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Autoboyography Three years ago Tanner Scott’s family relocated from California to Utah a move that nudged the bisexual teen temporarily back into the closet Now with one semester of high school to go and no obstacles between him and out of state college freedom Tanner plans to coast through his remaining classes and clear out of UtahBut when his best friend Autumn dares him to take Provo High’s prestigious Seminar—where honor roll students diligently toil to draft a book in a semester—Tanner can’t resist going against his better judgment and having a go if only to prove to Autumn how silly the whole thing is Writing a book in four months sounds simple Four months is an eternityIt turns out Tanner is only partly right four months is a long time After all it takes only one second for him to notice Sebastian Brother the Mormon prodigy who sold his own Seminar novel the year before and who now mentors the class And it takes less than a month for Tanner to fall completely in love with him

  • Hardcover
  • 279 pages
  • Autoboyography
  • Christina Lauren
  • English
  • 08 August 2015
  • 9781481481687

About the Author: Christina Lauren

Christina Lauren is the combined pen name of long time writing partnersbestiessoulmatesbrain twins Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings The coauthor duo writes both Young Adult and Adult Fiction and together has produced fourteen New York Times bestselling novels Their books have been translated into 30 languages Some of these books have kissing Some of these books have A LOT of kissing

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  1. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    4 Stars A really remarkable read that lives up to the hype CW homophobiaI have to say I was NOT feeling this book to start The plot felt very generic to start and I found Tanner incredibly irritating Once the story passed into a period of cute romance I was into it Finally when shit hit the fan and everything was ruined I was hooked Wonder what that say about me? I thoroughly enjoyed the different points of conflict in the story from the romance problems the friend problems the religious complications Sebastian's role as a mentor and Mormon missionary even Tanner's flawed nature grew on me as it made for a good story albeit still infuriating Autoboyography isn't an absolute favorite of mine but I went through a real emotional transformation with it making it a fairly memorable readI adored the exploration of sexuality in this novel From Tanner's perspective we have a bisexual teen who is totally secure of his identity and is able to share in that pride with his family The way Tanner's parents support and encourage him was lovely to read and a really positive example for teens to encounter With Sebastian we follow the polar opposite someone who denies their true self and is forced to hide it from everyone in their live due to harsh religious beliefs Autoboyography really hit all the marks when it comes to discussing teen sexuality coming out accepting yourself and leading your most authentic life Though there's much conflict in the story related to Tanner and Sebastian's sexual orientation it's far from gay tragedy porn and offers and insightful view into the real lives of LGBT teens today It was super satisfying in that regardI also greatly enjoyed the friendship between Tanner and Autumn It felt super realistic and captured so many different experiences of teen friends such as unreuited feelings the effects of choosing significant others over longtime friends and making decisions about college and the future Truth be told I think Autumn deserved better than Tanner and was probably my favorite character out of the whole novel because I related so strongly to her but their relationship was raw and uncensored Though I have my own struggles with this novel mostly Tanner and Sebastian being dumb 247 I greatly enjoyed it and completely see why it's become a favorite of the community Those looking for satisfying stories with LGBT characters will find it with Autoboyography

  2. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    READ #2 August 2018I forgot how much this book freaking means to me I'm crYING okay I think this book will forever take up space in my heart and I'm so so glad it exists My love for it is so personal and relatable and rereading made me genuinely tear up shout out me who is generally a stoic vulcan tbh and have my heartbreak and heal at onceI can't evenThis is definitely in my top 10 books of all timeAlso I did the audiobook this time and it was EXCEPTIONAL The narrator was so so good Plus at the end there was this epic interview with both the authors and it gave so much insight to just how #ownvoices this is and how much love and research they put inand how passionate they are about this getting to teens who need it most LOVE LOVE LOVEREAD #1 October 2017I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW AND I FREAKING TEARED UP Who am I I am not a tearer Look I honestly found this book reallyhard to read at times It's beautiful and it's honest and it's about love is love no matter who you are or who you love But it's set really heavily against a backdrop of religion and that's HARD So it was hard to read I felt and I honestly absolutely ache right now BUT AT THE SAME TIME THIS BOOK AN ABSOLUTE TREASURE AND I LOVE IT I'mI'm a mess omg pls Just goJust kidding don't go I HAVE WORDS TO TALK Ok holy HECK can I just say these two boys are preciousTanner's narration was AMAZING and I'm like 89% sure the first 90% of this book is what he's writing as his book for his school class? But anyway I can't get over how emotional complex and dimensional these characters are The writing is A the entire time I adored Tanner He's emotional and impulsive and absolutely full of heart And Sebastian is the sweetest most perfect pure cinnamon He is literally PERFECT And this makes him very flawedya Go figure that out But it's true I ship them so much I climbed a wall and ate it I am just saying So one of the coolest things is they're both writersThe premise of the book is basically Tanner is writing a book for his school class and Sebastian is a highschool graduate come back to help mentor the students IT'S ABOUT WRITERS AND I AM A WRITER SO THIS PLEASED ME AMAZINGLY Although I laugh and laugh and laugh at them freaking out writing a book in 4 months You sweet summer children I can write a book in 3 days #ShutUpCaitNobodyWantsToHearThat Anyway I DO think it's dumb to write about yourself in books I mean since when is that NOT a bad idea Tanner YOU IDIOT YOU HAVE TO TURN THIS INTO YOUR TEACHER But it's still super sweetApparently this book can have characters making 8784 bad decisions and I'll just be here like THEY'RE CUTE RAINBOW WRITER NERDS AND THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT I'M TRASH HERE THANKS Also Sebastian is so far into the closet that he's literally living in NarniaHe's having tea with a fawn It b r o k e my heart when he told he wasn't gay because he wouldn't choose that IAJUGAHIUG But this book is a journey about love and religion and accepting yourself and I personally think it was written beautifully I also believe it's #ownvoices for the bi rep OK LET'S TALK ABOUT RELIGION AND HOW I AM SO FREAKING WORKED UP RIGHT NOWSo this reminded me a lot of Release which you should read immediately like 100000% best book Tanner's family are very open and loving and support him 100% in being bisexual Although they encourage him to remain closeted while they're living an super conservative town because they want to protect him So I get that But I DO think that messed with him a lot and honestly? I don't think they should've moved to a place they couldn't protect him with That's probably a controversial opinionlike they moved for work yada ya But your kids are important Their mental health is important Tanner wasn't suffering per se but ya knowit's not healthy to hide yourselfBut then if he HADN'T have moved he wouldn't have met Sebastian AKA PUREST LOVE OF LIGHTOK but Sebastian's family? They are super Mormon So the book pretty heavily talks about Mormons and I learned a LOT I didn't know I'm not opposed to religion in books but I have 0% time in my world for ANY religion which is against being ueer And Sebastian's family talks about being gay the same way they'd talk about someone dying It's so hard to read But I also think it was SO well and respectfully written I didn't find the book hating on the church or Mormons I found it firmly talking about how there is no heckin' way God doesn't support ueers HE MADE THEM and this was beautiful However it's hard and brutal to read at times and it was so so so sad Side note I grew up in a very conservative church environment not Mormon though but it really damaged my view of the worldmyself at times And I'm sad about it but also pleased I'm far away from it now I related to a lot of things in the book anyway so ughuighaui hence the rantIn summary I honestly don't love how religious it was but I LOVE the conclusions it came to And yes It was hard to read a lot of the time And I think a lot of ueer kids would relate It also features the BEST friendship between Tanner and his BFF AutumnThey'recomplicated But I love boygirl friendships and loved their development Also Tanner's family is epicLike I don't agree with EVERYTHING they did But his mum slipped happy gay bumper stickers into his room all the time and they fill the house with rainbows and just ahhh Tanner has a beautiful family ALSO IT WAS SUPER FUNNYI laughed so hard I ACTUALLY HAD TO PUT THE BOOK DOWN HOly hECK it was so good Speaking of putting the book down??? I didn't want to???EVER????? It's 400 pages and i've been dying trying to read 300 page books lately BUT THIS? I COULDN'T STOP READING I DIDN'T WANT TO MY HEART ACHED WHENEVER I HAD TO PUT IT DOWN It was relatable and emotional and captivating I honestly think this book is full of heartMy dead heart actually beat Twice I can't even There is writing and school and kissing and biscuit crumbs There is stargazing and boys crying There is beautifulness and heartbreak and bittersweet moments and an ending that EXPLODED mY HEART I still prefer not to read religious books but I still loved it I am a tangled Gregorian knot Excuse me I must fly away now

  3. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    This was such a touching love story There were so many obstacles along the way due to the very religious town Tanner and Sebastian were living in and I worried for them the entire time but it was a great read I loved how it featured a bisexual main character and examined what bisexuality means tackling some common misconceptions and showed how difficult it can be for a gay boy who has grown up in the Mormon church Overall such a great book

  4. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    His smile ruins me Watching Tanner and Sebastian fall in love felt like privilege Mostly because they were so beautiful together I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should consider myself lucky to be able to witness such magic My goodness romance stories turn me to mush Though I’m surprised I managed to enjoy—love actually—this book After all I will answer to anyone who asks that no I in no way find insta love realistic And yet this is what Tanner feels for Sebastian and vice versa Yet somehow Christina Lauren managed to not make me want to burn this book which just proves that it’s not about the subject it’s about the execution Not many can pull this off This is why in many cases insta love is detestable In this particular one it’s forgivable and even easy to shrug off It wasn’t something I dwelled on as I read the story since the important part was how their relationship developed not how it started but I wanted to mention it here so you know that while it’s a slow burn it’s also somewhat sudden It’s simple I want what Tanner and Sebastian haveI could do without the drama because I don’t wish this turmoil that affects both characters on anyone let alone myself but if it’s an all or nothing scenario I’ll take that too What Tanner and Sebastian have is very precious It took me a heartbeat to become captivated by this book It’s well written engaging and meaningful This is my first story from Christina Lauren but this duo has me in their palm already Next time they release a YA book I’ll be the first to read it Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  5. Melanie Melanie says:

    “A God worthy of your eternal love wouldn’t judge you for who you love while you’re here” Friends I only picked this book up because it was on sale this month on Audible even though I can never focus on audiobooks I only started listening because I decided to spend last night playing video games with my best friend I only clicked play because he was telling me about his latest audiobook I honestly believe with whole heart that the stars aligned to make me read this book and I will be forever thankful because this is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my entire life This is a story about a boy named Tanner who is bisexual but not fully out because his parents moved to Utah and are living in a place where almost everyone is Mormon And Tanner’s best friend Autumn convinces or begs him to join this writing class where they have to write edit and turn in a book before the end of the semester A boy from the previous year named Sebastian actually got the book that he turned in published So he is back working as a TA helping other kids write their books “It opens with a boy and a girl a dare and crumbs on a bed But where it really begins is with a double take and the words “His smile ruins me” Trigger and content warnings for homophobic slurs talk of conversion therapy and shitty parents that aren’t accepting of their children Also full disclosure and all that I connected very easily to Tanner I knew early in high school that I wasn’t straight And my parents aren’t as amazing as Tanners but they were always supportive and accepting and let me know that they will love me regardless of who I chose to love Yet I can connect a tiny bit with Sebastian because God and the Catholic church have always been a big part of my life I have never known a life like Sebastian’s but I remember how scared I was to come out to certain members of my childhood church More like “hey this is my girlfriend” while letting them deal with the information whatever way pleased them But I’ve never had anyone from church tell me that my feelings or wants or the integral parts of who I am were wrong And to this day I still consider myself Catholic and I still believe that God loves me regardless of who I love Also here is your friendly reminder in case you need it Whatever higher power you believe in loves you regardless of who you choose to love And you are valid and worthy of love no matter who you choose to give your heart toSo reading Sebastian’s life just broke my heart over and over and over I’ll also be honest I don’t have any MormonLDS friends I know all the terrible stereotypes but this book is the only book I’ve even read that stars a Mormon character So even though I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the Mormon church going into this book I actually feel like this book actually taught me a bit about their beliefs and values And I actually really appreciated and liked seeing the glimpses even if it was hard at times And I also think the authors wrote this book in a very respectful way towards the religion “You have so much space in your heart for your church but does it have space for you?” Tanner’s parents are my favorite parents of all literature Goals completely goals in every sense of the word And just seeing the juxtaposition between Tanner and Sebastian’s parents it’s heartbreaking To see how a child can thrive when they are accepted to embrace who they are Then to see a child feel worthless and wrong and to actually pray to be different You all I don’t have words And as much as I want to give a copy of this to every kid that is uestioning their feelings I wish I could put this in the hands of every single person who is even thinking of becoming a parent But I will say that the only negative thing I can think about in this book is that Tanner’s parents are so amazing and supportive but they still moved him to a place where he had to go back into the closet Even if it was just for a few years it still doesn’t feel too great when you think about that without the other amazing aspects of this story coming in to play When people have recommended this book to me they would always use words like “cute” and “sweet” but I honestly cried while listening to at least half of this book This book tore me a part ripped me open completely broke me and then somehow put me back together stitched me up and completely healed me Reading this book was a cathartic experience without uestion But the romance is so good And you will become so easily invested with these two boys who want nothing than to love each other unapologetically And even though I cried through most of this book some of these tears were from pure happiness These authors are romances writers and it really shines throughout the novel and makes you ship these two so damn hard I also really loved that Tanner is bisexual even though I think he could be pansexual if he wanted that label and it is constantly talked about how he has had relationships with different genders and emphasized that just because this book is a romance between two boys Tanner is not gay I really appreciated it I also loved how thoughtful Tanner was with not outing Sebastian and the important spotlight that these authors shined on how you shouldn’t out or discuss anyone’s sexuality regardless of the relationship you have with them “Kissing boys feels good Kissing girls feels good But something tells me kissing Sebastian would be like a sparkler falling in the middle of a field of dry grass” This book also puts friendship and how important it is to be open communicative and accepting in those friendships in the spotlight I loved Autumn so much and her relationship with Tanner was a joy to read about Friendships can be so confusing and even messy at times but unconditional love will forever and always be the most powerful force on the planet Overall I read this in one day I couldn’t stop I couldn’t put it down I still can’t stop thinking about it This book is honestly perfection in my eyes And I wish I could put it in the hands of every single kid who is uestioning who they are and who they love I will cherish this book forever And I’m sorry if this review is a little all over the place but this book truly means to me than I have words for This is seriously a masterpieceBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch

  6. Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ Virginia Ronan ♥ Herondale ♥ says:

    ”This is how we reveal ourselves these tiny flashes of discomfort the reactions we can’t hide”“Autoboyography” was one of those books I wanted to read ever since I read the blurb I mean there was the mention of a bisexual character that’s forced to stay in the closet because he moved to Utha and truth be told that alone was already enough to piue my interest lolStill when I picked up the book I didn’t expect to go through so many feels and to say it touched my heart is certainly putting it mildly I was so worried for those two boys and their feelings and thoughts left me so raw and broken There were scenes that made me laugh and another few pages in I’d suddenly feel angry and frustrated just to burst into tears as soon as I turned the next page ARGH It’s almost impossible to describe what I felt while I read this book Once I began to really read it I couldn’t put it down any though I felt a need to know how it would continue and if something bad would happen and that aforementioned need almost killed me and made me nervous as hell XDI swear there were moments when I bit my nails snorted in disbelief or nervously began to chew my bottom lip Yes “Autoboyography” really put me on edge And it once again was a book that earned me one of my husbands disapproving looks lolI can’t even put into words how much I actually dreaded the end For me the foreboding and anticipation was almost unbearable it was really intense and when I finally reached the ending Oh well I guess you’ll just have to read the book ; P lolI know I’m mean you can thank me later XDThe plot ”As he faces the class from the front now his eyes flash when they meet mine – for a tiny flicker of a second and then again like a prism catching light because he does a double take”Tanner Scott is a bisexual boy who had been out in California but was kind of forced back into the closet when his mother got a job offer in Utha Three years ago their entire family moved into Mormon territory and all this time Tann never outed himself mostly because there actually was no need to His plan was to make it into an out of state college and to never look back but as plans go this one turned out to be difficult than he had initially anticipated To finish school and to get a good grade in Mr Fujita’s class might be impossible especially because everything Tanner can think about is Sebastian Brother the bishop’s son who’s supposed to help him write a story but somehow ended up stealing his heart insteadThe characters Spoiler warning If you don’t want to be spoiled you better stop now XD Proceed at your own risk ; ”Kissing boys feels good Kissing girls feels good But something tells me kissing Sebastian would be like a sparkler falling in the middle of a field of dry grass”Tanner ”I was in the neighborhood” I take a bite chewing swallowing through my smile “Came over to campus to dance and sing some songs”His eyes twinkle He doesn’t seem to mind that I’m not LDS let alone mocking it a little “Cool”I just loved and adored Tanner This boy was so honest and straightforward and his humour was just amazing lol I swear everyone needs a Tanner in their life XD I really liked how he tried to understand Sebastian’s beliefs and didn’t judge him for it And I also appreciated that he stayed true to himself He never let others influence his decisions and I think it needs a lot of inner strength to follow your own path and to accept that you need to make your own mistakes especially if you have so nice and caring parents like Tanner had lol Still when he told Sebastian that he loves him and didn’t even get a proper reaction from him my heart just hurt It was so painful to watch them break up and I swear no matter what I did I really couldn’t stop to worry about him XD He wants to go on a mission? He wants to leave here and commit two of his best hottest wildest most adventurous years to the church? He wants to give his life to this – really give his life?I stare at my hands and wonder what the hell I’m actually doing here Glitter heart Paige has nothing on me I am the King of Naïve” ”You know Mom would murder you for that for your semi unintentional blessing that I deflower the bishop’s son” ”I don’t actually care if you break my heart Sebastian I went into this knowing it could happen and I gave it to you anyway But I don’t want you to break your own You have so much space in your heart for your church but does it have space for you?”Sebastian ”I went to a movie by myself and ate an entire box of Red Vines” He leans in eyes full of that teasing shine “I had a Coke”My brain is tangled Cannot compute Which emotion to drop into the bloodstream? Fondness or bewilderment? For the love of God this is Sebastian at his naughtiestSebastian Brother broke my freaking heart OH GOD I CAN’T EVEN This boy this wonderful precious amazing righteous brilliant and lovable boy ARGH He was almost too good to be true and all I wanted to do was to give him a big hug wrap him in a blanket and tell him that everything would be alright I hated to see his struggle to read how he thought that something was wrong with him just because he’s gay It made me sooo damn sad to know that his parents would never accept him the way he is and it almost physically hurt to see his pain TT He tried so hard to please his parents to be the way they wanted him to be but this made him so unhappy it was hard to watch And that moment when he signed the book for Tanner? It was so damn heart breaking sobs ”I’m not even attracted to girls I envy you that I keep praying I will be at some point” He puffs out a breath “I’ve never said that out loud” When he blinks the tears slide down his cheeks Sebastian tilts his face up looking at the clouds and letting out a sad laugh “I can’t tell if this feels good or terrible” ”I mean” he says flustered trying again “I’m attracted to guys and I’m with you right now but I’m not gay That’s a different choice and I’m not choosing that path” ”We’re supposed to pray and listen – so I do But then when I turn to others it’s like” He shakes his head “It feels like I’m pushing through the dark and I know what’s ahead is safe but no one is following me there” ”Being gay isn’t wrong but it’s not God’s plan either” He shakes his head and I think this moment right here is when it really hits me that Sebastian’s identity isn’t ueer It’s not gay It’s not even soccer player or boyfriend or sonIt’s Mormon”Autumn ”Sometimes I get the weird feeling that I wouldn’t be enough for you I love you but only a little”I think Autumn was a really good friend not just for Tanner but also for Sebastian and this even though she barely even knew him I liked the easy banter between her and Tanner and they gave me the impression that they were really good and close friends Sure Autumn had her flaws and I wasn’t always happy about the way she dealt with things for some incomprehensible reason this only made her human and relatable though lol ”They’re upset but at some point they’ll figure out you can be right or you can be loved Only a handful get both at the same time”Sensitive issuesThe bi representation ”I’ve always liked whoever” I tell him “I really am bi It’s about the person not the parts I guess”I LOVED the bi representation in this book For me it was spot on Yes I know a lot of people will disagree and say that it only pointed out the prejudices and kind of reinforced them by giving them space but the bitter truth is that we actually have to deal with them each and every single day They don’t vanish just because we don’t mention them I totally agree with Tanner when he says that it’s nothing you get to choose To be bisexual means to be attracted to both sexes and if you’re a bisexual girl and end up with a boy this doesn’t automatically make you straight Same goes for being with a girl just because you fall in love with a girl you’re not a lesbian AND yes you can be faithful to your partner and still think that Milla Jovovich and Eva Green are damn hot which they actually are lol Oh well cough back to the review XD ”Why wouldn’t you just be with a girl then?” he asks uietly “If you were attracted to them? Wouldn’t it be so much easier?“That’s not something you get to choose”The MormonLDS representation ”It’s completely different Among a hundred other reasons going to church is a choice Being bisexual is simply who you are I’m protecting you from the toxic messages of the church”I actually laugh at this “And his parents are doing it to protect him from hell”I can’t say an awful lot about the LDS representation because I actually don’t know anything about it So in some way this book was even kind of educational lol I think I understand their beliefs and I got what they are talking about but I guess I’ll never be able to truly fathom why religion is so important to so many people I think I’m a lot like Tanner when it comes to that I was raised a Roman Catholic but I’m neither an active part of the church nor do I go to mass and I guess the reasons for that are pretty obvious ; ”I assume his family doesn’t know he’s gay?”“I don’t even know if he’s gay”“Well for argument’s sake let’s assume he is and your feelings are reciprocated You know the church thinks it’s okay to have same sex attraction but you aren’t allowed to act on it?”“Yeah I know”“Would you be able to be with him without touching him?” ”I’ve never had someone over before who wasn’t a member” he says The mind reader “I’m just watching you take it all in”I decide to go for pure honesty “It’s hard to understand”Tanner’s slip with AutumnI think it wasn’t necessary for the plot but then again things like that just happen I know some people will say that Tanner was acting irresponsible and shouldn’t have slept with Autumn especially because she was still a virgin but please keep in mind that she said she wanted him to be her first He didn’t take advantage of her He was broken and sad and completely devastated and yes he might have known that Autumn had a crush on him but let’s face the truth Autumn also knew that he was heartbroken and completely vulnerable when she slept with him If anything they both took advantage of each other and their understanding was mutual They made that mistake together and in the end they dealt with it like adults ; Their familiesTanner’s family Mom can’t help herself “Does he know about you?”“About how I turn into a troll at sunset?” I shake my head “I don’t think so”“Tanner” she says gently “You know what I mean”I do Unfortunately “Please calm down It’s not like I have a tail”“Honey” Mom starts horrifiedCan I just say that I adored his family?? They were so awesome and supportive Seriously I really wish everyone would have parents like that Yes Tanner’s mom could be annoying with her bumper stickers and her reservations about Sebastian but she was just worried about her son and that’s the most important thing She just wanted him to be happy and accepted him the way he is Oh and the conversations with his dad? I LOVED THEM They were priceless 333 Seriously Tanner’s dad was so wise XD “My parents know I’ve had crushes on guys before but it’s never been a reality like this Now there’s a guy with a name and a phone We’ve all been so cool about it but I realize sitting here at this silent dinner table that there are layers to their acceptance” ”He tucks a finger under my chin lifting my face to his “Are you willing to be a secret? Maybe you are for now But this is your life and it will stretch out before you and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be” She claps a hand over her mouth when she sees Sebastian and tears rise to the surface of her eyes nearly immediately Mom pull us up hugs me and then wordlessly takes Sebastian into her arms – he gets the longer hug the one with the soft Mom words spoken into his ear – and something breaks loose in me because it makes him cry harder” THIS SCENE THIS MOMENT IT WAS MY UNDOING I cried so hard when I read it I swear I was a sobbing and aching mess This was so beautiful and raw and painful so damn freaking bittersweet Tanner’s mom comforting Sebastian hugging him even though his own mother should have hugged him instead telling him that he is wonderful and precious and that he is amazing just the way he is TANNER’S MOM TELLING HIM EVERYTHING HE NEEDED TO HEAR Tanner’s mom not his own OH GOD My heart is breaking once again That poor boy that lost and broken soul The reaction of Tanner’s mom moved me so much I have no words 333Sebastian’s family ”He’s gay; he didn’t die Nobody is wounded I know Sebastian’s parents are good people but holy hell they just inadvertently made their son feel like there’s something about him that needs to be fixed”Never in my entire life will I ever be able to understand how you can disown your own child I mean you’re supposed to love your kid it’s your role to protect it from harm YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT LITTLE LIFE I love my daughter so much I love her unconditionally I would do everything for her I would even die for her And because of that I can’t understand how Sebastian’s family could be so cruel to him Especially his mother I mean he only asked them what would happen if one of them was gay and they didn’t speak to him for an ENTIRE WEEK How can you do something like that to your own child???? And to blame him for being gay? Like he could change it like it would be his own choice to be gay or not? Like it’s a disease he can grow out of ARGH I can’t even ”This was a week ago” he whispers When he looks up at me with tears in his eyes he adds “No one has spoken to me in a week” ”I don’t even know how we got here Sebastian This? What you’re going through?” She stabs the air with savagely curled finger uotes around the words “going through” ”This is your own doing Heavenly Father is not responsible for your decisions It is your free will alone that deprives you of happiness” ”Her apron says KEEP CALM AND SERVE ON and all he can think about is Tanner’s mom and her rainbow apron that embarrassed her son and what Sebastian would give to have a parent who accepted him for what he was no matter what”The ending of the book was so hopeful and sweet it actually made me light headed and happy 333 It was so cute that Tanner fell to the ground when he saw Sebastian and I really hope that they will find their way Together of course XDAll told this book was amazing and if possible I’d give it all the stars and even “Autoboyograph” deserves so much attention than it got and I hope my review will help to spread the word READ IT LOVE IT FIND YOURSELF IN IT AND BE BRAVE AND STRONG Have the courage to be who you truly are 333Well if that isn’t a message I want to spread I really don’t know lol To say it with Fujita’s words ”My deepest gratitude Sebastian for your bravery I wish you well You are an exceptional human with depth and heart Don’t let anyone – or anything – dim that light inside you”

  7. Elle (ellexamines) Elle (ellexamines) says:

    me before reading this book love is a fake social constructme after reading this book love is real and it tried to fight me in the parking lot of a Denny’s ”A God worthy of your eternal love wouldn’t judge you for who you love while you’re here” So this was unexpectedly sad It’s a story about a bi boy who moves to a predominantly Mormon area and despite being closeted uickly falls for the preacher’s son It’s sweet And cute And also tears your heart out a bitWhat makes Autoboyography succeed is the weird tonal mix of cutesy romance and somewhat sad character development It’s a mix that works very well leading the reader to both suspend their disbelief around tropes AND emotionally connect to the story Basically there is drama There are things that Bugged Me There were several very tropey things But guys the message around religion is so importantOkay so cheesy romance but a cheesy romance with some freaking awesome messages This book perfectly gets across the feelings of claustrophobia of being judged and always being looked at ”McAsher can PDA it all over campus and outside of a little eye rolling no one cares They’re both Mormon by the way and if I’m not mistaken shouldn’t be engaging in this kind of behavior anywhere let alone in the middle of school but will they be ridiculed or shunned or threatened? No No one is going to report them to their bishop They can’t get kicked out of school I’m willing to bet that McAsher has had sex and yet Asher will still go on his mission and come home and marry a good Mormon girl – maybe even McKenna – and be as self righteous about LDS values as any of the rest of them Meanwhile Sebastian can’t even look at me in class probably because he’s beating himself up over our innocent touches on Saturday” Sebastian’s character arc especially was one of my favorite parts of this book Uh personal shame based on religion is A little too relatable And made this book worth reading and listen I know this book had some instalove I KNOW but i think that works It’s a story about teenagers being teenagers in a world that looks down on them for liking each other I think there's something to be said for a book that manages to be so compelling despite the flaws So though I found some aspects of this underwritten on the whole I really enjoyed this book TW internalized religious homophobia biphobia Blog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

  8. emma emma says:

    Okay I want to start out by saying that I know this book has been veryyyy important for a lot of people and that's rad But I had a lot of problems with it and it wasn't for me If this resonated with ya or anything maybe just don't read this review? It's not going to make you happy my friend I promise ya thatSo now that we have that out of the way I say as if there's any way on god's great green earth I'm not going to still get someone coming at me for thisI want to say that I strongly dislike this book in a harmless sort of way It didn't offend me or anything I don't feel the desire to roast it like I'm a kiln and it's a shtty mug some first grader made but the clay is too lumpy and thick so it explodes and takes out like 8 other garbage pieces of ceramic with it I just didn't like it At all And das okay So if you're still considering yelling at me maybe don't?Anyway I'll give you actual reasons now instead of just stating my feelings over and overThe main character of this book is bisexual which is Extremely Great This book follows the allegedly budding but actually like was born fully formed Benjamin Button style except instead of aging in reverse this relationship just crescendoes in sheer gross emotional drama relationship between a bisexual guy and a closeted gay guy That fact alone is très coolBut here is Something that I might get shit for saying I don't think the bisexual rep in this book is all that great Wait wait wait before you yell at me I am especially frightened today of the constantly present hypothetical of me getting yelled at a clarification Bisexual rep in general as a concept super super great The specific bisexual rep in this book kind of garbageFurther explanation through bullet points Sebastian Tanner's boyf is repeatedly unable to believe that Tanner is bi and pretty much assumes he's only into guys in spite of Tanner's stating otherwise This is shocker never really resolved I am going to say this next one caaaaaarefully because I don't want to seem like I'm one of those people who's all You're not really bi because you're with a guy But this book doesn't do a lot of showing rather than telling that Tanner is bi and not gay It's said a lot but I'm not convinced it's really an accurate portrayal of the feelings or experience To clarify it's a damaging stereotype that bi people have to prove their sexuality in any way or the concept that if a bi person is in a relationship with someone of the same sex they are then actually gay or vice versa But it's also damaging to think that when a bi person is in a relationship with someone of the same sex for example they are only at that moment attracted to people of their same sex They're still bi But the latter situation is something I see in this book This book tries to confront a lot of the stereotypes bi people face cool but in doing this has the people around Tanner be the bearers of these stereotypes potentially cool and they're never really corrected definitively not coolBut I am not extremely mad about this or anything People have different experiences and it's possible that some of this stuff could be accurate to someone's It just didn't feel like good rep for me which is distracting and really takes away from the book tbhhhhI hate that I just said tbhhhh You could just delete it then Emma and none of us would be the wiser I assume you are saying This is true and yet I can say with 97% certainty that that sentence and this series of explanatory sentences will be included in the final version of this review I live life on the edge guys You should know this by nowLet's talk about a small annoying thing before we talk about large annoying things All of the names in this book are WEIRD and BAD and I hate them Tanner Sebastian Autumn nickname Auddy?????? Fck off????????? Clive Levi Deacon Asher BRECKIN Even the normal names sound like aliens posing as high school students andor a Disney Channel TV show from the 90s that got canceled after one season Manny Eric Hailey McKenna DustinBut these stupid names are just the façade on an even stupider thing this book has maximum five characters There are genuinely one million names in it but do not be fooled because none of them have even a single line of dialogue Because not only is there instalove in this book there is some claustrophobic ass instalove my dear boy THIS ENTIRE BOOK FOLLOWS EXCLUSIVELY TANNER AS HE THINKS EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT SEBASTIAN AND OCCASIONALLY WE ARE FREED FROM OUR EMOTIONALLY TUMULTUOUS PRISON ONLY TO BE TOSSED INTO THE FRESH HELL THAT IS THE EMOTIONAL TURMOIL BETWEEN AUTUMN AND TANNERIt isa lotThis book also features a really annoying thing wherein it just states that characters are friends without actually showing it Don't lose your friendships with Manny and Eric says Sebastian's dad Um Manny is a warm acuaintance at best and I am pretty sure we hear exactly zero 0 lines of present day actual speaking from EricBut yeah sure cool whatever Because it's not like the actual developed read the characters make eye contact at any point in the story relationships are any better In fact they are worse because we have to spend time reading them If Sebastian and Tanner's relationship was like any of Tanner's non Autumn friendships based on just the single sentence Sebastian is my boyfriend one time my life would be significantly improvedLet's go through one by one and talk about why these relationships are trash shanties on goddamn garbage island1 Tanner and his parentsWe are supposed to like Tanner's parents because Tanner does They are Cool he says They are Supportive They are Loving Tanner's mom buys LGBT supporting bumper stickers And aprons What a proponent of social justiceMaybe it's just goddamn me sentenced to live out my remaining days on a desert island opinion of my own creation but Hey Tanner our bisexual son who just came out and is happy with his life here in California we are going to move to Mormon City USA and force you back in the closet because we're sooooo worriedddd and why are we going? Yeah for my career thanks sm also I was a Mormon and I hated it and I'm not going to let you be close to any Mormons even though we live in a town where there are Mormons than oxygen molecules and also I will not tell you anything ever about Mormonism for my whole life long except it's garbage central stay away And make sure you're comfortable with the pain and turmoil of hiding your identity from everyone you know once again palMr and Mrs Scott are not exactly getting my vote for parents of the goddamn year but what the hell do I know2 Tanner and HaileyThis isn't like Problematic or anything I just don't think the we're siblings and we hate each other approach is as cute and endearing as it seems like it's supposed to be here But again What the ever living fck do I know y'know?3 Tanner and SebastianUm Sebastian says some pretty messed up sht to Tanner under the pretense of hey this is really hard Which yes It's really hard to be Mormon and be gay Obviously I am not trying to diminish that But also hey isn't it prettyyyyy difficult to have a boyfriend who won't say he loves you and won't publicly show affection and you're actually not uite sure is even your boyfriend and in fact may not only abandon you but abandon the entire perception of your relationship as true and real at all?Anyway In what is a recurring theme for this book that sht does not get resolved at all Sebastian shows up in a different state Sebastian and Tanner make out FinCompelling no?4 Tanner and AutumnEven though this relationship is not the focus of the book it is totally the detritus on the sht sandwich that is the narrative as a wholeTanner and Autumn are best friends Autumn is in love with Tanner Tanner knows that Autumn is in love with him Tanner and Autumn made out once upon a blue moon but despite the tacit acknowledgment that that moment was hardcore a Big Fckin' Deal for old Auddy Tanner never talks about it with her Autumn does not know Tanner is bi until probably halfway into the book She doesn't know he's dating Sebastian until well after that Tanner is incredibly physically affectionate and banter y and flirty with Autumn despite a it meaning nothing to him at least romantically and b it meaning a whole hell of a lot to her and causing her feelings for him to like fester or whateverBut This Is Not The Worst Part My FriendsThe worst part is a spoiler but I'm not marking it because it sucksWhen Sebastian breaks up with Tanner one time out of several in yet another act of pointless stupid drama I don't care about Tanner heads on over to old Autumn's house despite like completely ignoring her so he could bone except not really because Mormonism Sebastian He cries or whateverAnd thenhekisses herAND AS IF THAT WERE NOT ENOUGH He takes her fcking virginityThere aren't enough U's in the world to complete the Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude I need to type right nowFURTHERMORESebastian kind of sort of begins apologizing only for Autumn to interrupt him say it was her fault and say that she took advantage of himWhat The Everliving fckTANNER DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER SHE WAS A VIRGIN HE WASN'T EVEN ESPECIALLY CAREFUL OR ROMANTIC OR SAFE WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLAnd when Sebastian hears about this he's all ya ok i don't have the right to be upset you are always right Tanner we are some shtty ass constellations in the universe that is your stunning personality and charmGod you guys This freaking bookPLOT or lack thereofThe plot of this is actually just instalove Oh also another plot where it's just Sebastian writing a book that is literally just the actual events that are taking place Again I will sarcastically use the word compellingThis book is justreally hard to get through It's severely plotless as mentioned and sooooo emotional and dramatic and hand wringing all the time No comic relief No likable characters to lighten the mood Just four hundred pages of nonstop angstAnd as if the drama didn't feel pointless enough just because of how gratuitous it is That Is Not All Drama is either neatly sewn up in one exchange of dialogue or literally just abandoned Examples two girls from the class Sebastian and Tanner met in even tho Sebby boi is 19 and Tanny delite is 17 Seb's a voluntary TA for a goddamn high school overhear maybe Tanner talking about his relationship Tanner tortures us by talking about this nonstop for 20 pages and then it justdisappears Boom Bye No resolution on that sht I guess the Autumn's virginity thing??? She ignored Tanner's texts and calls for a weekend stayed home from school blasted angry musicgenerally gave all the signs of Intense Fury and then Tanner comes in and she's all no actually it was my fault let's move on this book's already way too long and my drama is taking up way too much potential Mormon drama space after being super in love with Tanner for years with us having to suffer through reminders every other page Autumn Just Stops Being In Love With Him Immediately after fcking him Which whaaaaat? It's just suddenly Autumn has a boyfriend now btw Happily ever after? Oh whatever don't pretend you actually gave a sht about her as a character anyway Which fair I didn't But that's no different from my feelings on literally every other character AUTUMN WAS SEEING SOMEONE AND IT'S JUST NEVER MENTIONED AFTER A CERTAIN POINT Was she seeing him when she boned Tanner??? When did they break up????? What the hell happened???????? prom is like a huge topic of discussion because this is a shtty contemporary set in a high school so of course There is even this huge dramatic moment when Tanner thinks Autumn is catching onto the Sebby dear thing and he goes I'MGONNAASKSASHATOPROM Then literally two pages later he's like actually nvm and that's IT But also prom is never mentioned after a certain point Because this book suuuuuuuucks For realAnd then like everything else the ending just happens with no leadup No explanation No real sense of narrative structure or appropriate use of tension or whatever Because life is suffering and death will come for us all anywayOTHER STUFFThis whole book is from Tanner's perspective and then it changes to Sebastian's literally once at the end Okay Cool I do not care any WHO CARES ABOUT CONSISTENCY NOT ME I DON'T HAVE THE CAPACITY TO GIVE A SINGULAR SHT AT THIS TIMEThere's a weird scene where Autumn is trying on revealing prom dresses to try to seduce Tanner or whatever and he's like criticizing her for showing skin BUT WHATEVER FOREVER AM I RIGHT TOTALLY TRY TO SAY WHAT GIRLS CAN AND CAN'T WEAR YOU WILL NOT GET ANY RESISTANCE FROM ME BECAUSE FROM HERE ON OUT I AM FLOATING THROUGH LIFE BABYI do not want to talk about this anyBottom line extra half star for complex discussion of Mormonism Everything else is bad and I am again unsure of whether I read the same book as everyone else???

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    A half Jewish half nothing ueer kid moves to an LDS infested town He can’t wait to leave And that’s just the start of Tanner’s truth A straight thirty something married to her high school sweetheart non practicing and childless Catholic is probably not the target demographic here but I sort of beg to differ Shelved in the YA section of the bookstore Autoboyography is a story rooted in love self identity and the uest for acceptance—things most of us have grappled with at one time or another just in different waysI’m not much much of a YA reader In fact this is one of only two I’ve read this year and having had varying experiences with mm romance in the past this wasn’t an automatic grab In actuality this book wasn’t even a blip on my radar until I found myself in the midst of a Christina Lauren bender And even then I still wasn’t convinced this would work for me The only tried and true way to decide plunking myself down in a bookstore chair and giving it a go I guess if anyone could win me over it would be this dynamic writing duo Ever present is the snarky and sarcastic humor in the Christina Lauren arsenal compounded with the depth and emotion occupying the air around their characters and importantly the BIG takeaway Autoboyography earning the top spot with the most impactful of their messages be unapologetically you If someone truly loves and accepts you shunning you won’t be an option even if they don’t agree with your life choices And if someone chooses to turn their back it’s because of their own issues and narrow views not yours As much as it might hurt to lose that person it’s nothing compared to the soul crushing reality of spending your life hiding who you are to spare feelings End rant here The majority of this story is told from Tanner’s perspective a senior embarking on his final semester in high school Living in the midst of an LDS Mormon community has posed a problem of sorts; not being true to his bisexuality His parents both incredibly supportive and open minded—something I hope to be should I have children of my own one day—have created a safe space at home Making it through this final leg of school and moving back to a progressive city is the goal Until his best friend Autumn challenges him to apply for the Seminar A class that demands an entire novel be churned out in a four month period Always up for a challenge Tanner takes the bait And it’s life altering to say the least His novel much autoboyography than anything else articulates his falling for the splotchy boy blusher Sebastian the Bishop’s son and former super star of the Seminar plays the role of mentor Now a college student at BYU on the brink of a book tour for his debut’s upcoming release and planning for a two year Mormon mission you could say his life is pretty much planned out It’s finding Tanner the only person who sees the real Sebastian hidden behind the practiced smiles and reliving their relationship through his words that inspires self reflection and hard truths Angsty humorous thought provoking and brimming with lovable characters Autoboyography is what I would categorize as an incredible experience Whether it’s finding your own voice or learning to be accepting and supportive of others I truly believe this story holds something for everyone not just younger readers or those struggling with their sexuality

  10. High Lady of The Night Court High Lady of The Night Court says:

    It opens with a boy and a girl a dare and crumbs on a bed First off I’m rating this book 5 stars no doubt The story follows Tanner in his senior year of school in Utah His best friend Autumn dares him to take the Seminar a class where the students have to write a book in 4 months Sebastian Brother is the prodigy that wrote a book and sold it and is now back to mentor students And as we all know is bound to happen Tanner and Sebastian fall in love But the problem lies in the fact that Sebastian and Tanner live in a society where Mormon are in the majority and Sebastian happens to be the son of a Bishop Sebastian has never come to terms with his sexuality and is a part of a family that believes that same sex attraction is a sin and can be ignored They would rather pretend that a person is dead rather than homosexual Tanner on the other hand has the most supporting family anyone could ask for he was raised by parents who completely accept him and believe that love is everythingI think after all this no matter what I’ll love Tanner The depth of emotion in each of his thoughts is truly mesmerizing The consideration understanding and extraordinary amount of emotion that is a constant part of who he is always manages to surprise me There’s moments where his thoughts or something he writes down is so poetic and skilfull it makes my heart ache And then there’s the goofy laid back part that makes my day Watching him go through this part of his life left me speechless because seeing him go through so much yet stay true to himself and who is is amazingI think a lot of people if put in his situation would have misunderstood something given up become frustrated and maybe even would have tried to avoid going through this because the possibility of leaving them emotionally shattered was too great And that’s why watching Tanner behave so understandingly even if his upbringing could have easily made him shun everything Sebastian stands for is so enchanting There is so much love tucked into each and every corner of this book it’s makes me smile every time I think about it The love between friends the love between family and the love between lovers all of it was so integral to this story it kind of makes it impossible to stay too mad at the heartbreak Tanner’s friendship with Autumn his love for his family will always be highlights in this story Tanner’s family is absolutely amazing His parents are the most caring open understanding people in the world and watching them support him through the entirety of this story is mind blowingWatching this society pretend as if a person who doesn’t abide by their rules doesn’t even exist makes me want to punch something They want to people to change their very being just because the people they are is not acceptable to them Every person deserves to be judged solely on their personality and all the characteristics that make them who they are not on something superficial and definitely not on their sexuality And watching family cut off their own and disown them just because of their sexuality with no regard to the amazing people they are makes me angrier by the moment No one should ever feel ashamed because someone looks at them in a way that makes them feel as is they’re constantly being judged for doing something wrong when there was no mistake committed at allThe pressure society puts on people to change themselves to blend in or to influence their decisions infuriates me And when a person’s family is a part of that oppressive society their life turns into agony This is definitely one of those books that makes me want to write a review at least partially worthy of it because it left such a lasting impression on my heart I hate the fact that such an amazing story is over but I also couldn't be happier because I just read of the best contemporaries everThis book is a love story screaming to be heard an announcement waiting to be made a declaration waiting to be accepted and most of all it’s a story of two boys who fall in love in a world trying to tear them apart Every single word made sense every emotion reached out to me and every character showed me something new This story has earned every ounce of my love and has left an impression that will not be changed and has a place in my heart that will not be replaced Christina Lauren you have my utmost respect But this is your life and it will stretch out before you and you are the only person who can make it whatever you want it to be

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