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Something Chronic Something Chronic is a challenging yet comic novel set in Dundee Scotland in 1999 It explores the connection between the personal and the politicalDundee 1979 Euan Saddler casts his vote in the referendum but then succumbs to a mysterious sleeping sickness from which he awakes twenty years laterHow is Euan to make sense of his new world in 1999 Elephants have escaped into the fields of Angus and mysterious graffiti are appearing in public places Meanwhile Radio Dighty offers its own peculiar version of Scottish values as the way to the truth As the Millenium approaches Euan makes far reaching choices about his relationship with the past the present and the future

2 thoughts on “Something Chronic

  1. Markwoods Markwoods says:

    What a strange book I uite liked it And I did find myself caring for the characters There’s an irony The main theme of the book is pastpresent The lead character has just woken up in 1999 after sleeping through 20 years of history And I’ve read it 21 years later when it’s present is already my past Some Dundee dialogue lots of local colour I only knew the Caird Hall uite fun Some darkness But then there is usually some darkness in life

  2. Chris Chanona Chris Chanona says:

    A funny and thought provoking read

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