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Letters to Erik The Ghost's Love Story Christine de Chagny is still hauntedWhen the Opera Ghost sent Christine away to marry his rival the youthful and winsome Vicomte Raoul de Chagny she promised the Ghost that she would return to bury him when he died Unable to keep her word and tormented by grief and regret she starts writing letters to the man she believes to be dead only to discover that some ghosts can never be laid to rest Picking up where Gaston Leroux's novel ended Letters to Erik is a story of forgiveness redemption and steadfast love I didn't even finish this bookand I never do that It was silly and poorly written Would never recommend it to anyone Title Letters To Erik The Ghost's Love StoryAuthor An WallaceDate Published January 2008Series Phantom of the OperaGenre Historical RomanceRating CISBN978 1 4327 1354 6I've been on a Phantom of the Opera kick recently I began with a reread of Leroux's novel and then Susan Kay's in December From there I branched into new territory reading two new books based on the story One was all right one was dismal and made me hesitant to pick up the last of the books I'd come by This dismal one was the reason I went on my Lecter re read binge needing to cleanse my mindLetters To Erik spans uite a few years after the events in the Opera House We find Christine in Sweden after the events of Phantom of the Opera and she has grown up some no longer the rather naïve chorus girl During this time Christine writes letters to Erik presuming he's deceasedShe of course comes to find out that he in fact survived and the rest of the book establishes their relationship and courtshipLetters To Erik was a decent read There were times I found the characterizations a little off but bearing in mind years had passed since Leroux's novel and the timetable in it I was able to look past these inconsistenciesIt was a uick read I finished it in a little over twenty four hours so the story kept me interested enough that I continued turning the pageOne thing I feel the need to comment on based on all three of these new books is the treatment of RaoulI'm not particularly fond of Raoul as far as his being with Christine goes but I don't dislike the man It just seems however that writer's can't seem to produce a story set after Christine leaves with Raoul where she returns to Erik without turning Raoul into something that he wasn’t depicted as He's either cruel or hurtful or so totally unsympathetic the reader is happy to get him out of the story And while I don't care for the idea of Christine choosing Raoul over Erik I do believe that Raoul would treat her kindlyOverall while I'm not keeping this book I did enjoy it well enough It wasn't great but it was interesting to read someone's take on what might have happened And the format of letter writing was an imaginative one The story begins with Christine Raoul moving to Sweden to marry live and to escape the pastAnd although Cristine convinces herself she is happy all is not well She starts to write letters to Erik to overcome her grief in losing her friend teacherShe hids them in a secret compartment in a box that Erik gave her In her letters to him she expresses her feelings on her husband marriage and also her feelings for him as she knows she can never share these with either man Raoul will not let her sing any except for in the church leaves her alone at home all the time They sleep in seperate bedrooms dont share much togetherChristine realizes the man she fell in love with is not the same one she married and wonders if things would have been different had she stayed with Erik She is still haunted by her Angel of Music Christine becomes pregant soon loses the babyand things get worse The only way for her to cope with her grief is by talking to Erik threw her letters After a big fight Raoul decides to join the army for awhile to get away so Christine goes back to Paris to sing to visit Eriks grave I liked the Christine in this story as she seemed mature as she was finding herself threw the letters As she finds his grave and pours out her heart to him leaves the letters for his carethis is where the story really takes off as we know the Phantom is not dead and he just so happens to be at his grave and hears all she has to say then takes the letters to read when she leaves A lot goes on after this and I wont say to spoil things and I did enjoy the storybut half way through the book I found the phantom we know love for who he is lost his magic for me and the story became too romancey for me But I would recommend this book for those who want a closure to Erik's Christine's realationship I loved loved loved this book So far it has to be one of my favorite Phantom spin offs that I have read so far next to Deception A Phantom of the Opera Novel The book pick up almost straight after the original novel when Christine begins to write Erik letters thinking that he is dead Through the letters we see Christine disappointment with her married life and how thing are turning out much differently from how she thought they would We also see how through the letters Christine works through the differences between Raoul and Erik ultimitley discovering where her heart truly lies sighs we could have told her that The span of the letters covers five years of seperation between Erik and Christine before the story picks up in third person narrative when Christine has returned to Paris with her son after the death of Raoul who by the way is a big jerk for the purpose of this story and I cheered when he conveniantly died Christine thinking of course that Erik is dead visits his 'grave' and leaves the letters she has written throughout the years there Erik of course witnesses all of the and reads the letters And so begins the story I liked this book mainly because of it being believable Erik and Christine's realtionship does not become easy there are misunderstandings between them that cause arguments just like any normal couple And there is also this majorly huge turn in events as well ; Yip absilutely one of my new favourites Oh and did I mention that I kind of love the front cover as well

  • Paperback
  • 476 pages
  • Letters to Erik The Ghost's Love Story
  • An Wallace
  • English
  • 01 July 2015
  • 9781432713546

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