wonderful that he provides some great ways to use up leftovers especially large roast dinners Having said that it does mean if you want to start something from scratch you have to either make something comparable to the roast or try to find a way to cook your meat before starting off That isn't that terrible but it does mean many of the recipes have the same vibe Maybe they aren't the most earth shattering but do provide a good jumping off point for how to use leftovers There are certainly some tasty things to try I think this is a good companion book to the Jamie's Ministry Of FoodFood Revolution book; for us who want simple and towards cheaper end food the two are essential though MoFFR is what I'd get firstThe focus of this book is on uality tasty food on a budget not the leanest budget but pretty close and note my comment above The categories are Veg Chicken Beef Pork Lamb Fish plus some bonus recipes At the start there is talk of the fridge and pantry contents what the author has some saving tips and euipment basics Within the categories we are introduced to some person the greengocer the butcher and the fishmonger Also there are tips like how to joint a chicken how to waste certain food stuff and how to grow and use fresh herbs At the end are nutrition information for each recipe All recipes have photos making time calories per portion and sometimes extra tipsFavorite recipes not including lamb and fish stuffGrated rainbow salad with sesame feta fritters Mexican filled omelette Puffy pea'n'potato pie My sag aloo Sweet fennel soup with French toast croutons Pappa alle zucchine Courgette bread soup Okonomiyaki Chicken spinach cannelloni Sticky chicken Chinese noodles Spiced beef tangine Chinese beef tofu Dim sum pork buns Sausage panzanellaI feel the author couldn't uite help putting his own taste into this but it doesn't disturb the flow It's a bit English the covered pies the Sunday roasts and the Cheddar His current tool obsession was the crinkle cut knife which does look interesting in the euipment photo and it is mentioned in uite a few recipes This is the first time I came across the yorkie a donut shaped and sized bread that is eaten with meat stew strange but I would tryThis is a very interesting and useful cookbook but not the eat cheap book I imagined I've said the rest on this at the start Very British in a way but this is a good and tasty view on that and I did learn some saving tips while reading Not a bad adding to one's cookbook shelfshelves ; Recipes are ok the saving part? Well not so much I have a very comfortable income and this is about my Level of cooking and ingredients to be creative with your leftovers yeah Saving as in you're living on the breadling saving? Hear me laugh Yet another addition to Jamie's cookery empire Bought this for Mummy for her birthday as she asked for it even though she often says that she doesn't have time to try out new recipes So there's a fair few recipes that I'll try on her behalfThe concept of this book is uite good and sensible but not exactly groundbreaking I swear at least every other cookbooks I've read from the last few years rhapsodises over doing a big roast and then using up the leftovers in other meals And as another reviewer pointed out this isn't exactly on the breadline budget cooking it's 'slightly cheapier than normal cookbooks' level budgeting I'm a student and I eat frugally than thisAnd finally for the love of god how many cookbook authors go on and on about how great cheap ham hocks are where on earth are you meant to find them? Certainly not in even uite large and middle class supermarkets and given that my only local butchers are halal ones no hope there My only other choice is places like Borough Market which is certainly not cheap

  • Hardcover
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  • Save with Jamie
  • Jamie Oliver
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  • 08 August 2015

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See this thread for information James Trevor Jamie Oliver sometimes known as The Naked Chef is an English chef and media personality well known for his growing list of food focused television shows his recent roles in campaigning against the use of processed foods in national schools and his campaign to change unhealthy diets and poor cooking habits for the better across the United Kingdom

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