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  1. Laura Laura says:

    Why do women always think talking will solve everything? I try to not look at anything before I read my netgalley books in order to keep as open of a mind as possible but I should have at least checked Goodreads for this one because I had already read How To Sleep With The Boss and didn't like it at all This is the story of that hero's brother and he's just as insufferable The heroine Lila suddenly has custody of her estranged half sister's child dealing with all kinds of guilt and worry and fears of being a good mom while not wanting to lose her career goals etc She's an interesting character but instead of exploring that we get James James the hero is a billionaire who does home renovations and is just as hung up over his missingpresumed dead father as the other hero was He thinks a lot about Lila's body parts but not much about her and acts like he hates her Honestly he goads her on purpose over and over in this book and then acts hurt when she responds at all it's emotional abuse not romance I'm not interested in reading this honestly There's a lot of gaslighting and even reproductive coercion here At one point he thinks that her distrust of his motives is insulting even though she's right He actually thinks that Look dude you don't get to be insulted that she's on to your game If you'd like to read about a 'nice guy' who gets the heroine and her baby to stay at his house and won't let them go to a hotel instead then repeatedly tries to manipulate the heroine into uitting her job so she can be a stay at home mom instead as a single mom? Really? and thinks things such as Maybe he had been trying to get a rise out of her He wasn't sure why then you won't mind this book I really really minded and have to avoid this author There were a couple name mix ups and continuity errors that I am going to just assume are my galley copy's fault but mostly my unhappiness was with the unhealthy relationship and the lack of any joy fun or even delicious angst found in this story

  2. Beyond the Pages Beyond the Pages says:

    This is absolutely the kind of book I like It's sexy playful and tension filled There's just a touch of sweetness to make things right I would definitely recommend this book

  3. Christina Montminy Christina Montminy says:

    The final instalment of The Kavanaugh's of Silver Glen was wonderful It brings together James Lila who have a history that neither have gotten past It also brings another sweet infant into the large Irish family I liked this book because it brought all the stories to a final closure with the mystery of their missing father It also makes Lila face her fears of being a parent when her sister dies leaves her guardian of her infant niece James makes you swoon like his brothers their undeniable affection for children as he uickly falls head over heels for baby Sybbie The hot cold of their relationship kept you wondering when they would get their act together I'm sad to see this series end Definitely recommend

  4. Patricia Barber Patricia Barber says:

    Loved itJust found this author and I love her booksI have read all 7 books in order that's my ocdAnd I love how she closed out everyone

  5. Judy Flohr Judy Flohr says:

    For Baby’s Sake by Janice Maynard is another wonderful book about the KavanaghsLila Baxter likes her world very orderly numbers are her thing and they don’t lie She is thrown for a loop when her half sister dies leaving an eight month old baby girl Sybbie in her care Lila turns to her neighbor James Kavanagh to help make some changes to her homeJames Kavanagh is a gifted craftsman with his hands He loves to work on homes to make them better His biggest regret is the failed relationship with the woman next door When Lila needs help James is then willing to pitch inSpending so much time together has the former lovers turning to each other When Lila has to make a tough decision about Sybbie’s care will James be there for her to lean on?The whole Kavanagh series has been a gem Its fun and sexy James and Lila story is a delight

  6. Book Reading Gals Book Reading Gals says:

    Title For Baby’s SakeSeries Kavanagh's of Silver Glen bk 7Author Janice MaynardGenre ContemporaryJames Kavanagh is rich and sexy as sin but his workaholic neighbor Lila Baxter has been there done that—and has the heartbreak to prove it They've avoided each other since their affair ended but now she's brought home a babyHe's clearly the last man Lila wants to ask for help But she knows nothing about babies and James is a born family man When one offer of help leads to another they're soon under the same roof Almost like a real family Suddenly the heat they've ignored is ready to igniteThoughts Janice Maynard is one of my absolute favorite HN authors and try and read all of her books so when I saw she had a new HN I knew I was going to read itOne of the things I love about Maynard is how real her characters are James and Lila have a complicated relationship So when Lila shows up with a baby James sees it as a chance to get Lila back as he’s missed her More than he thought until she’s back under his roofLila is at a crossroads in her life Emotions make no sense to her so when she inherits her niece and has to move in with James for a couple of weeks while he remodels her house she’s inundated with emotions she has no clue how to deal withWhat I loved about this book was the focus on the family Everything that influenced them both in regards to each other and the baby had to do with family the ones they were raised in and the one they wanted in the future Their journey to HEA wasn’t easy and there were a lot of tears mine included but in the end I couldn’t have imagined a better ending for these two and the Kavanagh familyGrade AReview by Heatherhttpwwwthebookreadinggalscom

  7. Tima Tima says:

    Lila and James are neighbors They had a brief romance But neither of them could reconcile what they saw their future being Now three years later James is startled to see Lila get out of her car with a little baby Lila has been awarded custody of her niece And she desperately needs James to help her with some renovations and perhaps some tips on parenting James has lots of family and is comfortable around babies Perhaps if he can show Lila that parenting isn't scary she'll change her mind about being a career woman and settle down with him and some little onesThis was a sweet story I related to the conflict that the main female character had with balancing work and parenting The story was very predictable and followed the typical formula of romances attraction conflict resolution The main male character was a bit too bull headed and domineering for me But it fit with the story and the romance was sweet Overall this was a uick read that I would recommend if you enjoy romances with children and want a uite book for entertainmentI received this book free of charge from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

  8. Maggie Hesseling Maggie Hesseling says:

    Having dated before and been burned James and Lila know that a relationship is out of the uestion They barely survived the breakup Being neighbors has forced them to patch things up a little bit though just so that they can at least get along But when Lila's sister dies and leaves her daughter in Lila's care Lila has no choice but to turn to James for help There are a few unanswered uestions in this novel which Maynard touches upon but doesn't really answer for me Foremost is how do these two people even work? All the issues they had with one another the first time round really do still exist And though the ending does suggest that they have changed I really wonder how much By the end of the novel I'm still confused as to how they're going to work

  9. Kristy Kristy says:

    I really enjoyed For Baby's Sake by Janice Maynard I had only read one of the previous books in the series but I may go back and try to pick up a few James is the youngest Kavanagh and a little controlling despite being the baby of the family Lila has a few control issues of her own which is why their relationship never worked out before An interesting take on how to give up control but still take responsibility

  10. Frankie Frankie says:

    I read all the Kavanagh brother's stories and with the exception of Aidan's story I enjoyed the rest and was looking forward to James's own love match but what a disappointment From the first to the last chapter yes even the last page James Lila never stopped arguing There were times that I just wanted to clubber them upside the head If there was any romance or love I truly didn't see it Both H h were too immature and selfish to enjoy Other then the cute baby there was nothing likable about this couple Even his family didn't seem invested in Jame's love interest as they were with the other books

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For Babys Sake Kavanaghs of Silver Glen #7 His ex inherited a baby—and she needs his help Only from USA TODAY bestselling author Janice Maynard James Kavanagh is rich and sexy as sin but his workaholic neighbor Lila Baxter has been there done that—and has the heartbreak to prove it They've avoided each other since their affair ended but now she's brought home a baby He's clearly the last man Lila wants to ask for help But she knows nothing about babies and James is a born family man When one offer of help leads to another they're soon under the same roof Almost like a real family Suddenly the heat they've ignored is ready to ignite