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Commanded by the French Duke One knight to capture her heart Alinor of Claverstock takes her life in her hands when she rescues Bianca d'Attalens from her stepmother's evil clutches But when Alinor encounters Bianca's handsome brother Guilhem Duc d'Attalens it's not just her life that's in danger Alinor finds herself powerless to resist Guilhem and is soon caught up in a perilous web of intrigue and forbidden attraction An attraction that heightens when they are sent together into enemy territory

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  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    NOPE DNF pg 91Please understand I'm reluctant to complain about dialogue sounding too modern I hate reading historicals where the characters converse with stilted wooden dialect that sounds like old timey robots indeed I often prefer medievals where the conversations feel natural informal not forced into the author's idea of what their readers think Historical People Sounded Like capitalized because you know exactly the sort of dialogue I'm referring to That being said I can't abide the way these supposedly medieval people talked I tried to get used to it Then I tried to ignore it But neither approach helped because it was RIDICULOUS Check my updates for other wonky snippets but I lifted this passage pg 91 as a prime example It's one of many; every convo sounds like this so there's plenty to choose from What did you want me to do marry you? It was only a kiss Alinor it didn't mean anythingBut I'm a Spare me the 'nun' story Alinor I don't know who you are but you are most definitely not a nunYou could apologize at leastSorry Now can we get a move on?crickets chirpingAt which point I took a sip of tea closed the book carried it downstairs dropped it in the donate bag Because NOPE As with my previous attempt at Ms Fuller it just doesn't gel with my taste The premise was fine the descriptions of scenery were nicebut I wanted to scream every time the characters opened their mouths Her dialogue style simply grinds my gears beyond tolerance

  2. Carol Carol says:

    The plot seemed interesting enough at first glance and being the sucker I am for historicals of all varieties I dove in I kind of wish I hadn'tThe book wasn't bad at least not outright It was pretty ok in the beginning a bit confusing if I'm honest with how it opened and honestly the way the heroine reacted to the knights went from understandable to ridiculous in no time And to have the Prince Edward hit her even though she had turned hysterical by then really bugged me but so that the hero just it brushed away like it was nothing even though he regretted not being able to move her away from Edward in time to soften the blow Him staying with her till she regained consciousness I guess was supposed to make up for that flaw and although given the time era and the fact Edward was basically a temperamental little boy the whole book explained why he hit her it was still something that bugged meGuilhem's sister felt like a flat character to me And the heroine Oh boy Half way through the book I was so frustrated with her childish antics or tantrums or whatever she said to Guilhem By half way through the book she was feeling like one of those TSTL heroines and I just kept rolling my eyes The scene where they make love at the atrocious inn right after the smarmy inn keeper tried to make unwanted advances on her which was the second time this happened after her step brother Eurostace tried to rape her earlier in the book Only to be saved by Guielhem again I felt it was poorly written and naturally he feels like he isn't worthy of her because of his dark tortured past and she's sigh naive enough not to believe in herself or her own beauty evil stepmommy's fault naturally and so after the act she is all glowing and happy and then he apologies and she immediately thinks he doesn't want her and no one does and he was apologizing because the man took her virginity on the floor of the dirty ass inn after tossing the inn keeper who snuck back in her room when he left to get her some clean bed sheets to have his nasty way with her in typical villain fashion It was a poorly timed burst of passion in the story in my opinion The hero was probably the only person I truly liked in the book The heroine just came off to naive and ridiculously overdramatic at times especially with the hero And did I mention the book ended abruptly? No? Well it did Not that I'm sore over it Just put off that the whole reason they were at de Montfort's camp was left hanging wide open while they confess to one another how much they love each other much to each others surpriseblech At least I managed to finish it so cookie for me

  3. Emily Emily says:

    Just overwhelmingly meh The synopsis made this sound like an exciting story but even though stuff happened it was boring instead of entertaining Part of the issue was that the heroine spent most of the time throwing tantrums instead of actually doing anything It also seemed to suffer from plotting issues At around chapter 12 I was wondering how there were going to be another eight chapters The answer was the author introduced what felt like an entirely new plot line that was then uickly and poorly resolved view spoilerThe ending felt very rushed to me and this could have used an epilogue to actually show them in a happy relationship hide spoiler

  4. Violet Banerjee Violet Banerjee says:

    A broken axel on a narrow bridge put Lady Alinor of Claverstock and her cartload of abbey grain right in the path of the formidable Guilhem Duc d’Attalins Lady Alinor is not one to back down from a challenge whether working at the nunnery nursing the sick or defending the abbey’s grain against Prince Edward’s soldiers Mastering her feelings around the strong and stoic Guilhem might be too difficult a task for even her strong will Guilhem is immediately drawn to Alinor’s fiery spirit—all the so after he happily learns she isn’t a real nun—but he daren’t make her his own because of a secret shame staining his past The two are drawn together as ueen Eleanor and Prince Edward’s political web closes in around them Finally their mutual passion is too potent to ignore Medieval historical romance can be a tricky genre for the modern author to negotiate These days the hero must be than simply handsome strong and rich He must also be intelligent compassionate and if not actually a feminist at least willing to concede that women should be treated with unflagging respect This is a tall order for a thirteenth century knight even a fictional one Similarly the heroine is no longer allowed to be a doe eyed object of desire but must be an adventuress in her own right Meriel Fuller makes an admirable effect to tell a thirteenth century story for a twenty first century audience Alinor is independent and feisty and is also a target for the casual violence against women that was very much a part of her world Guilhem admires Alinor for unconventional behavior but even he uses his size and sex to intimidate her To his credit he is afterwards ashamed of his dishonorable behavior What Fuller creates in Commanded by the French Duke is a fantasy of medieval romance where the hero follows a code of chivalry updated for the twenty first century

  5. Vana Vana says:

    A good story with a likeable hero and heroine Guilhem was strong and honourable and Alinor was courageous and loyal even prepared to protect her friends in the face of impossible odds Prince Edward's display of violence towards the heroine was a little disturbing but I suppose it was in keeping with what is known of the Prince's sometimes short temper and Guilhem came through for her The historical characterisation of the Prince Edward and the setting had historical accuracy which was good The first 34 of the book consisted of a strong plot but a sub plot was introduced two thirds of the way through and was not explored fully to a satisfactory conclusion The book ended suddenly I do feel that other areas could have been explored fully For example the come uppance for the wicked step mother and step brother Although we know they were called to account by ueen Eleanor it was skimmed over There were little niggles Guilhem camped with his soldiers in enemy territory without setting a lookout surely an elementary mistake And my little pet hate relationships complicated because of a lack of a little communicationDespite these niggles I did enjoy the story overall A reasonably good read

  6. Babette Brown Babette Brown says:

    Non del tutto risolto La cosa più divertente è stata capire come mai i sovrani Enrico ed Eleonora avevano un figlio ed erede di nome Edoardo E uesto perché senza guardare le date pensavo ad Enrico II ed Eleonora d’Auitania ma naturalmente è bastata una ricerca su Google per risolvere il problemaL’inizio del romanzo è molto efficace perché Alinor si presenta come una donna tostissima Poi il ritmo e l’efficacia diminuiscono e il finale è davvero troppo sbrigativo e deludente Dal momento che il filone più propriamente storico non trova soluzione è possibile che ci sia un seguitoTeresa Siciliano

  7. Laurem Laurem says:

    It was an enjoyable read till the end The book just abruptly ends The author could have ed expanded and developed the story better therefore she missed some good opportunities

  8. Monique Monique says:

    Horrible Just horrible Incredible lack of characterization Current day language in the mouths of medieval people I finished it by skimming because I just couldn't stand it The ending was abrupt and I didn't realize for a moment that it had in fact ended Just ugh

  9. Amy Amy says:

    It was okay Some parts moved along pretty well Some parts were lacking Not too crazy about the dialogue

  10. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Passionate poignant and pleasing best describe Fuller’s newest medieval romance RT Book Reviews

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